Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Time to Return

In my conversations about books many of you have mentioned libraries. The truth is I've been buying books and have accumulated perhaps 1,000, that are on shelves in our in-home library or tucked in bookcases through the house.

Realistically there are only a few that I will eventually re-read. Although I'm not ready to part with them just yet, I've decided that I cannot continue to "grow-the-book" problem.

Yesterday on my rounds of various errands, spurred by your inspiration, I got one of these:

Sorry for the blurry picture. It's a library card. My first in 15 years! The last card I had was orange and had a metal tag attached to it. Do you remember those?

Unbeknowst to me, I've missed the library and things have certainly changed. When we first moved into this community the library was housed in a small storefront on Main Street. The floors were wooden and I loved the sound of footsteps on that wood. They still had the old fashioned card catalog cases. I saw some for sale at the local antique shop, perhaps they're the same ones.

A new library was built and I'm embarassed to say I've never been inside. It's very modern and beautiful. There's a reading area with a fireplace and a little coffee shop area. I can't imagine the librarians of my childhood allowing coffee near their books.

I came away with this stack, since I'm in one of those ravenous reading modes.

The Glass Castle has been recommended by many of you and I started reading last night. So far it's interesting although the writing seems a little flat to me. We'll see how it proceeds.

The other book is Mockingbird, which is the story of Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. I've always felt very deprived that she only wrote one book. What else could have come from her mind and her typewriter? We'll never know.

There's another book for my creative side. It's Vogue's collection of crochet stitches. Perhaps I'll find a wonderful design and create a scarf.

Thanks to all who planted the library seed in the back of my mind. It will save my pocketbook and relieve my shelves of any further weight.


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I read Glass Castles and it was GOOD!! Keep reading, it gets better, unbelievable really! She recently wrote another book, which I'm going to reserve out our library. Library cards save money, I know I buy more books than I should: I should visit the library MORE!

Mary Rex said...

The Glass Castle is a rare view into the world of the dispossessed from someone who seems to have emerged unscathed. That is the amazing part of the story, along with learning that many people do choose homelessness simply to be free of wage slavery.
I just read a review about Mockingbird...I think I will read that too.

Karen Deborah said...

Until you discover there book sales! Library book sales have been the prime contributor to my book collection! I can't pass on a $1 a copy. I am reading a great book right now, A Circle of Quiet by Madeline L'Engle. Excellent. I just did a library search on her and she published 63 volumes, I had no idea. I love to read too, and I am going to a book sale on the 31st. There is always room for another book here.

Becky K. said...

Enjoy The Glass Castle. It is not a directly uplifting book but the underlying spirit is amazing!

Becky K.

LydaBabes Going Ons!!!! said...

I just got done with Jannette Walls book on her grandmother. It was a good read. I go to the libray too....but I hate having a time limit on the books. But it does save money.....only trouble here in Jeff City....there aren't a lot of books. In Kansas City it was like a super find. I loved there system. I am reading Moon Flower Vine right now. Written in the 60s. And the author only wrote this book about her up bring in the Missouri Ozarks. It is good too. But knowing there isn't going to be something to read on about....puts a damper on it..... I love all the sewing and artsy stuff you can find in the library....that is where I learned to rug hook from the books at the library.....READ ON!!!!!

Lori said...

I used to buy lots of books too but now I am hooked on our library here on campus. I can get online and request a book or DVD. If they don't have it, we are part of the Prairie CAT system and can get it from whoever does. They call when it comes in, I get to read it and I didn't have to spend $10 - 25 to buy a book I'll read once. What a great plan, huh?

Leslie T. said...

I have acquired quite a load of books in my lifetime also, and I've sworn that I'm not going to buy anymore, but then I go online and buy used books and then I have to force myself to pass along one or two of my precious "old" collection to make room on the shelves, or else we will soon be living out in the yard in order to make room in our house for all the books. I periodically clean my shelves and give books away to my friends and family members.
I love the library and I use it often. I checked my first book out whenI was three years old, and I haven't stopped since. The library is a wonderful place. But when I can't find a book there that I want, then I'm lured back to those inexpensive used books online. Sigh. I will probably breathe my last breath of primarily book dust when my body gives its last gasp, but that's very far off in my grand plan -- time to acquire lots more books before then! :)
I love your recent reading choices. Please do give book reports.

Farmchick said...

I do hope you will do some type of "book review" after your reading. I haven't read any of these selections, but I would like to know about them!

PB Linda said...

When I would walk into the library in McKinney, Texas. I was known for exclaiming, "I love my libary!!!!!"
I always have spoken of the palace as if it belonged to me. And as you know it does.

Glad to hear your healing!!

My brother ask me to light a tissue while he held it between is fingers and it with up so fast neither of us could know it was going to burn him sooooooooo.
Your not the only dumbass!!!

Lisa D. said...

I want to know how the crochet book is. I'm always looking for interesting crochet stitches and patterns. I wish I could knit, because I think knitting is much more versatile, but there are some neat crochet ideas too.
I've never read "To Kill a Mockingbird". I've been meaning to, but I've read some of the other supposedly classic books and been so, so disappointed that I haven't continued. For example "Catcher in the Rye and Grapes of Wrath - I really, really, really don't like any of John Steinbeck's stories.
Our library is connected with all the other library's in this part of the province, so that if my library doesn't have the book I want, they will bring it in for me from one of the libraries that does have it. My husband makes a lot of use of this service for books on tape that he listens to when he's out on the road.

Suzanne said...

Joni - I'm actually already done reading. I tore through this book. I need to gather my thoughts before I comment on it, but trust me - I have LOTS to say about this book.

Mary Rex - Trust me, she did not get out of that childhood unscathed. After reading this I can safely say that yes... some people choose to be homeless.

Karen Deborah - Ah yes, book sales. I've gotten some wonderful books at library sales. Goodwill is also another great source for books. Soft covers are 89 cents and hardcover books are 1.79. I'm afraid there's always room for another book here also.

Becky - I have to think about that underlying spirit. It's very complicated.

Lyda - Our library is somewhat limited although they are part of a network that allows your to get books from other libraries. I'm impatient though.

Lori - Oh... a campus library. They're great. I worked at a college early in my career and I spent breaks and lunches in the library!

Leslie - Sometimes I feel like that woman in Fahrenheit 451 - the one that chooses to go up in flames surrounded by her books than to give them up. Being surrounded by books is comforting to me. I can barely pass up a book on Amazon that is a penny. Nevermind the shipping charges.

Farmchick - I'm going to do just that, although I can tell you that the review on this book could easily be a book in itself.

Linda - I'm on my way to loving my library!

Lisa D. - The crochet book is entitled Vogue Dictionary of Crochet Stitches and it's great! I has lots of interesting and unusual patterns and the "recipe". I crochet lots of scarves so this is perfect. I also knit but knitting takes forever! You can crochet a piece in half the time of knitting and crochet produces such interesting patterns. I bought Interweave's latest Crochet magazine because I fell in love with an afghan. i'm going to have to make it but it's quite a large project.

Please take my advice and read To Kill a Mockingbird. I, too was so disappointed in many of the classics. Grapes of Wrath was perhaps the worst book I ever read..... well, partially read. I couldn't finish it. I didn't want "Mockingbird" to end and I was so sad when I discovered that it was the only book Harper Lee ever wrote.

Everyone viewss a book differently. It's all dependent on our life experiences and who we are as to how we'll react to a book.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time from your busy day to visit with me. I appreciate it.

Jody Blue said...

I love the creak of old wood floors! A free read is always a good thing. Our church has an amazing library, and I love how at our public library you can go on line and order the books and then just stop in and grab and go.

Mary Rex said...

Suzanne, Yes, you are right about that... 'unscathed' was probably not the right word. I guess what I meant to say was that she was able to become a successful writer in spite of the shame she felt growing up homeless.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I've also recently rediscovered the public library and was delighted to see the nice selection of c.d.'s that are available for checking out! V.