Monday, May 5, 2008

Nothing to Wear

Have you been feeling inadequate lately? Blog surfing has left me wishing I was more productive, more creative, more something!

All these bloggers are getting published, appearing on Martha, and traveling to cool places. Pam Garrison went to Paris! I mean the Paris, not Paris, Illinois. Nina from Ornamental has been invited to teach in Australia.

There's no way, even if I got myself together enough to actually create something, that I could accept such an invitation. Here's the problem.


Living 9 miles from anything does not require a real wardrobe and it's embarassing to go places that are considered urban. Within five minutes in that surrounding I feel like the rube that just fell off the turnip truck.

Paris or Australia are beyond the reach of my wardrobe. Heck, I can't even figure out what to wear to Chicago. The farmer asked me to take the train into the city last week. We had some business that needed to be attended to and the office was downtown. This was very stressful. He only gave me one day's notice. How could I pull together an acceptable outfit in 24 hours?

In the end I opted for the Yoko Ono wardrobe solution - all black. It's very easy. I just chose all black. Silver jewelry kept me from looking like a hick goth.

I have been working on my wardrobe problem by finding some creative solutions. First of all, I discovered that there's a career woman who donates her clothing (my size) to the local Goodwill. I've fallen into clover on this one. She buys beautiful, quality clothing and has them dry cleaned before she donates! That's my kind of good samaritan. I've built up a closet full of her jackets and some have designer labels.


Saturday I snagged this black and white crysanthemum print jacket for $4.99.


I wore it to the fourth first communion party we've attended this season. This jacket was a fashion hit. Two women stopped me outside of church to comment on it. WOO HOO!

I've left the turnip truck in the dust!

NOTE: Yes, except for a few on the end all the hangars in my closet match. This happened after watching a Clean House marathon. That show is quite motivating. The Farmer wants to know why there's a disembodied female torso in our bedroom. It's because it was only $6.99 at Goodwill.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

There'll be a lot of women nodding their heads on this one. I don't think that any of us have anything to wear! :D

What a lucky discovery you had! Did someone give you an inside tip?

When I really want to jazz it up, I turn to my daughter who as a young exec seems to know how to pull an outfit together. Sometimes this can be very comical, but often I find it helpful. You have one of those hip, young daughters...grab her!

Janet said...

Oh I can *so* relate to this. Being an Apple with Boobs makes buying clothes difficult, so even if I could pull an outfit together (which it seems I can't), it wouldn't fit anyway. Thank God for elastic waists!


lifeinredshoes said...

My girls kid me because I have a"uniform". White tees, jeans and white Keds. The washable kind. I have the whitest whites you have ever seen. When I went back to work, in an elementary school, I had to branch out. Now my closet is filled with color, lots of red of course, and my girls love it. I love to shop, but fitting my plus size body isn't easy. I opt for classic pieces and awesome shoes! Have you ever shopped online at jjill?

Mary said...

Why is it that we will dress in rags (or in my case, sweats) every day in front of the people we know best, but must have something PERFECT to wear when being seen by strangers who will probably NEVER SEE US AGAIN?

Does that seem just a little odd to anybody?

GemStateMom said...

I avoid discussing this topic...the same way that I avoid shopping for clothing.

Mary, a thought-provoking comment. I'm pondering this.

jill said...

I so love my old and tattered clothing. If one doesn't see my beauty beneath the clothing, then they don't deserve to see me looking "odd" in my Sunday best!
Now, Suzanne, I have to take issue with the 9 mile thing. You aren't a full 9 miles from your favorite tile supplier, are you? Gee, maybe it is 9 miles?? Doesn't seem like it, though! That beautiful country driving goes by quickly.
Big hugz!

restyled home said...

My husband and kids always look better than I do!

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. As for the wallpaper for windows, I am pretty sure you can get it at Home Depot, and if no luck there, try the website:

Hope this helps!

Suzanne said...

Vee - I'm just at a loss because you need such a wide variety to be "out there" in the world. My daughter is too far away to help.

Janet - "An Apple with Boobs" is my new favorite phrase. Mind if I steal it?

Little Red Shoes - Of course you have red shoes! I expect you to live up to your name. I agree - classics are the way to go, and terrific shoes just make the outfit. J. Jill? I have a friend who works there but since I'm plus size I've never walked in the store. It never occurred to me that they carried plus. I'm going to check out the website. Thanks!

Mary Now that you mention it, that seems VERY ODD. What are we thinking? I'm busting out the rhinestones for breakfast tomorrow!!

Paula - Don't avoid shopping. Grab a friend, it's a team sport.

Jill - Look, my dear. 9 miles? I'm going off memory here. It may actually be 7.85 but I've got an image to uphold here. I said 9, that's my story. Besides, I've ordered all kinds of promotional stuff that says "9 miles from anything". You know, tee shirts and stuff for when I get famous.

Linda - You know, I think that's true in this house also. Heck, my kid has more designer labels than I've had in my entire life. Thanks for the info on Wallpaper for Windows. I'm going to Home Depot tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for visiting. I had fun today, hope you did too!

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Gotta love that Goodwill.

Rue said...

I have a closet full of clothes... in the wrong size... ugh! All my hangers match too :)