Saturday, September 13, 2008

Deja Vu Saturday

Don't forget - I'm not here. Feel free to leave comments though, because the Farmer is taking his laptop and I may just find a wifi spot in the hinterlands.

Today's story is about oranges.

Oranges in Winter

Let's all say a word of thanks for the bounty we share.


Karen said...

Loving these old posts :-) And yes, I give thanks all the time!

Hope the holiday is gong fine and you're not getting too much rain...

Louise said...

I'm glad you're doing this because I'm relatively new here. I love this post. It makes my heart hurt a little, but I love it anyway. The Laura Ingalls Wilder books were my favorite when I was little--and big! I'm reading them now to my daughters who are 4 and 6. I think exactly the same things about life then. They lived so far from anything part of the time. What if they ran out of soap, or sugar, or flour? The Indians took their cornmeal once. They couldn't just go buy it. Though I've often said I belonged in the past, I realize how "good" we have it now!