Sunday, August 1, 2010

Canines as Carry-on Luggage

The Farmer flew to the west coast this week, beating the bushes for some employment. He returned home with a strange tail.... er, uh, tale.

He boarded the plane very early in the morning, for a flight from San Francisco back to Chicago. He was tired but had some reading to do.

Settling into his seat he noticed a passenger coming up the aisle carrying one of those soft sided dog carriers, something like a large tote bag. The small doggies head was poking out one end of the bag. The passenger found his seat, laid down his newspaper and jacket.

The Farmer thought to himself, "What in the heck is he going to do with that dog?" I've heard of people tucking very small dog carriers under the seat or checking the dog through as luggage to ride in a pressurized part of the hold but what happened next surprised the Farmer and me upon it's telling.

The man gently tucked the dog's head into the carrier, zipped up the little screened window and put the dog into the overhead bin!!!! AND shut the door.

The Farmer was very surprised and further astounded that the dog made not a peep during the long flight.

Have you ever heard of such a thing????

NOTE: After reading the comments and thinking about this for awhile, I believe that "Georgie and Gordy's" comment contains the answer. We have two Chihuahua's and having lived with them we've discovered that they feel safest when contained, especially at night sleeping in their crates or under the covers or a pillow when resting in the family room. Further, they are even more comforted if we put a sheet or a blanket over their crates!! I guess it's a cave-like atmosphere that calms them. So, now I can understand that possibly the dog's owner knew where the dog would feel safest and less stressed. As for the air quality or quantity - that I can't assess.


MelissaD said...

Wow - I'm surprised the flight attendants didn't say anything. I would think there wouldn't be sufficient air up there - and the bins are usually packed so tight. I would definitely think under his seat would have been much better! Plus - who would treat their pet that way? If there's one thing I've learned - people are strange!

georgie and gordy said...

I think I figured out why the owner put the dog and carrier in the overhead. It would be dark with no distractions so the dog would fall asleep and not bark.
If the carrier was under the seat the dog might start barking and creating a fuss.

Vee said...

No, I have not. And after watching Flight Plan on tv last night, I'm thinking this is all very odd. Perhaps the dog had been given a sleeping pill???

Best wishes to the Farmer with the employment search. (My brother-in-law has moved to Long Island, NY taking a huge cut in pay, but being promised lots of commissions. We were skeptical, but it appears that it will all work out after all.)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to shove the owner of the dog in the overhead. What a boob.....

Courtney :) said...

I know that your vet cant 'sedate' your pet if your traveling via airplane, maybe the dog had a pre-flight 'roofie'....?

Susan said...

The last time we took our Bichon on a flight (oh, ya, the last time) we pushed her under the seat in front of us and pretty soon she was hyperventilating. I would never put her in the overhead because of lack of oxygen. We ended up putting her on our laps under a blanket and no knew even knew. God luck on the job search!!!

Glenda in Florida said...

While I know that people do take small dogs as carry on, I don't recall ever noticing any--either under the seat, and certainly not in the overhead bins. But, the strangest flight I was ever on was a real short flight in the middle east from Qatar to Bahrain. There were more than a dozen falcons on the flight, all being carried on their perches. Granted, they were hooded and tethered, but every time the bird right behind me fluttered his wings, I cringed and ducked lower in my seat. The beaks and talons were still exposed. All the birds were then "parked" outside the elite passenger lounge in Bahrain--reminded me of old westerns, when horses are tied up outside the saloons :-) I was quite relieved when they all boarded a plane for Casa Blanca, and did not go on to London on my flight.