Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Peeps!!

Have you checked the sidebar lately? I've added a few new Peeps.

What's a Peep? Peeps are those people who help us live our life. They grease the wheels, make our lives a little easier or simply have some significance, real or perceived.

I threw the recently featured actress Karen Allen in there. I've mentioned many times that I'm choosing her to play me in the movie based on my life.

You'll notice I have two bartenders - Jacki and Jodi. No, I'm not a heavy drinker but the Farmer and I have been spending our Friday night date night eating at the bar in the South Elgin Outback. It has become our "Cheers". Everyone knows our name. We feel comfortable and can relax and visit with the other regulars and bartenders Jacki and Jodi. They are wonderful young women who've we've gotten to know personally. I attended Jacki's baby shower and conferred with Jodi on her vacation plans.

Here's something about a good bartender. They are worth their weight in gold. Take my word for it, a therapist charges $75 per hour. A gin and tonic can be nursed for an hour while you confer with the bartender. The whole hour costs about $5, a little more if you order an appetizer. Mental health on the cheap.

Shannon, the designer of my new blog frock is on the list. Be sure to contact her if you're looking to decorate your blog.

My niece Kim has made the list. She's our hairdresser. A good hairdresser rates right up there with the therapist and the bartender. A good hair day makes for a positive mental attitude.

You'll also see my friend over at Liberty Post on the list. She my Vardoger, which is a kinder, gentler version of a Doppleganger. Her and I have ALOT in common.

I'll keep adding to that list as I go along. At this moment I could use a good tiling contractor, otherwise I'm looking at laying 1,200 square feet of porcelain tile by myself. The probably a little too pioneer spirit even for me.

NOTE: I'm up to my old tricks. This entry contained three, count 'em THREE broken tags.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It's always lovely to have peeps. I have two peeps...go to people in a crisis...usually the home owner kinds of crises, which, from the sounds of that tile situation...

How is it that I have soooo much catching up to do here? Have you been doing multiple posts daily? :>


I am smitten over this. So cool. What a great place to be. Feels good! Thanks. (Hope I can keep up to're good. Real good)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That is great, I love it!

lisa said...

I so totally stole your song from your playlist. I've never heard of Jennie Stearns before and I loved it. Thanks!

lifeinredshoes said...

I want to know where you found a therapist for only $75.00 an hour! And yes, what would life be likewithout peeps? Hell, that's what it would be!

Suzanne said...

Vee - Peeps are necessary, especially those homeowner crisis peeps. My brother knows everything when it comes to that. The Farmer....not so much. Sigh.

I think I posted twice today. I'm just in a chatty mood I guess. I gotta quit talking so much.

My Liberty Friend - I was so glad to discover that there's something called a Vardoger because a Doppleganger just won't do. One of us would have to be the evil one. heh heh.

Melissa - I love the things you've been up to over at your blog.

Lisa - Steal the song. I never heard of her either until last night when I was trolling around Playlist looking for a song to feature for today's post. I just enter all kinds of crazy words, "country", "rural", "roads" stuff like that and that's how I discovered her.

Red Shoes - - HA HA HA...yeah, I'm busted. Well, unless you want to find a cut-rate therapist, maybe someone who's had their license revoked and is practicing in their basement I guess you'd need to pay a lot more than $75 an hour. Those are 1992 rates burned in my brain the last day I walked out of the therapists office.

Thanks everyone for visiting. It's hotter than hades here and I'm going to make a pot roast. Yeah, I'm crazy like that.

Trish said... has been a while since I have had time to surf some of my fav.s and here I am again tonight...I should be sleeping but...

Nice to drop by again and immerse myself in your wonderful sense of humour and story telling.

Take care my friend.

GemStateMom said...

Hey - another G & T lover!

That is my preferred drink on a summer evening...with a generous twist of lime. If it's really hot, red beer hits the spot (gotta have a dash of red rooster sauce for some zip though)

Though I've never used a bartender for 'therapy' (with young kids we don't have consistent evenings out), but I think my hairdresser serves that role.

I'm delighted to be numbered among your 'peeps'

GemStateMom said...

and I call a 'mulligan' for the grammatical errors in my last comment!