Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chicago Blackhawks

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for an important message.


The Chicago Blackhawks are providing a good deal of excitement for fans here in Illinois.

I'm a fan.

Hockey was HUGE, back in the day. The rough and tumble antics on the ice suited the equally tempermented crowd in the stands. It was often standing room only and standing meant planting your feet in a layer of beer and mustard that had morphed into a sticky mass.

There were more fights in the stands than on the ice. Hockey was the territory for the blue collar working stiff. None of this celebrity and well-heeled banking and commodities crowd, steelworkers from Gary and teamsters ruled the old stadium. The players were superstars, Stan Mikita, Bobby Hull and Eric Nesterenko were our heroes.

My own personal cachet rose when schoolmates discovered I'd babysat for Bobby Hull's kids.

Oh yeah, crazy hockey.


...... We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Anonymous said...

Go, Blackhawks!!!!

(West Virginia)

Ang. said...

Oddly enough our nearest neighbors are from Delaware and are Flyers fans. We've been having a little friendly banter with them. GO HAWKS!

Judy said...

Die hard fans over here. Wow you babysat for Hull's kids, that's awesome!
Go HAWKS!!!!!

Lisa D. said...

Hockey is big here in our household as well (I mean, we are Canadian!). Only the Blackhawks were not a popular team just a short while ago, because my husband and all 4 children cheer for the Vancouver Canucks. But I think Chicago is preferable to Philly for the Cup now.
I am not a Canucks fan, I am an Edmonton Oilers fan. I have many fond memories of going to Oilers games with an older lady from our church. She was a diehard Oilers fan and would take anyone else to the game with her that wanted to go (it was a 2 1/2 hour drive to the city). The other thing that always went with her to the game? Her knitting!

Suzann said...

It is kind of exciting, isn't it? I haven't been to a game since my oldest son was born (20 years) and boy have I been loving all this hawks fever lately.