Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Way Back Machine


The time: Easter 1983
The place: Our kitchen, Bartlett, Illinois

Yes, dying Easter eggs is a very long and boring process to an almost three year old.

At least the Farmer looks happy.


It's a hard life when you're dealing with a new baby sister.

NOTE: Erica Laine- If you're reading this please send me another e-mail because I can't find the original one in my clogged up mailbox!!! (Erica was Evan's childhood friend.)


Vee said...

Awww, what a cute face! I think he's saying, "Could we speed this up a bit?"

Heidi said...

He looks like his thought is " I am only doing this for dad' LOL :) OR what Vee said is better!

lisa said...

I have read your blog for some time and enjoyed the clip...I live in Iowa and enjoyed seeing our town visited...And anyone coming to Iowa the Amana Colonies are awesome so is Kalona where the Amish live...Thanks for showing this....Lisa

Farmchick said...

We just finished dying our Easter Eggs and I can relate. Except, this year my kids decided to leave some eggs in the dye overnight.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Suzanne; What a adorable photo, I just love it.. lol


BittersweetPunkin said...

THAT is an adorable photo! I remember when the kids used to like dying eggs...I wonder if they'll help me this year....