Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cabin Fever and Wanderlust

As we've discussed in the last few days this has been a very long winter. A week on a cruise ship didn't seem to do much to dissipate the extreme sense of cabin fever I've been feeling. I'm not working outside the home and that amplifies the feeling that the walls are closing in on me.

This leads to wanderlust. I know I can't be the only person who longs to simply jump in the car and get outta Dodge. I'm eyeing the back of my Equinox as a spot for a memory foam mattress and pillows for sleeping. I've taken to reading blogs written by "full-timers" which is the RV term for people who live on the road full-time. I love to follow the adventures of Joy and Phil as they travel across the country.

My mom and stepdad lived in a very small fifth wheel for over three years. Those walls started to close in on my mom after awhile and it's true that cabin fever can be even worse in an RV. But I'd love to just hit the road for awhile.

The Farmer and I are not yet retired and these kinds of thoughts are just dreams but dreaming is fun and free! It's an exercise in "what if". What if we drove out to the Flint Hills and stopped for pie at a roadside diner? What if we drove to a place where we could camp on the beach? It's free entertainment that's for sure.

One day I was driving through Big Rock and spotted this adorable teardrop trailer at the RV dealership.

T@B Teardrop Travel Trailer

It's small but easily towed and can be moved into position by two people using handles on the front. There's a small kitchenette inside and a seating area that transforms into a queen size bed. No bathroom though. You'd need to use the campground facilities.

But still, it's so stinking cute.

On my way to the doctor's office the other day I spotted this vintage motorhome.


It's really small and old (like me).


It looks like a cartoon version of a motorhome. When I looked closer at the next picture I noticed there's a ladder leading up to the roof. Do you think you can sunbathe up there?


My imagination worked overtime on this one. I dreamed of red gingham curtains on the windows, perhaps with white pom-pom fringe. The small kitchen cabinet would be filled with colorful Melmac dishes and I'd wear rhinestone encrusted cat's eye sunglasses while driving off into the sunset.

Crazy, huh? It's just fun to imagine different scenarios. It helps me make it through a day when the most exciting thing on my agenda is doing a load of towels.

How about you? Have you ever wanted to just hit the road? Where would you go? Would it be in a luxury motorcoach or something cute and funky?


chocolatechic said...

My x-husband and I lived in a camper exactly like the second one for almost 5 months.

When your 19, it is an adventure.

Suzanne said...

I lived in a 26' ft travel trailer for almost 6 months while putting in my house. We started in a friends pottery studio, moved to the trailer and endured snow, ice and frozen pipes... and 59 straight days of rain. I won't ever want to go camping in this lifetime.

Anonymous said...

I definitely get "Wanderlust" after being in one place for a while. So it works out nicely that I'll be traveling around the world for the next year and a half. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

It would have to be a luxury motor home for me... otherwise where would I put my curling iron, my make-up, 20 pairs of shoes, Hubby's 200 paperback books, his computer, my computer, 2 printers, and our 2 hundred pound rottweilers. *sighs* Just wears me out thinking about the logistics of it all... lol

The Blue Ridge Gal

Heidi said...

cute and funky.... but luxury would be nice too.... :)

Diva Scrapper said...

Great story...love the site...stopping by from SITS.
Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day...may your day be filled with rainbow colors, your pockets with golden coins and most of all may your beer tonight be GREEN!

Heather said...

My in-laws live in a fifth wheel on and off, but it's fancy schmancy with satellite and air conditioning. I have to admit that before they got that, I was a tent girl all the way. Now I'm spoiled and will only camp in something with hard sides.

Jenni said...

I want a vardo (a gypsy wagon) with a matched pair of dapple grey or black draft horses, or a VW bus with a crazy paint job, or an old school bus converted to motor home, or maybe a pickup with a camper top named Rocinante. As much as I love having roots and a place to come home to, I long to wander the open road and go wherever my curiosity takes me.

If you come as far as the Flint Hills, you should stop in here for a visit! I'm actually not a fan of pie, so I don't know where to find the best. I could do a little research though.

Vee said...

As you say, dreaming is free so we do it all the time. Hubby was at it again last night...what if we just took off. This may be more of a mental health exercise, but who knows what the future might hold? Some of my fondest memories of childhood are of spending time in an old bus outfitted for camping. It really did have the old red gingham curtains. Where would we go? We talk about heading due west across the northern part of the country. Big sky country...yup, big sky.

Jackie said...

My coworker recently bought the little teardrop RV you posted about. They love it! They don't live in it full time but have used it for a week or 2. Would be a very inexpensive way to see the country!

1inCollege1inDiapers said...

I get that wanderlust quite often when I get in my van. I tease my husband that as long as I have my credit cards and the little ones I could just hit the road for a while. I think he gets worried if I'm gone to the store longer than an hour. lol

Anonymous said...

There are a few of the older RVs in our area. Homeless people have bought them and live in them. So sad, lots of these and cars packed to the brim, with people sleeping in them.
On the other hand, friends have the TAB and love it for short vacations.

Lisa said...

I've always thought it'd be great to have an RV and just travel the country. You could stop wherever something interests you....see all the back roads and small towns. In my dreams it's such fun! With 3 kids under 7, probably not so much. Maybe when we are empty nesters....

shan said...

oh how i love the tab trailers! they're so cute!!! but i think i'm a classic airstream girl at heart! i can't wait to get my hands on one of those and restore it!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Those little tab trailers are so cute but pretty pricey!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

I love the first camper! So retro!

Popped over from SITS :)

Jen's Farmily said...

The first camper is really neat looking!

As long as I had plenty of room outside to roam, I think I could live in a camper. At least for a little bit!

belladella said...

I love to daydream about this sort of thing. I could hit the road right now. The in-laws are arriving at the end of the month in theirs- all the way from Minnesota.

bv said...

I have a 1958 450 sq ft trailer the is planted in the middle of a funky village by the sea. it's pink and the curtins have pom poms!
it is sooo cute and we run away to it a couple times a month. i can live in it- no problem- 'cuz i keep all my stuff at the real home.my husband used to suffer from the winter blues 'til we purchased this jewel. at home i have a vintage tear drop that is a guest house. you can see i am truely 'trailer trash'

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Suzanne, that teardrop trailer looks like something that Mary Jane at http://www.maryjanesfarm.org/ has to offer. If you haven't heard of her, you would love her website and all that she offers! My hubby and I also have these discussions of carefree travel.

Also, we lived for 23 years in So. Oregon where the winters sound like what you're experiencing. I got such cabin fever, it was more a depression than anything. But when spring comes... oh the joy! And the thankfulness of living where you do.


Lida said...

Wow living in a trailer is something I would love to try, but it would need a bathroom. I love the look of your blog!

Jill said...

I love traveling in a motorhome...

When I was 11 we rented a motorhome and drove from CA to Indiana for my cousin's Bar Mitzvah. We stopped at every single site, took photos, lolligagged along. It still is one of the best memories as a child.

I say go for it!

Oz Girl said...

I am so with you on this one. Years ago, I bought a ton of books about living and travelling in your RV. I DREAMED everyday of doing this. Then I met this wonderful man and married him and moved to rural land in Kansas. My RV itch went away... I think it was the job I had that made me want to run away. :) Although I still enjoy the occasional road trip.

Suzanne said...

Chocolatechic - Yes, you are correct. Alot of things can seem like an adventure when you're that young. I can't imagine that you would survive well in a small camper that doesn't have a full kitchen. How in the world would you create all your wonderful goodies?

Suzanne - I'm so glad you're here. I'm going to call you the "other Suzanne". A 26 foot motorhome sounds like a good size compared with that little T@B trailer, but frozen pipes and Noah's flood do not make for a good experience. I'm glad you survived. I bet that new house seemed like heaven.

Anne - What?? Seriously, what did you say? You're going to be traveling around the world for a year and a half. I jumped over to your blog to see what that's all about. What a terrific opportunity to travel and study.

Di - Yes, the luxury motorhomes have everything, including a hefty, hefty price tag. It's wonderful to dream about it though.

Heidi - You could do both. You could have the Milk Man drive the funky one and take the kids and you could have the luxury one. How's that?

Diva Scrapper - Thanks for stopping by. We actually had steak and Guinness pie for dinner. Unfortunately it was a little dry.

Heather - I used to do tents also, but these old bones can't take it any longer. Having that fifth wheel allows them to travel to see the relatives? Heck, you don't even have to make up the guest room. They bring their own accommodations!

Jenni - A Vardo sounds terrific but actually there's a guy who was pulling such a wagon with Percheron draft horses. He was traveling across country and was involved in a terrible accident. In Amish country people are accustomed to being on the lookout for slow moving horse drawn vehicles but not in other parts of the country. The "Partridge Family" style VW bus would be safer......except on uphill grades. If I come to the Flint Hills I'll let you choose the eatery. I've learned to eat whatever is the specialty of the area..... except Rocky Mountain Oysters. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Vee - Sometimes those mental health exercises have a way of becoming reality. It wouldn't hurt to just get in the car and go somewhere on a whim. I know you love to picnic and enjoy a day in the fresh air. Just think of it as an extended picnic. I vote for the American west. The Farmer has never been out west. Oh, he's flown to LA and Vegas but he's never driven the vast and lonely distances. Montana is terrific. South Dakota is strange and other worldly.

Jacki - I'm glad to know that someone is enjoying the T@B. They are so cute. There's one called the Clamshell that has the kitchen in the back. There's a lift up door and the kitchen is like a chuckwagon. Very cool except when the weather is bad. I don't think you could live full-time in one, although there was a couple online that had done it for about 8 months before moving to a larger camper.

1inCollege - It's simply the idea that you CAN if you want to. If things get too stressful or crazy you could just hit the road. Don't scare him though. HA.

Anon - That is sad but at least they have some sort of shelter over their heads. My sister worked with the homeless for awhile and it was certainly a challenge. I'm glad to hear that your friends enjoy the T@B. You always wonder if it is actually workable.

Lisa - three kids under 7? Oh my. Yes, there is life after raising kids and it's pretty wonderful too. I lived on these kinds of dreams for many years when I was tied to home and family.

Shan - An antique dealer friend of mine bought a classic Airstream. His intention was to restore it but his enthusiasm for the project waned and he sold it at a flea market. I have some pictures on my photoblog somewhere.

Julie - No, they're not cheap, that's for sure. I found a guy online that built his own teardrop trailer for about $600. It wasn't fancy, just a place to sleep but it was pretty cool when he got it all fitted out.

Tamara - Yes it is retro. Thanks for visiting from SITS.

Jen - Yes, I think it's only meant for short trips. Although perhaps I could bet into the groove for longer bouts.

Bella Della - Hijack the in-laws motorhome when they come to visit and take it for a spin. See how you like it.

BV - I KNEW there was something about you that I LOVED. You're my kind of gal. That seaside trailer sounds like a dream. Oh my, how I would love to see pictures. You simply must start a blog BV. I am NOT KIDDING. A vintage teardrop guest house? That's so cool.

Vicki - Oh yes! I'm a Mary Jane girl through and through. Have her books and get her magazine. I would love to stay at her bed and breakfast. I might just drive out there and do that.

Lida - I agree. It would need to have a bathroom. I don't think I could shower and stuff in a campground public bathroom. I don't know.

Jill - I loved reading about your childhood trip. We never know, when we're raising our kids, which memories will be the best. So I guess we just try to create lots of memories and see what sticks!

OZ Girl - How clever. Oz Girl from Kansas. I agree that it was probably that stinky job that made you want to hit the road. Breathing room in Kansas would calm anyone down.

Thanks everyone for visiting. I enjoy your company.

Louise said...

That teardrop one IS stinkin' cute. That's the one for the rhinestone-encrusted glasses, I think. But I'd need my own bathroom.

My husband dreams of the RV life more than me. But one day I saw one with two bicycles on the back. THAT got me thinking I could like it. And I discovered this winter that I think I'd have no problem being a snowbird, so maybe later...

Anonymous said...

We purchased a vintage 1969 beeline 20 ft travel trailer last year for 600$. We spent the summer redoing the inside and took it out for Thanksgiving last year. I love it its the perfect little home away from home and Its just the way I want it because It was my hard work. If you are handy Its a great project for about 1000$ total we have a get away when ever we need it

kenandjan said...

Just wandered across your post. We lived in rural IL near Somonauk until "hitting the road" in 1998. Still chugging around the USA in our motorhome. Currently VA, heading for FL shortly. Sorry, but if its the only house you've got, it's gotta have a bathroom and ...so much more!