Friday, September 26, 2008

The Maybe Someday Place

I'd like to invite you to join me on a journey to a someday place. What's that? It's a place we all long to escape to and that's different for each of us. Some of us dream about being in the mountains and some of us dream about listening to the sound of the surf as we drift off to sleep.

We all work hard and handle the difficulties that life throws at us. I found it easier to cope because I always had the dream that someday I would live in a place of great natural beauty. These things just don't happen magically. If the dream is ever to become a reality we must work towards it, making a plan and taking each small step towards the reality.

Truthfully, sometimes our dreams are simply will never come true because of things that are out of our control but we must dream and work towards making those dreams reality.

For many years I worked very hard at a job that was difficult. My health was not good and I struggled. I was the one that was providing health insurance for my family and it was an important responsibility. What kept me going was a photo and a chunk of rock on my desk. The photograph was the view from the mountain top lot that we'd purchased in the Ouachita Mountain range in Arkansas and the chunk of rock was a piece of pink granite from that lot.

The Farmer and I had visited the area and fell in love with the great natural beauty of Arkansas. We dreamed the dream first and then we took the next step when we bought the land. There's nothing on it at this point in time, not even a lean-to, but maybe someday.

That's my definition of a "maybe someday place". We should all have one. Whether we dream of a cottage in Yorkshire or a small house in Tuscany or a thatched roof casita on a beach. We all need that maybe someday place.

Daniel Boone once said, "When you can see the smoke from your neighbor's chimney, it's time to move on." From this vantage point from our land we cannot see a single rooftop or any sign that humans live below. At night there's one farm light visible and we can see the lights from the marina on the lake to the left, but that's it.

The most spectacular thing about this place is the quiet. It is quiet enough to hear the sounds of nature. Birds soar soundlessly overhead and only in the evening do the sounds ramp up. Tree frogs raise their voices in a deafening chorus.

Please join me for a few minutes on the mountain.

Where's your someday place? Where do you dream about escaping to someday?


Lori said...

Isn't the quiet and the peace it affords a wonderful, calming thing? It's a beautiful spot you have there. Our maybe someday place will be in Monroe County, East Tennessee. We've looked a t a number of properties there but haven't gotten close enough on the price to take the plunge yet. Soon, we will.

Living on the Spit said...

I want a 5 room cabin in the country on about 3 acres of land. I want a HUGE veggie and herb garden, a couple of sheep, a border collie, a couple of cows, a horse, a wrap around porch, a pot bellied stove, a fire place, and internet access. Thanks for letting me dream for a moment.

Molly said...

Your maybe/someday place is beautiful! And the food posts this week have left me strangely hungry. I may have to read them again to try to fill up.

I have maybe/someday alternatives:
1. a small farm in North Georgia or the Carolinas
2. a lakehouse in the Carolinas
3. a bookstore in a small coastal town

Chris said...

Suzanne, I can see why your heart longs to be there! What a view! I hope we'll get to see photos out the kitchen window someday. Even doing dishes with that view would be fun, Well, maybe not fun...

I am living in my someday place. I have longed for the country for most of my adult life. 4 years ago, when my husband and I moved to this 10 acres of California country, a dream came true for both of us. Trust me, it is so worth the wait!


I always said 'I'll never be married. I will live in a loft and create art for the rest of my life. I was the first one of my gang of friends to get married and have 4 children.' Ha ha...but maybe someday I can have a loft in a big house ...a room where I can lock the door and pretend!

Wanita said...

What a beautiful spot you have! My someday place would have a small, cozy cottage with lots of flower and vegetable gardens, probably in the moutains.

May your dream come true!

martina said...

Oh what a gorgeous piece of property! Four places are my
maybe someday" wishes. A bit of acreage in Whidbey Island, Washington with a standard poodle in every color. A little house (that does not need repairs and is in perfect shape) on an acre of land near Asheville, NC, a place in Provence, a home near the beach in Northern California. All places with land would have dogs and some livestock. Better start buying lotto tickets.

Mrs Parks said...

I love going places with you.
That is soo beautiful.

Everyday I am so grateful that I live in my "someday" place :)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Such a beautiful location, but those aren't birds soaring overhead, those are turkey vultures. ;> I know, I'm just plain mean.

I don't have a someday place. My own home is enough of a someday place for me. John says that he would like to be in the mountains where there's a view. Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

i have a someday place, a tiny pink trailer-i mean beach shak- on the central calif coast. 2 hours away from our ranch. all the gardens,animals and work is also our someday place but the "tiny house" is heaven sent. we run there to hide from our sorrows which have been many the last few years. you are right, we need a dream and i wish for you, yours becomes a reality.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful view...what is the music that haunting and appropriate ....

Queen B said...

Beautiful! My maybe someday place is very similar to yours. I would love to be on a mountain with a view.

And I live pretty close to your maybe someday place!!

Mamahut said...

Very nice spot Girly. I was gonna ask if it had a good road, but I think I saw pavement in the bottom of the video?? I live in my dream house with lots of land and views. The road was the only problem for us...but it looks like you got that coverd ;)

reluctantfarmchik said...

Your maybe someday place is gorgeous, as is the music I listened to while I viewed it. Even just knowing its there must be a comfort to you! Thanks for sharing your place, and the idea, with us.

Suzanne said...

Lori - East Tennessee is another beautiful place. More mountains, right? You will find the right property and take the plunge.

Living on the spit - Three acres is just perfect. We're on two acres right not. The border collie will keep those sheep in check. I think two cows and a horse would require a little more land. The fireplace is a requirement for when the electricity goes out!

Molly - I'm sorry that I made you hungry. I'm getting hungry myself and I'm miles away from those restaurants now. All those places sound great, especially the bookstore.

Chris - I'm so glad you were able to make your dream come true. Ten acres!!! That's terrific.

Liberty - A long time ago I learned to never say never. I think that sometime you need a big garret loft room.

Wanita - A small cozy cottage in the mountains sounds so perfect.

Martina- I've heard wonderful things about Whidbey Island. I knew someone who lived on one of those islands. The other places sound great too and yes, you do need to start buying some lottery tickets.

Mrs. Parks - I'm very glad that you come along with me on my journeys......otherwise I'd get lonely. Isn't it terrific that you've found your "someday place"? It makes all the difference in the world.

Vee - Shhhhhhhh ........ I want people to think those are American Bald Eagles soaring on the thermals. Squint hard...they're not turkey vultures, no they're not. John is always taking you on picnics in the mountains. I'm thinking he really wants to live there. You'd love it, except for the mountain roads.

BV - A tiny pink trailer??? Oh, that sounds like heaven to me. I love the sound of the surf, makes for good napping. I think it's so great to have a place to escape to when things get too hectic.

Queen B - Hey - there's another lot available up there and just think, you won't have to move your stuff very far. BTW, I love to cook for the neighbors.

Mamahut - Yes, all the roads are in. We would have to put in a driveway though.

Reluctant - Thanks for coming along with me.

To all - the music is R. Carlos Nakai, and it's American Indian flute music. Very relaxing. Get one of his CD's and play it while you're taking a bubble bath!!

Thanks for visiting with me today.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I am absolutely coming to visit you on your mountain one of these days! blessings, marlene

Karen said...

What a beautiful spot you've picked. I can imagine sitting out on the porch, with a good book and a glass of iced tes ...heaven...

My dream spot would be back in NZ, obviously. Maybe in the Wiakato area or in the Manawatu area. I'd like a 'character house' and enough land to be able to have fruit trees, vege and flower garden and some chickens..

Canterbury, Southland and Marlborough also draw me. I'd love to be by the sea, but up in the hills..

Something like this

Or this

Or this

Laura said...

What a beautiful view! I love the way you define your "maybe someday place". It is exactly what I'm always thinking about it. Here is my 'maybe someday place'

Louise said...

Absolutely beautiful. Those are the kinds of views I grew up with, being from Southern Missouri. The lake is the best part.

My dream is Lake Powell. Someplace way back where no one else lives. Now to convince the Prince...

Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

It's gorgeous there. I love the mountains :)

You know what my someday house is ;)