Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coffee Shop Farmer

I promised to share a project with you this morning but my camera has decided to have issues, so perhaps tomorrow I'll have this figured out. Until then I'll tell you about the most astounding thing I saw yesterday.

Honestly, there are some very wierd things that happen around this countryside. A while back I shared a story with you called Field Trip - Java. It's the background story to what happened yesterday. If you have a moment, take a read.


That's right! Not only does Josie have a car hidden in a corner of this hayloft,


....but the farmer across the road has an entire drive-through coffee shop behind his silo! The first time I saw it I almost got in a car wreck, it was so surprising.


My mind cannot comprehend what kind of capricious spirits came into play yesterday that led me to an encounter than involved this farm and coffee shop. Each and every time I drive out to DeKalb I see this farm and smile and wonder why this farmer would have an entire coffee shop on his property.


Yesterday was no different. I drove to DeKalb, watching for the farm and coffee shop on my right hand side. On the way home I was met with a big surprise, a VERY big surprise. As I approached the farm I noticed that traffic was stopped just ahead. There was a semi in the other lane and amazingly the tractor was backing into the farm with ANOTHER drive through coffee shop on the trailer. What are the odds that I would be driving past at the moment that coffee shop was being delivered.

And why? Why does this farmer now have TWO coffee shops stored behind his silo? Maybe I should stop and ask but honestly I love mystery and quirkiness of the image.

I'll go back after my camera is done having it's problems and get a shot of the twin coffee shops.


Vee said...

Does that qualify as Quoz? I'm still trying to figure out the definition. Listen, Suzanne, you can NOT pique our curiosity like this and leave it unresolved. Please, I'm begging you, knock on that man's door and ask. You could do that, right? Take the Farmer with you, of course. Even better, get him to ask. Oh-oh, I think my manipulative nature is rearing its ugly head again...

Debbie said...

The question is not "why" he has them, but "how soon" can he get at least one of them up and operating!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm waiting for the story. Should be good!

Ang. said...

You were in DeKalb on Friday and didn't tell me??? I had time! I could have had coffee with you!

I don't drive out that way often. I do have an Aunt and Uncle that live not too far from there. If I remember, I will ask them about those coffee shops.

bv said...

oh...if i had more room...not far from me , in the country, there is the left overs of a small main is privately owned and in ruins..i pine to own this. i would need a coffe shop! you must explore this for me....good thing we have a small ranch or it would be FULL of stuff...or is it good thing for husband? ~ the tidy one...

custom seamstress said...

That hayloft doesn't look like a hayloft, but a beautiful attic stored with wonderful items.
Find out more about those coffee shops. THey sound quite interesting.

QuiltNCards said...

I swear, Suzanne, you have the skill with words to make the Midwest exciting! You should write a book. I love reading your blog. <3 Terri