Monday, March 7, 2011

Internet Fast

The guys just pulled up to do our hardwood floor. Man, they like to start early!

Unfortunately, the jack for the internet connection is in the office and that's the room they'll be working in.

Do you think you could survive an internet fast? Be careful not to quickly respond with a yes. Just this morning I ran to the computer to look up a recipe. OOOPS.... no computer. I quickly hooked the wireless modem to the jack and got my recipe.

Now I'm posting this and then I'll be off the grid for the better part of a week. Unless I visit the local library.

This will be an interesting experiment and we'll see if I actually get more accomplished, have more verbal conversations (as opposed to cyber) and get out into the cold March air.

Let's just call this an experiment.

Have you been off the internet grid? What was your experience?


Becky K. said...

I would definitely go into withdrawal!! On the occasions we go to the mountain cabin with no connectivity I make sure we get to the nearest town to check emails at least every other day. I am admittedly addicted.

Vee said...

All the best with those floors...can't wait to see them!

Too early to make an attempt to go offline, but probably soon. Have a great time visiting with your friends!

Anonymous said...

I know I have a real problem with an internet fast, but I do believe its good for me, we may be heading out of state in April, and I am thinking I may fast while we are gone, I don't have a laptop, but my daughter who will be traveling with us will. I actually enjoy it when I do it and unfortunately or is it fortunately I get so much more done while off the computer.
I look forward to seeing the floors.

Spend the Thyme Farm said...

About a year ago, we did a week long fast from FaceBook and reading other's blog. It was SHOCKING how much free time I had. Scary, yet wonderful all at the same time!
Have a wonderful tech-free week.

Lisa D. said...

Having only dial-up internet, on our only phone line, I don't spend a lot of time on the computer. Even still, I find that it's where I turn more and more to find a recipe, or look up any kind of information. And now I have a new smartphone, with quick access to my email, facebook, web browser - a week later, and I'm addicted! And it's has wifi capabilities too, so I don't even have to give it up when we go on a trip in a couple more weeks!

martina said...

An involuntary fast. The computer had to go to the shop three times for a week each time. It actually wasn't that bad because it made me realize too much time was wasted at the keyboard. Amazing how much stuff got done while the computer was away. Now, if it was a cable t.v. fast-that just plain wouldn't be pretty.

Melissa said...

I just found your blog.

It's simply a wonderful place to visit.


Leslie said...

Perish the thought. Gasp! If I lost my internet connection I would soon be found rocking myself in a corner in the fetal position. :)
Actually, I keep in touch daily with many of my old friends via email, and that is what I would miss terribly. Being able to communicate regularly with people who live thousands of miles away from me, it's a wonderful thing.
Good luck with your floors! I can't wait to see the finished product!

At Home in English Valley said...

I would be ok, really! There are days when I don't, can't because the young one in my charge wants to fix my computer, like she did to her Grandpa' taking some keys off the keyboard. Looking forward to seeing you again, and seeing your new floors. Love, Penny

Vee said...

Hope that floor is looking some terrific! Hope that we find you here Monday morning. I'll bring some Paska from MGCC.

Anonymous said...

My experience? Withdrawals that sent me shopping to the mall every day.


Anne Marie... said...

Hi Suzanne...just wanted to say how much I will miss hanging out with you and the group this Saturday...have a great time!!

Anne Marie

Thirkellgirl said...

Dear Suzanne, I miss you. I hope you get yourinternet back soon!