Friday, January 18, 2008

my dog ate my homework

That's my excuse! I know that you were looking forward to visiting the egg farm and picking up some fresh eggs. I was going to make a lovely buttermilk pound cake. But Mother Nature had other ideas. My posts are planned and photographed a day ahead so I would have driven out to the farm yesterday, but when I awoke this is what awaited me:


A mini-snowstorm. This was just a small annoyance in the midwest scheme of things but navigating the unpaved and rut filled drive up to the egg farm is dicey in good weather. It's best not to tempt fate, so we'll make plans to do it another time, OK?

Instead we're going to keep warm, stay inside and tour my studio. I love to see other people's work space, don't you? I'm set up in my daughter's bedroom while she's away earning her master's degree. I'll be carving out a different spot in May when she graduates, but until then I have squatters rights!

I've set up a 6 foot banquet table as my main work space.


Here's Beverly my vintage sewing machine. I really, really love Beverly.


I found this wooden box with 6 drawers at IKEA. It's perfect for storing buttons. LOTS of buttons!


I'm very messy when I work. Please don't tell me you're neat and organized.


There's a small alcove in the room that holds wire storage racks filled with fabric, yarn and other "stuff". It's very narrow though and impossible to photograph. Trust me, it's very neat and organized. Yeah, right.

There's yarn in trifle bowls.


I have a small drafting table that I use to draft new patterns. I love the lava lamp. The geisha doll is in a mirrored and glass case. My favorite uncle brought it to me from Japan in the 1960's. The tall glass jar is filled with crocheted trimmings and felted flowers. I make up a bunch and tuck them into the jar until I need them.


Since I'm just a squatter I can't paint the walls a lovely shade of geranium pink, but I was thinking of at least putting these Croscill swag valances on the windows. What do you think? (The valance is in the center, strung on my large t-square).


Here's where I sit and read. I call it my Mary Englebreit chair because it's oversized and overstuffed like her image "A Chair Full of Bowlies". The yellow canvas cover is a bit faded so I wrapped the chair in a soft green fabric.


Here's the apron that Beverly and I were working on. I'm going to submit it to Tie It On for February. It will be listed in my Etsy shop tomorrow if you're interested.


Note to self: Please, please invest in a dress form for display and photography purposes.

Thanks for visiting my studio. I figure if you're going to slave away it should be in a space that feels comfy.

Tomorrow we're going to lunch with the girls.


-S said...

I love this blog! When I first stumbled across The Farmer's Wife, I always kind of wished that you would talk more about your life. You're a fascinating person, and I love seeing what you're up to day by day. Does that sound creepy? Probably, but seriously... Wow!

-S said...

Oh! And quick question! What aperture/shutter speed settings did you use to capture the image of the snow falling?

Suzanne said...

No it's not creepy at all. In fact what would be creepy is if people thought I did nothing but crawl around in abandoned barns all day. The photo of the snow falling was a quick shot taken on auto with my Fuji S5000. I'll see if I can retrieve the exif data but you know how dumb I am in these matters!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Loved reading this post...beautiful photos as always.

I'm starting to like Beverly a lot, too. :) She's got a number of nice features, doesn't she?! I was particularly noticing the way the spool of thread is seated all protected like that. My spool of thread gets hopping about when I attempt to sew too quickly. I imagine that Beverly allows you to zip right along.

The apron turned out beautifully!

BumbleVee said...

hopped over from Vee's to see a better pic of "the" apron. It is definitely a beaut.