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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tales of the Mac and Cheese

Will you do me a favor? Please stop me if you've heard this story before. At this point in life I'm starting to repeat myself and my children are starting to give me that look. You know, the one that translates into any number of messages including, we've heard this a hundred times before, you're embarrassing us, or that's dumb, dumb, dumb.

Macaroni and cheese is such an iconic comfort food and I have any number of recipes for the dish. These range from basic and simple to recipes that call for $22 worth of cheeses. The expensive dish is good but come on.

When I worked at the newspaper there were always a number of young interns and recent college grads. One was a sweet young woman we'll call Cassie. She had recently been ill and was recovering from the flu. We were talking in the break room and she said, "I just want to go home and make some mac and cheese. Not the cheap stuff but the good stuff."

This got me to thinking. She was young and a recently graduated from college. I couldn't imagine college students cooking up a big batch of mac and cheese from scratch and so I asked, "What do you mean, the good stuff?"

"You know, the one that has the squeeze packet of cheese."

Oh my goodness! You can imagine my reaction.

"Look Cassie, I'm going to put together a casserole of REAL mac and cheese and we'll see what you think. OK?"

Cassie got her mac and cheese, and the recipe to go along with it. I don't know if she ever made it or not but at least I tried. Call me the Johnny Appleseed of mac and cheese.

My friend Vee has posted a really good version of macaroni and cheese. Pop over to her place and check it out. It's simple, it's easy and I'll guarantee that it doesn't cost $22 to make.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.