Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rising from the Ashes - NOT

I'm feeling a bit improved. But if nothing else, life has taught me that diving headlong back into projects would be a great mistake. Either shampooing carpets (we're hosting a dinner party for 20 in little over a week) or putting together a photo-heavy blog post about Catholic Basilica's would be a grave error. Photographs of beseeching saint's aside, I would soon backslide into misery.


Ok, I had to include just one photo because this saint's besseching seems equal to my suffering.

My friend Thirkellgirl has stated that "The Poisonwood Bible" is a terrible tome to embrace while the in the throes of the flu. Hoo boy...she's right! But it's too late, I've only about 30 pages left. Every pestilence and plague that darkest Africa has to offer has been thrown my way and in my fever I imagine I'm suffering from each and every one - malaria especially. I wonder if they sell quinine at Walmart's pharmacy.

The meds are causing a strange lightness, a slight out-of-body feeling. Any moment my better half will rise up to the ceiling and denounce me, "You silly moron. Blogging while hallucinating??"


Vee said...

Hahahahaha...it's okay by me. Now why am I compelled to haul this beeseeching saint's body over to Photoshop where I can be certain that she does indeed look like you? Honestly, Suzanne, I have better things to do!

No shampooing of carpets today nor tomorrow either!

Trish said...

Hee Hee...I would agree...that is quite the book to take on at this point for you but if you have made it to the last 30 pages I am thinking perhaps you are on the mend. Take care....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she is doing all of her beseeching for you? Get well soon.

The Blue Ridge Gal

StitchinByTheLake said...

Dinner party for 20...yikes! Rest, recuperate and then work like crazy the last 2 days. blessings, marlene

Louise said...

I JUST read another post about hallucinating with the flu! Definitely, no posting pictures--lots of them anyway. That totally wears me out!

Love this photo,though!

Jill said...

Suzanne - I hope that you feel better soon!!!

Sorry I've been so MIA in commenting - I have been reading up on your fun travels though. :)

Cindy L said...

Get well soon, Suzanne! We've all gone through that wicked bout of The Bug here, too. Be well.