Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Elephant Never Forgets

But I certainly do!

Do you have one of these gadgets yet?


It's a digital voice recorder and it has changed my life. Well, it's made it neater and safer. I'm a list maker and I was getting frustrated with constantly scrounging around for pen and paper to jot something down. My purse was loaded with index cards and every couple of days I'd have to spend time figuring out which lists were old and which were current.

I was in danger of being a victim of road rage as drivers behind me would honk their horns endlessly as I sat at stoplights editing lists long after the light had turned green. Enter the little voice recorder. See how small it is.


The Farmer had one a couple of years ago but it was large and difficult to operate. Here's side one of the direction sheet that came with my recorder.


HA! Don't get scared, it's really very simple to work. I just think the technical writer was getting paid by the word. There are different folders, so you can organize your messages.

My handbag has three separate pockets inside and that means there's room for my cell phone, the recorder and my iPod or some lipstick. When I get into the car I pull it out and slip it into the cup holder between the seats. That way I can grab it quickly.


I'd looked at these but they really weren't in my budget but I stumbled upon this one for under $10. This is really sad but I was so excited that I attempted to bust into the packaging right in the parking lot......using a plastic Taco Bell knife.


That didn't work. But as you can see it did work on the package of chocolate covered graham crackers.

The first message I left on my new toy?

"Buy yourself a switchblade knife and keep it in the car for occasions such at this."

Here's a message recorded just for you. As you can see I'm technologically challenged!! Or as Sark likes to call it, perfectly imperfect.

Over and out.


Thirkellgirl said...

I don't have a voice recorder (I would go nuts trying to cope with oral instructions) but I would dissolve into a puddle without my Palm Tungsten E2. I've always been a visual organizer person (I had a Filofax in college) and when I discovered that I could do it digitally it was wonderful. Anything that helps, huh?

Mary said...

I am totally unorganized. Period. So I don't think a voice recorder would really help. After all, you do have to actually record something before you get to play it back...

IowaCowgirl said...

This looks fantastic! I'm getting one!!!! Thanks! I too am a professional list-maker (it's a slight problem...)

Bax said...

I've often thought of getting a voice recorder. I'm a list maker too and figured it would be easier! Hmmm...gonna have to look into this! Thanks!


jazzi said...

No, don't have a digital recorder; but I use Jott. Call the toll-free number, it asks who do I want to jott, I say myself, then I record my message. Then it sends an email to myself with my message! I think it will do text messages, too, but I haven't delved into that. It's at

Suzanne said...

T-girl - I never had a Palm. I'm a visual person also and it sounds just like my kind of gadget! And you're right, at this point in my life - anything that helps.

Mary, I refuse to believe you're unorganized. I have a picture in my mind that you're a domestic goddess/whiz. Your home is gorgeous, you serve only gourmet meals, there's a place for everything and everything's in it's place. So, don't mess with the image, OK? I have to have something to aspire to and I aspire to Mary!

Cowgirl - Now,if we could only get paid to make lists we'd be set.

Jan - I say check it out. Mine came from Best Buy and I was shocked they had one for under $10. Most are quite a bit more. I figured at that price I have nothing to lose.

Jazzi - WOW! That sounds really cool. "m going to go there and check it out. My co-worker used to always call her home phone and leave herself a message. I accused her of talking to herself.

Thanks to everyone who visits here and takes time out of their busy day to comment. I appreciate it.

Abbie said...

Hi Suzanne!
I just spent the past few catching up! Damn! I just love the way you write! The post about the other mother is fabulous (as you know I live with my MIL too) and the burning the house down is too funny! My SIL carries a fan with her everywhere she goes. In Feb this winter she had the bathroom window open to cool herself off and she had sweat running from her nose! (my hubby wan't inpressed about the window open in Feb)
I have thought about getting a voice recorder. I think I have most brilliant flashes when I am no where near a pen or paper (the interstate) and then 'poof-fizz..' the thoughts are gone!
Perhaps I'll pick one up and tuck it between diapers and baby wipes in my purse.
Thank you so much for the clothes!! They are absolutely lovely, are currently washed and in my kitchen awaiting their first dip into the dirty face pool!

Rue said...

Awww... you have such a sweet voice :) That recorder is cool. I'm a note taker too, so I might need to get one of those, but first I'm going to stop at the store and buy me some chocolate covered graham crackers ;)

rue :)