Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Part Where the Author is Forced to Admit Her Shoe Problem

It never occurred to me that I had serious problem with shoes. Last night while going through my photo files in an attempt to tame the tangled mess, I discovered an inordinate number of images of shoes. It was surprising and inexplicable. There was this:

That's a pile-o-shoes.

Even I know that you don't wear these shoes to the county fair! And I'm not a member of the Fashion Police.

There's these:

.... and these

Red shoes - so cute!

Lace with matching bag.

My pirate shoes - very comfy.

Mary Janes.

More red.

Outgrown boots, repurposed.

And the truth is....... I wear the same pair of shoes all the time, a pair of ballet flats in a funky fabric and they're the next best thing to going barefoot. They look terrible, I should be ashamed but they're so comfortable. I seriously need to find a new pair.

I'm going to go off and ponder the meaning of all this shoe leather in my life.

And you?


Heidi said...

**raises hand*** I too have a shoe problem and I am not afraid to admit it - but for some reason mine are differant than yours.... so many heels, so few poles... LOL

When are you going to be able to come up???? I want to plan for a couple of things for us to do together!!!

Anonymous said...

I wore lots of pretty heels all throughout my 20's and 30's and foot problems set in during my 40's. Now all I can do is window shop at shoe stores and drool as I clunk around in my Ecco walking shoes. ack. Foot problems can sure kill a girls shoe fetish. Now all I seek is comfort.

The Blue Ridge Gal
(bored with tie shoes only)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Well, it's true: I have shoes in shoeboxes that I will never wear (do I hear Goodwill calling?). The truth is that I am not a "girlie-girl" but sometimes I buy "girlie-girl" shoes. I should know better. One of my law partners will be 89 next week and wears heels!! (She also does exhibition Tango). I must write about her and her shoes...among other things...C

chocolatechic said...

I have a whole 3 pair, but I only wear 2 of them.

1 pair of pink tennis shoes

1 pair of sandals.

The black flats are to big and I rarely wear them.

Capitolady said...

I am the same. I have one pair of sneakers and a rather large pile of everything else.

Farmchick said...

So many of us cannot resist a cute pair of shoes. I have a fair amount in my closet, but use most of them for work.

LDF said...

When I was growing up, I got a new pair of shoes each Easter ... always something 'practical' like saddle oxfords or Mary Janes and always 3 sizes too big so they would 'last' until the following Easter. If I was real lucky, I gained a pair of hand-me-downs from the older cuzzins sometime during the year. I swore that when I grew up I would have GAZILLIONS of pairs of BRAND NEW shoes in sizes that fit ME and in every style and colour of the rainbow. I'm still working on that ... but I spend most of my time running around in my favourite worn-out Birkenstock sandals. Yes, I even wear my Birkies with socks in bad weather. Sad isn't it?

Jenni said...

I don't have all that many shoes. I am also not a girly girl, but I can identify with stickhorsecowgirls' comment. I am usually able to exercise self restraint, but I do ogle shoes--often shoes I would never wear. I can't wear heels (lack of coordination and feet wide at the toes), but I have recently discovered wedges. I'm also tempted by ballet flats in funky fabrics and Chucks in all colors and styles. Cowboy boots and expensive hikers tempt me, too. And hippie looking sandals. Um, I have to stop now. This isn't good for my condition!

Lisa D. said...

Hahaha! LDF, I once told my children that wearing socks with sandals was against the law! But then we stayed in an hotel once and the shoes my daughter wanted were in the van so I told her just to wear the sandals outside, and I had to admit that the "law" about sandals was only their mother's law, not a real law!
I don't have a lot of shoes, but every once in awhile I can't resist a cute pair of heels. I live in the country, have 4 children and spend the majority of my time barefoot, so alas, I just can't handle heels for very long or very often. I just admire them on others!

Sue said...

I used to have a shoe fetish. Almost an Imelda Marcos thing... But an intervention took place, and I realized that I could get through life with a few pairs of black and a brown, a pair of Berks, and my aerobic shoes.... Alas, I still look. And oooh and aaaah. But I'm saving $, I still look okay, and my feet no longer hurt like they used to! Came over from Rue's...
:-) Sue

Becky K. said...

I do the same thing...wear the same pair until they die and then find a new comfy pair, while all of the cute shoes that "had" to come home with me languish in the closet.

Cute post!

Becky K.

lifeinredshoes said...

You already know that the red ones are my favorites! Perhaps you should find a comfy pair in red?

Chicken Herder from Westville said...

Me too, me too! I am addicted to Merrell shoes. I have many pairs in slides, what I used to call clogs. Then I found them in Mary Janes. I was in Heaven then!