Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Space Watchers Two-Fer

Two coronal mass ejections left the sun on Sunday. That means Aurora Borealis for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Look tonight!!


These ejections were directly pointed at the earth, which is unusual. About 7-8 years ago the Farmer and I witnessed the most unbelievable Borealis of our lifetimes.

The second event is that the International Space Station will be passing over our location after an absence of a week or so. Unfortunately it was at 3:05 a.m. this morning and NO, I didn't get up to see it!!! The next pass ove ris on August 5.

Get outside. Even if you don't see the Aurora you mioght just see a wonderful night sky.

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Glyn said...

I have to add a little something to your Space Station story. I usually have a police scanner running while I'm working and one morning I happened to hear "Goooood Mornnnnning, Virginia!" and it was the Space Station. I still smile everytime they greet me.