Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Way Back Machine


The time: Summer 1948

The place: On the road between Chicago & Westville, Florida

Here's a photo of my dad and my mom taken in 1948. Don't they look cute in their matching sweaters? My dad was 25 yrs. old in this photo and my mom was only 19. They were young and in love, both scared and excited about being new parents. That's me looking away from the camera. This was the first of many trips I would take to Tennessee and Florida.

Every summer we'd make the trek from our home in suburban Chicago. We stop off in Tennessee where my my moms relatives lived and then it was on to the Florida panhandle to visit my dads people. That's what was know as a family vacation back in the 1950's. There were no trips to Disney World or Rome. Life was simpler. There were fewer choices.

Over the years three more children would be added to the vacation photo. My dad often worked two and three jobs to support our family. The yearly vacation tradition stopped when I graduated from high school and my parents divorced.

But back when this photo was taken they were in love, had a new baby and were looking forward to the future.

My father passed away from a brain aneurysm twenty years ago. He was only 65 years old. He never got to enjoy his retirement and I've always felt sad about that.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Suzanne!
What a wonderful family photo! My dad, a great sweet man & father, was retired a year and died of a massive heart attack. He did not get to enjoy his retirement either. I retired early because of that reason. I'm so glad I did because my life has been filled with wonderful "people" times and so many blessings. Thanks for the great post and great tune! Happy Father's Day to Farmer!!
Hugs, Sherry

Heather said...

Your parents are too cute in their matching outfits! Your father was a very handsome man. It's sounds like he was a wonderful father.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Gorgeous parents you have! Really, they look, in their matching shirts, like the stuff of Hollywood. No wonder you're so beautiful!

Very poignant, Suzanne. It's always interesting to think of our parents as young and in love with hopes and dreams of the future. I'm sorry that your dad didn't get to enjoy his retirement.

Joy said...

Hi! I read your blog often, and it always inspires.
My dad died of an aneurysm at 59 years old (two months shy of the 60th birthday bash we were secretly planning). That was not quite two years ago.
Thanks for sharing your photo and your stories. There is always something in them that resonates with me. Sometimes, it helps to know we are not alone.

Suzanne said...

I shouldn't be, but I'm always surprised at how similar our experiences can be. It's important for us all to realize we are not alone. This is something that escaped me for years.

- Suzanne

Rue said...

I'm sorry about your dad.

That photo looks like a black and white taken in this time, not in 1948.

Anonymous said...

I'm visiting your blog for the first time, and I found this post very touching, partially because you and I are about the same age. Young love isn't always perfect love, but it sounds like their marriage produced at least one happy, well adjusted child. Good for you!