Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cast a Long Shadow

We all cast a long shadow, whether we're aware of it or not. You will never know to what extent you have cast a shadow on other people's lives, either positive or negative.

The older I get the more I bite my tongue, reminding myself to be kind, be kind. This is really hard sometimes because the older you get the less patience you have.


You many never know what small kindness has made an impression on someone. Let me tell you a story. My friend's mother-in-law was an invalid for most of her adult life. Ond day while shopping my friend my friend picked up a greeting card and a small lapel pin and mailed it off to her mother-in-law. The pin was nothing special, just a bit of felt and beads.

Who knows what was going on the day that card and pin arrived. Perhaps it was low point. Years later when the mother-in-law died and they read the paper with her final wishes - she requested that the small pin be placed on her lapel.

When we write a blog we invite people into our homes and our lives. As my friend Vee pointed out, this carries with it a responsibility to those who enter in, share and care about us. During my abscence this weighed on my mind. I should have checked in and simply said, "We're all OK, I just need to take some time." That would have been the right thing to do. It's hindsight now and I do apologize for not being a thoughtful friend to you as you are to me.

I have some unbelievable news about the Other Mother, so stayed tuned. I'm off to see if I can hire the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


Thirkellgirl said...

That's ok, we've all been there. Sometimes just keeping on is all you can handle. Can't wait to hear the choir-worthy news about Other Mother. :)

Anonymous said...

Please hurry back and share the unbelievable news accompanied by choir!!! On the edge of my seat, Sandy

Vee said...

Don't you worry about it. At all. I'm older. I should keep my mouth shut. =D

That good? The MTC? Wow!

Terri said...

Sounds like good news if you need the whole choir... I could use some of that.

Mary said...

I'm so glad to see you're back! I never realized how much I enjoyed reading your blog until you took a break. Thank you for always making me smile.

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh my gosh, let me start with WELCOME BACK!!!!
Now for the Mo Tab, as we Utah mormons refer to them :) I just might have an in with them. If so, this situation is certainly worth it!
Giving up ones ability to drive can only be 2nd to moving into "a home." We fought that battle with both of our mothers, and the tales we could tell........