Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dangerous Jobs

Not much today. Our well tank is acting up and we've had to call the well guys to come and check it out. We probably need a new one.

Also, I have a job interview today. My first in three years. It's a dangerous job. Yep. I'll be in danger of never bringing home a paycheck. What's the business? A fabric and craft store. Oh my!!

It's just a part-time seasonal job but has the possibility of providing me with a much needed influx of some cash.

Wish me luck and be sure to come back tomorrow because we're going on a road trip. Have your day bags packed and be ready to leave early.

See you tomorrow.


Rose said...

Where are we going?

I am afraid working in a fabric store would almost be worse than no job at all!

Vee said...

Good luck with the job interview! I saw that Joann's was hiring last night when I popped in there. For a fleeting moment, I considered it and then thought twice. I'd never take home a paycheck either! Yay! A road them and I'll be ready with bells on.

Becky K. said...

Good luck with the are a natural for this kind of job.

Becky K.

Lisa D. said...

I feel your water pump pain! I know far more about our water pump than I ever wanted to and can diagnose and fix most of the problems with it now (our water is from a spring, not a well, so the pump is a little different and easily accessible.). We have also had very poor quality water and very low water pressure that kept making the pump turn off for hours at a time, in our former home. I so very much appreciate good, running water!
Your fabric store job dilemma makes me laugh. My husband points out stores he thinks I should work when our youngest goes to school in a couple more years, and I always say no, because he'd have my paycheck spent every month! Good luck!

Bailie said...

A job interview how exciting! Good luck!

Kelli said...

Good luck with the job interview! I can't wait to find out where we are going I am in much need of a vacation! As for the well I can totally relate, we had to have some work done on ours about a month ago. Not fun and the bill is even worse!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

My first job ever was working in a fabric store. I worked there a few other times too. They just opened a JoAnn's about 10 minutes away. I wish they paid better and you didn't have to work on nights, weekends and holidays or I'd so be working there!