Friday, August 26, 2011

Serious Snack Food Addiction

Trips to the grocery store involve a fair amount of stress. I do my best to avoid the snack food aisle, but if I find myself surrounded by snack foods my ability to resist melts away. I love spicy, salty snacks and one of my favorites is pepper and sea salt potato chips.

My serious addiction is for something that's actually quite odd. It's not exactly a case of pica (an eating disorder that is characterized by consuming non-nutritive materials) but on some level it's strange. Here's one of my favorite snacks:


Don't they look like shipping peanuts? You know, those extruded plastic peanuts that stick to everything when you open a box? To be truthful they have the same texture as those peanuts, but they're butter flavored. Paula Deen would be so proud!

They're corn puffs, Chester's corn puffs to be exact.


They're wildly popular. How do I know? They are very rarely on the shelves and for that I'm glad. When I turn the corner into the aisle I'm holding my breath as to whether they're stocked or not.

I know, it's sad.

How about you? Do you have any unusual snack food cravings? Tell me I'm not alone!


Mary Rex said...

I must avoid the snack food aisle at all costs!Pushing my cart quickly by! Not only do I love every salty crunchy thing that has already been invented...they keep coming up with new stuff!
I've never had the Black Pepper and Sea Salt combo, but I bet they are good.
I made salsa with my homegrown tomatoes to justify my corn chip cravings as "healthy".

Sandy said...

I love to buy the hot fugde topping that you normally heat up and pour over vanilla ice cream but I like to put it in the fridge, get it good and cold and hard, gouge me out a big ole spoonful, pop it in my mouth and let it kinda melt in my mouth. Forget the ice cream!

Lisa D. said...

Mmmm, we have those too; they're called popcorn twists here and I love them. I have a weakness for chips. Almost any flavour, but I don't do spicy. I cannot keep them in the house because I will eat them all.
I also have a weakness for chocolate. Living a half hour from town means that sometimes I don't always have chocolate to satisfy a craving, so I have, um, on ocassion, just mixed a portion of the beginning of my brownie recipe - melted butter, cocoa powder and sugar - and just eaten that. My name is Lisa, and I am a chocolate addict.

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

OH MY GOD! All three of my kids LOVE these things! I tried to convince my self that "puffcorn" was healthier for them than regular cheese puffs, but who are we kidding here? lol It's also much less expensive than the brand name stuff, so that works for me!

Oh, and my weakness is kettle cooked chips and, get this, pretzels and cream cheese. Try it, I guarantee you'll love it!


Pamela said...

pretzels dipped in horseradish sauce - I know it's weird - but tasty!

Marilyn in Norfolk said...

Many snacks and other not-good-for-you things were purchased here in the name of having supplies to carry us through the hurricane. We are hanging tight here in Norfolk VA and have not lost power yet but those golden oreos are calling my name. Lots of wind and rain and the worst is yet to come.

laura said...

I love all kinds of chips and am lost when there are none in the house!
In reading the local obituraries a few months ago, I cut this one out to keep. Along with the history of the dear woman's life, the obit read: "she liked snacking on chips and an occasional jelly doughnut." My kind of woman!
I found your blog several months ago and love it! Thank you for sharing your life with me.

A grateful fan,

Mary Rex said...

After reading Lisa's comment I remembered this recipe for an instant chocolate cake. It is really good!