Sunday, May 25, 2008

Get Thee to the Science Channel

If you're a science geek, get thee to the television and turn on the Science Channel.

Within 40 minutes the Mars mission Phoenix will land on Mars. The Science Channel is carrying live coverage.

I can't adequately tell you the memories this brings back of men landing on the moon and the tension ridden mission where it was not clear whether the astronauts would make it back alive. Hooray for engineers and duct tape.

Tune in and watch live.

If your kids are interested in space travel, consider sending them to Space Camp. Both our children attended the camp in Huntsville, Alabama and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience with kids from all over the world!

Go Phoenix, go Phoenix, go Phoenix................

ED. NOTE: The Phoenix has landed. Follow the Phoenix Project link to photos sent back from the surface of Mars.

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Stephen said...

Unfortunately for us, the commentator for the Science Channel talked over top of all of the critical updates from the NASA live feed. Grrr. I expect this sort of rudeness from children at an el-cheapo movie theater premiering SpongeBob!! That's been three strikes against the Science Channel in 5 months. Fortunately I was able to catch NASA's recap at about 1:30 the next morning. Go NASA Woo Woo Wooo!!!