Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Language of Petty Theft

We had a great time at the pig roast. Be sure to check back tomorrow because I'll have a complete review of the event.

We left the party fairly early so the Farmer and I decided to make the drive back home instead of staying up at the little farmhouse. It was about 50 miles and about half way home we were so tired and feeling like we'd made a mistake. We arrived home and dragged ourselves inside and crashed.

Keep in mind that we live in a rural area with development and the big world closing in on us fast. In the fourteen years we've lived here I can only think of a tiny handful of events that have required visits from the sheriff. But early this morning the Farmer discovered that in our tired state we had failed to lock the car doors. Now, this is usually never a problem out here, but of course last night was the exception.

As civilization charges forward it brings with it some problems, including crime. The Farmer left the house early for his weekly golf game and discovered that someone had been in our cars and taken some small items. It was apparent that it was kids because professionals would have taken the CD player, not just a CD. They took the Farmer's prescription sunglasses. Why??? Who knows.

I called the Sheriff's office so that an officer could come out and file a report.

ME: Hi, I need an officer to come out to our location. No emergency. Last night someone rifled through our cars.

DISPATCHER: What???? Someone was in your car with a rifle?

ME: No, they rifled through our cars.

DISPATCHER: Let me get this straight. Someone took a rifle from your car?

ME: (Searching for an online slang dictionary) No. Someone gaffled through our cars last night.


The officer arrived. I just love our Sheriff's Department. They're such a great group of officers. The deputy took the information, gave me the non-emergency number in case I wanted to add anything to the report. We had a chat about the rising crime rate and I related the conversation with the dispatcher.

"Ha, that's funny. I knew what you meant when you said rifled," he said.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. A Sheriff's Deputy with a vocabulary!


Just Plain Jane said...

It's humbling to have something like happen. The world is changing, right under our noses. Loved the "rifled" conversation.

Heather said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that happened!! That's crazy that they took your husband's glasses. At least they didn't take his rifle. :o)

corine said...

Have you seen a jump in readership in the last few days? It was me rifling through your blog and loving it! I'll be back to visit.

Mrs. Romero said...

"What? Someone took a gaffle from your car?"

I am so sorry! What a pain. It is so unsettling when things like that happen!