Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sorry, I'm AWOL yesterday and today.

My daughter is visiting from downstate and we're hanging out. Her and the Farmer are going golfing today.

For those of you who have been asking, I've listed a bunch of my little wallets in my ETSY SHOP. Thanks to loyal reader Leslie who came up with a great idea. The guests at a birthday party for her mother bought gift cards to her favorite shops. They put all the cards in the wallet and presented it to her. Two gifts in one! Leslie is so clever, I'd never thought of that. Thanks!

Be sure to attend the Monday Morning Staff Meeting because I'm going to serve something wonderful.

OK, I'm off and running. See you tomorrow.


Heidi said...

Miss you when your time you decide to go AWOL - pick me up on the way by!!! *hugs to you*

Leslie T. said...

My mom LOVED the wallet! She didn't mind the gift cards either :)

Rue said...

Have a great time with your daughter Suzanne!


chocolatechic said...

Missed you.

I sure hope your having a fabulous time with your girl.

I sure hope tomorrow we get donuts.

I'm craving donuts.

marbea said...

yep this is my only gripe, you going AWOL but love that you gave us a heads up today and hope you had a great visit!

sure missed you