Tuesday, December 18, 2007

small luxuries

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Things seem alot more relaxed at the farmer's house this holiday season. All the tension and expense of recovering from the flood has given us an excuse to be a little laid back about preparations. It seems that none of us are going overboard with gift giving, choosing instead to give alot of thought in choosing one or two special things.

I came across a blog the other day that featured a beautiful paperboard Christmas house and she mentioned that she'd found it at HomeGoods. There's a store nearby and after my errands I stopped and checked out their Christmas section. There it was, the perfect little house all sugared coated with clear glitter.....only $9.99. I also treated myself to a large bar of milled soap, the kind that lasts forever and smells like heaven, or in this case like pears.

Yesterday I made mention of the fact that there was a story behind these purchases. What's unusual is that these are the first little luxuries I've bought myself in almost a year.

Last January 9th my employer informed me that my position had been eliminated. Shortly thereafter someone remarked that I was the happiest unemployed person they'd ever seen and that was true! I went to the movies on a Tuesday afternoon. It's difficult for me to remember what was playing and honestly it doesn't matter. I was giddy with excitement that it was Tuesday, and I was seeing a movie simply because I could. For the first time in a long time I felt free and excited about the possiblities the situation provided me.

I made the decision to be frugal and make my severance pay last, allowing me to concentrate on my photography and my domestic and creative life. These things were more important to me than I'd ever realized. It became easier over time to break the habit of buying impulsively and filling my house and my closets with things I really didn't want or need. It's a freeing experience.

As for the little snow covered cottage and fragrant soap, they were a gift from me to me. And yes, sometimes small luxuries are good for the soul.

Come along with me tomorrow to the neighborhood holiday cookie exchange.


mountain said...

Good for you for seeing the sunny side of being unemployed and for making the most of your free time!

Mountain Dweller

Zanne said...

I'm loving every moment. Thanks for visiting.