Tuesday, July 8, 2008

County Fair is a Comin'

Just a reminder that the Kane County Fair will be held from July 16-20. While I'd love to spend every minute at the fair, taking thousands of photographs and eating all the food, it's just not possible. I do have that tile job to attend to, so I'm going to ask for your help in deciding which fair events I should attend.

Here's the line up. Of course this doesn't include the Pig Races because those are a given. You can't attend the fair without watching those little pigs. I also haven't included a stop at the Fried Oreo booth. Fried oreos are my nemesis. In the three and a half years of publishing my photoblog, my picture of the fried oreos got more hits than almost all other photos combined. Sheesh. I was even contacted by a magazine asking to use the photo for an article they were doing on fried oreos.


I said NO!

Why? Because it was a "gentlemen's" magazine the name of which I won't mention. Seriously, I cannot imagine what kind of article they would be doing that would involved a fried oreo. I don't even want to think about. There's my luck for you, other bloggers are being contacted by Victoria or Mary Englebreit's Home Companion and I get an e-mail from a stinkin' men's mag.

If you could take a minute and vote we can narrow down the fair itinerary. I've included spot for you to suggest your own activity. Maybe you'd like to see someone milk a goat,


or visit the pigs as they wait for their fifteen minutes of fame.


Maybe you'd like to attend the auction of the steers.


Or watch the teenagers relax in one of the barns.


Thanks. I hope you're looking forward to the fair as much as I am. I'd love to hear about the special events at your county fair.

UPDATE: Bull riding is pulling ahead in the poll. Be sure to vote!!!


Life on Bonnie Lane said...

The county fair in my hometown won't be here until September. You never know if its going to be 50 degrees and raining or if you're going to be sweltering in 90 degree weather, but either way, oh how fun! Those poor piggies, they have no idea what happens after their 15 minutes of fame! They become pork!

I voted for the demo derby. I consider myself an intelligent person with some mild degree of sophistication, so why is it I so much love seeing those cars crash into each other? It's such a rush.

Can't wait to see pics of your county fair!


Karen said...

We have a State Fair every year, here in Reno. Great fun. However, being in a city, it's sort of aimed at city tastes. Loses a lot of the charm that rural County fairs have.

Back in NZ, we have what are called AMP Shows. They are very much like County Fairs.

Jill said...

Fairs must all be different based on where you live. The one near my parent's house was fine... though it was in the middle of a suburban neighborhood outside of a big city.

It certainly didn't have the charm that I see in your photos... but it did have newborn baby pigs! And a mule race.

Debbie said...

Well, we don't have a state fair here in Northern Virginia. BUT, we have a seat up front to the greatest cow pattie slinging contest there is...for awhile it was Hillary and Obama. Right now, we are getting ready for the Obama/McCain duel. Or maybe they'll race Monster trucks...Either way, it will be a 'show.' Oh and I voted for the Bull riding thangy....

Marie Reed said...

Fried Oreos!!!!!!!! I'm a sheep too. I'm about to click over to that delightful deilcacy.

Simple Answer said...

Can you go wrong at the fair? Know you'll have a fab time.

jazzi said...

We attend the State Fair downstate from you. But I haven't seen fried Oreos yet! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for those! My failing is either a Fiddlestick or an elephant ear.
I enjoy looking at everyone's blue ribbons for their various entries. It reminds me of my Grandma taking me to the fair to see her Blue-Ribbon Fudge!

Lucy said...

Do I live in a cave? I've never heard of Fried Oreos. I'd love to live again in small town country life in which my life started. Do you suppose in our next life we can do what we missed here? I love county fairs.

Thirkellgirl said...

We have a 4H fair and the state fair. We used to take the kids to the 4H fair because the main draw was the animals - and the crowds are a little rougher around the edges at the state fair. Every January we go to the Pennsylvania Farm Show (and Pa. High School Rodeo) at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. It's great. There's a huge butter statue in a revolving glass case, Penn State has great displays of native fish and great maps, great Pennsylvania foods like Clear-Toy Candy, homemade horseradish sauce, Herr's Potato Chips, elk jerky... We don't go to the rodeo anymore. One year *two h.s. boys got tangled up in the bulls and were dragged around and around the ring. It's just not any fun anymore. And we usually get to meet the reigning Miss Pennsylvania! Big doings!
Got the wonderful apron yesterday. Thank you so much. I love it, and love that you went to SO much trouble to make it. Nobody does that sort of thing in my world since my mom died, and I love it. :)

Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Well Suzanne, I voted for the rodeo, although I believe I'd have to try to get to everything! (I am partial to tractor pulls...)

I spend most of my time in the livestock barns and exhibit halls, trying to stay away from fair food. But I must admit that the deep-fried artichoke hearts and an occasional corn dog get to me every time!

Gonna be fun to hear about your adventures at the fair!

shan & andrew said...

Lurker here! I found you through Life in Red Shoes and I love your blog! I thought I'd come out of hiding for a bit!

Janet said...


I got my cup scarf or cosy, as I prefer to call it, yesterday. Because it won't be helpful on a Margarita glass or a Martini glass, I will be forced to bring it along when I get my iced mocha ( whipped cream? why do they ask? Isn't it a given?). Thanks so much for thinking of me, lol.

PS. My favorite at the fair was always the colored chicks, how did they do that? Must have just dipped the fuzzy little things in some food coloring and it was probably inhumane, but oh how I wanted a pink one.

Amy said...

Those fried oreos look awesome, would love to have that recipe.

We have a fair in the fall here, it's not very big but most times it's cooler at that time of year.

Bobbi said...

Our county fair is in 2 weeks and I can't wait! My family loves entering items in the floral hall: veggies, fruits, crafts, photos - you name it and they have a category for it!

Jill said...

OK, I am a bad blogger and forgot to let you know the other day that I too sent over to you the fabulous Arte Y Pico award (you know the one)...

It was in a post over the weekend...with the names at the very bottom...


Karen said...

Fried Oreos ...ummmm .... I think I've almost seen everything, now...

When I was at school, in NZ, we had this thing called a 'Calf Club'. Some of the local farmers would let us kids look after individual calves. We had to feed them, groom them, train then to walk on a lead round the paddock, etc. Then we would show them off at 'Calf Day' at school and also the local, aforementioned, AMP Show.

I one first prize , one year, for my calf. I was so proud of myself :-)

GemStateMom said...

awww.....can't we go to ALL of 'em??

No fair having to choose!

I've heard of fried Twinkies, fried Snickers bars, but never fried Oreos, and have never indulged in any of the above. So, since you mentioned them, can we assume they are worth stopping for?

My personal fav at the MN State Fair were those ginormous pickles on a stick. Pickle-eater - that's me.

Idaho doesn't really have an official 'state fair' though there is a large one in Boise. Our local county fair is in Sept and is pretty small potatoes (get it, Idaho...potatoes...groan) compared to the county fairs in the midwest.

How come it seems when I make comparisons between Idaho and the Midwest, Idaho is on the short end? Oh yeah, we lack in a few areas...but you just can't beat the mountains, hills and pristine wilderness, clean air, no traffic jams, miles and miles of space.

Guess I don't feel so bad about podunk fairs after all.

There, I feel like I have redeemed my home state now!

lifeinredshoes said...

I like the demolition derby myself. I don't care for our state fair, to big and impersonal, yours however looks charming! The Oreos would be a must try!

Laura said...

I've never been to a county fair but it sure sounds like fun! So, I'm really, really curious about the fried oreos. Why does one fry an oreo? :-)

Oh and I'd probably choose the pigs and goats over the monster trucks and stuff. :-)


Was there vegetable oil involved with the article for the men's magazine?


Oh ya. My fairs. I just like to hang out near the fresh lemonade stand and drink it all day. Ummm...and people watch. That's the bomb.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Love the fair...the kettle corn, the fresh squeezed lemonade, the candied pecans, the turkey legs, oh and the pigs. I'd like to see the pigs. They remind me of Barbeque! :) Blessings, marlene

Heidi said...

Our state fair is this week - its the 'Northern' state fair - we have a real state fair in the southern part of WI. then we have the 'Northern' state fair in Chippewa Falls.... Us hicks up here dont want to drive to the big city and all that stuff - cattle trailer might get the tires stole off'n it.. LOL

Holly Tree Primitives said...

Our county fair is August 1st to the 10th this year, so we have a ways to go. We are always thrilled to go the fair, but this year even more so because we are buying our new pet there. We are getting a baby bunny from the 4h kids. Can't wait, the kids can hardly wait either.

My favorite thing to do is go through the exhibition buildings. I know, boring, but I love all the handmade quilts and goodies that are displayed. Such craftsmanship.

My kids newest favorite which is only 2 years old at our fair is the "Diving Dogs". Trained dogs as well as your own pooch can run off a ramp to chase after a toy and land in a pool of water. It is great fun, and those dogs can jump FAR! My little ones love it.

Fried oreos...I don't know. But I was tempted by the fried twinkies last year, I may give that a go this year.

Now I am over excited for the fair! Have fun at yours!


Cottage Rose said...

Well what ever event you got to I hope you have a great day. It sounds so fun. I love fairs, county fairs. And then our state fair. I love the exhibition's they have for showing you how they make things. But I am a big rodeo fan, just love watching them on tv. never been to one in person, some day I hope to. Have a good time at the fair.

Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

I love me some cowboy, so I guess you know what I voted on ;)

I really wish I could go. I hope you take a lot of pictures :)


Shelly G & Hope P said...

The one time I had a fried oreo it looked nothing like your beautiful picture... Not even close... Now I am wondering what it was that we tried:)~ Yours look so yummy... If I was going to get to vote on what I love to see at the fair it would be... The baking & veggie entries... I voted for demo derby.. I loved it as a kid:)

Suzanne said...

Kady - I love the demo derby too. I've always wanted to drive in one. I might just try that out at Bob Jo's Speedway.

Karen - the rural county fairs are the best. I love to hear about what goes on in NZ.

Jill - The newborn baby pigs are so funny and goofy. I've never seen a mule race but it sounds like fun.

Debbie - Yes, bull riding is exciting. I'm not quite sure how you go about riding for the first time. I guess you just hold your breath and go.

Marie - The fried oreos are delicious.

SA - No you can't go wrong. The only thing I can't stand is the dust. Your shoes, pants, everything is covered in a dry dusty powder. ACK.

Jazzi - Can you believe I've never been to the Illinois State Fair. It just seems like one big large crowd. I certainly hope your grandmother gave you the recipe for the fudge.

Lucy - It's never too late....move to a small town!!

Thirkellgirl - It sounds like you have plenty of local fair type events to keep you busy. One of the big draws is the FOOD....and the fresh squeeze lemonade. I'm glad the apron arrived safely. And yes, there are lots of people still hand sewing. it sounds like you have wonderful, wonderful memories of your mom's talents.

Chris - I love the tractor pulls too, but they are incredibly loud. DEEP FRIED ARTICHOKE HEARTS??? I'm coming to your fair.

Shan and Andrew - It's about time we heard from you. HA. I call the lurker's "The Peanut Gallery". That was from TV show but I can't remember which on.

Janet - your cup cozy will work just fine on that drink with the whipped cream and I agree - they have to ask?? Sheesh.

Amy - I'd like the recipe too, but the fair foodies aren't giving it up. It's dipped in some type of batter and fried. The result is that the cookie get nice and soft and the cream filling melts. It's quite delicious.

Bobbi - Would you believe that in all the years I've been attending I've never entered anything? That's crazy.

Paula - you've done a fine job of redeeming your state's reputation. I love the "small potatoes" pun. You are awesome.

Red Shoes - the small fair is fun. Just enough of everything.

Laura - I'm still trying to figure out what type of batter they use. It's somewhat like a tempura batter.

Liberty - Vegetable oil? I'm sure. The lemonade is really the bomb. I've never been able to recreate it at home. Maybe it's the shaking that makes it better. People watching? It's what I do best.

Marlene - Let's not start talking barbecue, OK? I'm at least 11 hours away from McClard's and I might just have to get in the car and get me some!

Michele - Bunnies make really good pets. I used to have one many years ago. The diving dogs sounds like a variation on the racing pigs. It's interesting that people make their living traveling around and diving dogs or racing pigs.

Alaura - I may just have to attend two events as there's almost a tie in the voting.

Shelly & Hope - There were as good as they look. All the food at our fair is really high quality and not everything is deep fried.

Thanks everyone for visiting and voting. You have a choice on where to spend your time online and I appreciate the fact that you've landed here.

- Suzanne

Kendrawolf said...

That looks fun. I havrn't been to a fair in FOREVER!

Mary said...

We used to take our horses to the 4H fair when I was young. It seems like another world to me now! Your pictures are wonderful -- full of the country fair flavor. Oh, and I just love those pigs! :)

Liz said...

I drive back home every year to the little county fair I grew up going to. I get cotton candy with my sisters and we sit in the back and snicker at the County Queen pageant. :)

Alberto said...
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