Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake.......

......baked in really cute $30 cake pans.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that I have an affinity for fancy cake pans. In my large Webster's New World dictionary the word affinity is only one page away from the word addiction. In my reality it's a little closer than that.

This cake pan thing makes no sense. Although I love to cook, I don't do alot of baking. But hey, I've got to have something to adorn my pretty cake stand collection.

So yesterday I was minding my own business, combing the aisles of my local Bed, Bath & Beyond looking for some table linens for a project I'm working on. I was proud of myself because fancy cake pans didn't even enter my mind. But then, I moved on to Linens and Things. Darn their merchandising! Just across from the table linens, on an end cap, what do I see but THIS........


No, it's not a fancy bra for a zaftig opera singer. It's a Giant Cupcake Pan! I'm sure someone has mentioned this pan.....KatKit perhaps, because she's a cake decorator. KatKit is lucky, she has a built in excuse for buying a Giant Cupcake Pan.

It's two parts, one is the bottom of the cupcake and the other is a swirly top portion. How cool is that? You could easily fill the bottom half of the cupcake with chocolate ganache before you attached the top portion.

At this point I'm envisioning a new reality TV show - "Blogger Rehab - starring Dr. Drew". I'd be the crazy lady on a sugar high with frosting in my hair. How about you, got any addictions you'd like to air on TV. A penchant for transferware perhaps? ....or mercury glass?

Look....there's another cupcake pan. It's a smaller version but still produces four very large cupcakes.


The unfortunate thing about spotting these cupcake pans is that it triggers a reaction. My car mysteriously drives to Williams-Sonoma. (Click that link if you dare) This is a place that I love but avoid like the plague. My budget goes into an instant tailspin when I enter the store. Having a Williams Sonoma nearby is one of the pluses of living in a rural area on the edge of development. I bet this is the only place in the country where there's a Coach store within 2 miles of a livestock feed and tractor supply store.

You clicked on the link didn't you? ....And saw the Easter nest with truffle eggs. So cute.

Having spent some hard time in retail I'll tell you that Williams Sonoma has some great buyers and outstanding merchandisers. The store is simply beautiful. The catalogs are equally beautiful and I have a large collection of old catalogs because they include great recipes. If you haven't checked out the website please do so, because the recipes are also included there with some cooking videos.

Just inside the front door of the store is an Easter display with the cutest pancake flippers shaped like pink flowers.

And here's something new, a pan that produces little cakes in small round basket shapes, waiting to be filled with any number of delicious fillings.


But on the end cap facing the front door is the ultimate in cake pans for the spring - a bunny and basket pan.

Hmmmmm, how many aprons would I need to sell in order to have the bunny and basket pan? In reality I reminded myself that I have not one, not two, but THREE Easter Lamb cake pans. Don't ask me how that happened. So it will be a pound cake easter lamb again this year, covered in white icing and coconut.

Tomorrow we're going to talk about "flipping that basement". Don't miss it.
I changed my mind. I'm sick of working on and talking about that basement. Tomorrow we're going to talk about the importance of our friendships. I guess on some level we all know this information, but we're going to look at it from a new perspective. OK, now I'm off to work on the basement. sigh.


Mary said...

Oh how cute! I can totally understand having that particular "affinity!" LOL Love them!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Wow! I LOVE the giant cupcake pan because I love cupcakes...the beehive one was so neat too!! I didn't know that such an addiction existed...but now I can see why!

Abbie said...

Good Morning Suzanne!
I can just imagine you with a frazzled look and frosting in your hair!! Too cute! (and wearing one of your fabulous aprons!)
I have an addiction to EVERYTHING.. doesn't matter what, I want it. I usually never act on my affliction. Once the beast is released it is very hard to tame!
Have a fabulous day!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You know, Zanne, it's one thing to have an addiction/affinity for a thing and quite another to give the affliction to someone else! I think I desperately need that cupcake pan (still laughing about the "bra for a zaftig opera singer" comment)and for just $16.99? What a bargain! You do have it now, don't you?

And the beehive cake...oh, my daughter-in-law would love that!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Shoot! There was so much in that post that I forgot to comment on the nest. Melissa (The Inspired Room) featured something similar yesterday and suggested that it would be easy to duplicate. I hope so because that's one beautiful centerpiece for the Easter table.

Suzanne said...

Mary - you know you want one. And no, unfornately I'm not getting a commission from W-S!!

Punkin - The giant pan is fabulous. You need one. Hey - I can't be alone in this addition.

Abbie - Frazzled - yes, that's me. I'll take pictures one of these days.

Vee - Please....are you kidding me? These fabulous cupcake pans rarely, if ever, go for less than $30. It's sitting on a box of clearance stuff for the "photo shoot". The pan is actually $27.99 which is a whopping $2.01 off the $30 mark. Linens and Things does however publish 20% off coupons everwhere.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Awww shucks! I hate when that happens.

Sue said...

hey, you know what? you can make some pretty cool muffins in the 4x4 cupcake pan!

Janet said...

Guess what? We have a Williams Sonoma outlet store. Some things are not priced particularly well, but some are downright bargains. I try to stay away but it is near the Crabtree and Evelyn outlet and the LeCreuset outlet ( which makes WS seem cheap), an it is a big plaza so my excuse is that it is a goo place to get some walking in LOL.

Janet said...

Oh yeah and please excuse the fact that my "d" and "g" don't always work and sometimes "f". I can spell, really I can.


Suzanne said...

Sue - I'm telling you those would be some whopping big muffins. Even the smaller cupcake pan is pretty darn big.

Janet - A Williams Sonoma outlet? Unfortunately (or maybe luckily) Massachussets is a little far for a field trip. I'll have to check online to see if they have one closer.

I knew you could spell all along.

Sue said...

heh... we could start a new fad, "meal in a muffin" and make millions off of it.


KatKit13 said...

I WANT that giant cupcake pan. In fact, I totally walked by one today at Target and talked myself out of it.

But it's a sickness, collecting these silly pans. The harder part is finding places to put them.

I promise I'll post a photo of the 1st Communion cake I'm making in May. :)

S. Anderson said...

I love these too! Where did you find the little smaller/bigger cupcake pan though! I would really love that one! I searched and couldn't find it.

Suzanne said...

The cupcake pans are made by Wilton and I found them both at Linens and Things. Hope that helps.