Saturday, July 26, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation.

Wasn't that always the first essay we were asked to write when we returned to school in the fall?

Our childhood vacations looked pretty much the same each year. We'd drive to Tennessee and visit family, eat plenty of good fresh food and swim in the creek. Then we'd drive on to the Florida panhandle and visit family, eat plenty of good fresh food and swim in the ice cold waters of DeFuniak Springs. I don't remember being able to fluff it up into an exciting essay, and I don't remember ever earning an "A" for my efforts but in hindsight the memories are memorable.

Last year the Farmer and I headed out for a mini-vacation in Hannibal, Missouri, boyhood home to Mark Twain. I know, it's not Vegas, but it was fun and interesting. You certainly couldn't keep yourself busy for more than a couple days but a long weekend was just perfect.


The Mississippi River has always held a great fascination for me and I can attribute it to Miss Scott, my 5th grade teacher who pushed Mark Twain on us. I was a willing reader of his work and as an adult came to appreciate his sharp wit and tongue.

It was great to see where he lived his young adventures and meet the interesting entrepreneurs who make Hannibal home today. These included a weaver who had just returned to the midwest after many years in the southwest......


....and an actor who was tired of living on the road.


I would love to hear about the interesting little spots in your area. You know, those places that will never be included in the top ten travel lists but still worthy of a road trip. Is your little corner of the world home to a giant peach, or a fantastic beach? Let me know. You never know, maybe next year I can make a road trip dream come true and visit some of these "D List" places.

P.S. I've started the list with Ellsworth, Wisconsin, the Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin.....or is it the world?


chocolatechic said...

I have blogged several times about what is close to me. If you are truly interested, just search my blog for Roscoe and museum.

Trish said...

I loved your post today...and I agree. Truly the most interesting places are those that are tucked away off some little road, in an area that no one knows. I will see if I can't post some 'smallville' places I love too....thanks for the post today.

Jeanette from Texas said...

Now matter how many big vacations we take I always have fond memories of a long weekend trip to Caddo Lake. It is in far east Texas. This lake is not a swimming lake, the gators might get you. The trees there had spanish moss dripping from the branches. We stayed at a cottage called Starry Night. It was up on stilts and had pictures of when the water was high and the house almost flooded. We canoed around, went on a guided boat trip. The town there is named Uncertain, Texas. It was the opposite in looks from home and a great getaway.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Have you been to The Alligator Farm in Hot Springs? But then, why would you? Have you seen the bullet holes in the bar where Al Capone used to hang out? Have you had a bath and massage at one of the old Bath Houses? or placed a bet on a horse and then watched them run neck and neck? Have you dug for crystals? Come on down! Blessings, marlene

Suzanne said...

Chocolatechic - I will, and add it to my list!

Trish - I love the out of the way places and the kitschy-er the better.

I've added Caddo Lake and Uncertain, Texas to my list. Who could NOT want to visit a place called Uncertain? I think there was a famous photographer who did a photo study from a road trip. It was called "From Hell to Uncertain....." , something like that. Anyway, Caddo Lake is only 4 hours from our place in Arkansas.

Oh Marlene - Of course, I've visited all those places. They're actually chronicled on my other blog, the Farmer's Wife photoblog. But I didn't dig for crystals, I went a bit further and dug for diamonds. It was HOT HOT HOT HOT...I don't know how we survived. It wouldn't have been bad but we came away with nothing. Not even a diamond chip!! It was alot of fun and very interesting though. We're going to hire the architect who did the Hot Springs Country Club and the beautiful parking garage to design our home.

Thanks everyone for visiting today. = Suzanne

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Believe it or not, I have seen many of the Mark Twain one-man shows, which I love. Last year, I went to see Hal Holbrook's "Mark Twain Tonight" a 50th anniversary. I think he was better thirty years ago, but it was still a lot of fun.

My own town has a claim to fame that I don't share for obvious reasons. Living in a historically rich area can be a lot of fun if one remembers to enjoy what's just around the corner. So many of us don't!

I may take you up on the challenge of writing about childhood summers one day soon.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I used to have family in DeFuniak Springs! What a small world. I have been there as a child, but I'm sure it has gown and changed a lot since then.
I too love Mark Twain and would love to visit his home one day.

Ritch in Love said...

My husband recently visited the childhood home of George W. Bush in Odessa Texas.

Cottage Rose said...

I whole heartily with Trish. The most interesting places are not on the worlds best places to visit. Where I live it is not small but not big, and only once a year we have people visit from all over the world for just a week in the fall. I live in Auburn In. and we have a huge festival called A C D Auburn Cord and Duceinburg ok I am spelling it wrong but you know the car. Any way Auburn is known for the cars it made here in the 20's and so on. WE have a museum with the cars and truck museum and a war memorial museum with old army things. It is a very big deal, but the rest of the year some have been known to say, Auburn?? where is that. hahah So some year you should stop and take a peek, it is lots of fun, craft shows, auto auction and food!!!


jazzi said...

I recently did a post about hitting the wine trail in my area, which is always a nice excursion. If you're up for hiking, you can also head over and see Garden of the Gods and Cave-In-Rock, where Jesse James used to hide out. It would all be about a 4-5 hour drive south.

Dana said...

I have loved every big trip we have had the good fortune to take. To see the wonders of our country is just a gift--Washington DC, the oceans, the Alamo, the Grand Canyon, Fenway Field, NYC, Alaska. When we are on those big adventures (my husband and I)--we always include lots of little side trips or stops at spots that lack the luster of tourist traps. I agree with you--those are the best. This next weekend, a good friend and I will be taking a Road Trip. We live in the KCMO area and we will be hitting I-70 and heading East! We are avid antiquers and just love to explore new little towns and their offerings. Part of this trip will find us in Troy, MO, thanks to blogger Pat from Backporch Musings. She lives in the St. Louis area and is the best about sharing wonderful sights around her part of Missouri. She featured a new cafe in Troy (The Oddfellows Cafe) and now we are off!! (Well, we will be as of Friday). We are looking forward to seeing new sites, eating lots of wonderful food in new resaurants and who knows what else we will do--that is the fun of a Road Trip with a great friend.

Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

In California the list is huge, Heart Castle, Winchester Mansion, etc...
but here in Ohio there are a few places I'd like to go and haven't yet. I'll have to ask Rich about this :)


Yaya said...

Okay, here I go giving away my secret hideaways. Come South and visit our lil' island off the coast of Alabama. It's undeveloped and unheard of to many. Honestly, we want to keep it that way. There is no traffic light or fast food. Just one store and a couple of places to eat fresh Gulf seafood. Time has not touched it. If you come, try and keep our secret.

Now, I'll tell you my other hideaway. It's Kentucky's best kept secret. Lake Malone. I so love spending time there in our little cottage right on the water. Again, a place that is totally undeveloped and oh so beautiful.

I so enjoy you blog and visit almost every day.


Amir said...

Great!! I had just planned a trip to Orlando & enjoyed it lot during my summer holidays.