Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone. How was your weekend?

We flirted with one day of warm weather here in northern Illinois but now we're back to cold and rainy. Sigh.

I'll admit that I'm an armchair adventure junkie and my favorite is Deadliest Catch. Like the commercial says, "If it ain't hell, they ain't happy." It's hard to imagine working in such a harsh environment. I'm also addicted to the show that follows about the people who are dropped off in the Alaskan wilderness, travel across country and try to survive. Fascinating stuff.

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Donuts this morning.....

or grab an apple.

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I want to thank everyone for taking part in the interesting discussion about whether Grandma was happy. You had so many thoughtful things to say.

One of the commenters, Lynn, is a lawyer, which got me thinking that I need a lawyer in my lineup of peeps. You never know when I might need one! Heck, I've got bartenders and flooring divas, a lawyer would round out the list. So Lynn, if you're interested in being my office blog lawyer, let me know and I'll add your name to the list.

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In addition to my homemade laundry soap, I've added Heidi's (the Milk Man's WIfe) homemade fabric softener to my laundry room arsenal. I was skeptical about it because of the vinegar, which led me to believe my towels would smell like Italian dressing. Not so. It works great and leaves everything soft and fresh.

Heidi's Softener

2 cups hair conditioner
2 cups white vinegar
6 cups water

Mix all together, shake well. Shake before each use.

I purchased Suave conditioner for $1. The bottle contains 2 cups. Perfect. There are different scents, I chose a fruit scent. A gallon of white vinegar was $1.79. The final result does not smell overwhelmingly vinegary. Online searches assure me that the vinegar also rinses residue from the washing machine.

Try it!

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I'm still hoping to show you how to create a little bit of country for yourself but the weather is not cooperating. It's something I want to do outside and hopefully we'll get some sunshine so I can set up a photo shoot. Stay tuned.

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I'm interested in knowing what you guys are reading because I'm in need of suggestions. Currently I'm standing on the precipice of giving up on Doris Kearns Goodwin's "Team of Rivals". Omigosh, I love history and anything about Lincoln but this is interminably long .... long.... long. The amount of research she did for this book had to have been monumental but it could certainly have been distilled down at least 400 pages.

I know I'm in trouble when I can only read one to two pages at a time before zoning out.

Which brings me to a habit of mine. I love to read at night before I fall asleep. The Farmer wants lights out immediately and he is asleep within a few minutes. In order not to wake him I bought one of those book lights and I read under the covers like a little kid!!! I make myself laugh everytime I do this and it's become a happy little habit of mine.

Do you read under the covers?

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Thanks for joining for yet another edition of "At Home....". I honestly think I'm running out of things to say. My photoblog has 734 posts and this one has 529. That's 1,263 editions of me blabbing. That's simply crazy. So now it's your

EDIT. NOTE: Update - Lynn has agreed to be my legal counsel and she now appears as Lawyer Lynn in my list of peeps. You'll notice that my electrician has changed. Neighbor Bill found a new job and is too busy to work for me. I've hired my brother-in-law Mike. There were be new positions available in the future.


Jenni said...

I just finished Wuthering Heights. Awful book full of awful people. I read it because it was referenced in the Twilight series which I read because my girls and their friends are into it. Although Wuthering Heights may be a more well written book, I think I prefered the Twilight series. I can't imagine why Wuthering Heights was one of the main character's favorite books though. Now I'm reading Joy in the Morning, which is pretty good but not as good so far as A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. I picked up a load of books from the library sale on Friday, too. That bunch is full of nonfiction, which I know you prefer, so I'll let you know if I got anything good. Fiction is usually my preference, though. Happy Monday!

Becky said...

I always have a couple of books happening at the same time. Right now I am reading "Middlemarch" by George Eliot on my Kindle.....and
"No Time on my Hands" by Grace Snyder. The latter book is the life of a quilter in Nebraska in the late 1800's. No great literary work, but really interesting and gives a great look at life during that era.

Vee said...

First of all, you are far, far, far, far, far away from running out of things to say. Second of all, I just set a plate of cherry ginger scones on the table courtesy of Teresa at Plum Tree Cottage...oh good lawd. Next, I certainly hope that Lynn the Lawyer takes you up on the offer. You so rarely call that she'll hardly know that she's on the list.

My weekend? One beautiful day out of the promised two, which is par for the course. A busy evening with the grands, a succesful flea market trip, and my first frozen custard of the season. Not bad.

I'm thinking that I like that fabric softener recipe and will snag it. I hate paying the prices for the fussy softeners, but we do need them. I did have a washer repairman tell me never to use washing machine softeners as it clogs things up, but with the vinegar...

Reading? Oh just that "The Jesus I Never Knew." I need something lighter. Much.

No, the carpenter can't tolerate lights either so there's no reading in bed.

On that lengthy note, I'll sign off.

chocolatechic said...

I'll take a donut or 3.

I'm hungry!

I just finished reading Jane Austin Ruined my Life by...uhhh....errr.....hmm! Can't remember.

This weekend was so gorgeous that I am fried to a crisp. The muscles underneath my burns even hurt.

Heidi said...

OH - I love your 'babbeling'! Everything you post is good and I read it ALL. Made your low country shrimp boil for supper last night. That is kind of our 'night out' cuz shrimp is expensive!!!
I am reading Edgar Sawtelle, its good - its about a boy who is mute that leaves home after his fathers death/murder but thats as far as I have gotten.. YOu may like it cuz it takes place in Northern Wisconsin!!!!

Glad you like the softener!! :)

Anonymous said...

Here I am, the lady with a bag over her head. But I love, love, love your blog. I live not far from you in Southeastern Wisconsin. We're suffering from "too much rain" at the moment. I'm reading Angels by Marian Keyes. Something I picked up for airport and airline reading. My Father just recently passed away and my Mother lives in Texas so I'm doing a lot of traveling of late.

Marfa (Formula For A Life) said...

I just told my mom (she's our family about the recipe for the homemade fabric softener. She likes the recipe, wrote it down and says it couldn't be cheaper. She's going to try it.

I have several books here for reading, but right now they're just sitting on a shelf waiting for me to get back into the reading mood. I don't like to read under the covers because I'm a bit claustrophobic. When I have gotten under the covers I feel as though I can't breathe. But ever since I was child I've had a love of books, so I'm sure this is just a face.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Suzanne...I am reading Traveling Light by Max Lucado and I love's a quick read and I'm almost done. I love to read in bed too...I have no TV in my bedroom but even if I did I prolly wouldn't watch....I am trying to wean myself from the tube anyway.

Kailei is sick again...or still I'll just sit waaaay in the back here and eat my apple (thank you). My weight loss is up to 14 lbs and counting.


bv said...

do we really trust lynn? she stole my thoughts right out of my dad and i are reading Rise to Rebellion by Jeff Shaara. a historical novel about the boston tea party...uncanny how it relates today. we are working our way through all the american wars. happy monday. i had an apple as i always start the week with good intentions.

lifeinredshoes said...

As your Official Laundry Peep I must try the recipe for fabric softener. Do you add it to the softener port just like the "real stuff?"
And seriously, you will never run out of things to talk about.
Oh, and the last book I read was My Sisters Keeper, I'd give it 3.5 stars, out of 5.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I made your homemade laundry soap this weekend Suzanne, and it worked great. I did have to add a little Clorox 2 to some towels I used to clean the boat but I would have had to add something with Tide too. The boat seats were mildewed and dirty from the winter so the towels were really nasty after I'd used them. Everything else came out great. I used plain vinegar for the softener and the smell was gone after drying. But I'm going to try your recipe for fabric softener. My husband has very sensitive skin but I'm thinking a little hair conditioner might not bother him. blessings, marlene


I can't imagine you ever running out of things to say. Keep talking!

~ Sara ~ said...

For my part I've not been reading any books as of late. It's been contracts, emails that fly between the law office, myself, to another law office and back. GRRRR

However, if I can ever remember this is the book I would like to read. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Loved the fabric softener BTW!!!

Cottage Rose said...

I just finished reading my Laura Childs book, the Tea Shoppe Mysteries. Love her books. we are finally having beautiful weather. yea....... but the next two day we are getting some thunderstorms. but that is fine my lovely plants will really grow now...... yippy....
I have been digging out my garden magazine to gaze upon, to get some ideas for planting my front yard...
that is about it....
I loved the apples.... thanks.


Trish said...

Yes.....I do read under the covers...and then...when I am found out....I admit...I go to the washroom down the hall, hunker down on the soft bathmat and read. Sigh...I just don't get enough time during the day. I just finished
The Devil in the White City' which is a story about the worlds fair in Chicago. you can see it here on

Linda/IL said...

My cousin sent me the Purpose Driven Life and with my crazy life on the farm I really laugh as I look at the title. My life is definitely driven but no clue to the purpose. Is that the point of it? I prefer light mysterys.

I love to read at night in bed if I can keep my eyes open. Doesn't bother DH too much.

I will definitely try the fabric softener.

I live not far from you in IL-sick of this rain; can we bottle it for July or August?

Jody Blue said...

Well if you ever run out of things to say you could easily have anyone of your commenters fill in for a day or two, my they are long winded today, if it weren't way past my bed time I'd make myself a cup of tea and re-read them again. I guess I read blogs before bed sometimes, when I'm waiting for the kids to return from track meets, work or finish watching the Lakers in a play off game--I'm spherically challanged and can't understand why in the world we have to have interest in all these sports. I will give the fabric softner a try. And I'm to tired to remmber the author if the book I'm reading, but he title is "When bad things happen to good people" Good night!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed "was grandma happy?" and I don't read under the covers!!! I am still trying to find a plastic bottle to send your honey in. I don't want to send glass for fear of breakage no matter how much we pack it.