Friday, August 8, 2008

And the Bad News is........

It's been a very weird week around here. There was the big cleanup that we talked about yesterday. And I've been on my hands and knees scrubbing grout film off porcelain tile. But hey - it's better than hugging the porcelain god. Hmmmm, come to think of it I've never done that.

Then there was the good news/bad news concerning the very beautiful and much too expensive vanity we chose for the basement remodel. I was thinking a nice Kohler pedestal sink but the Farmer insisted on something more manly and urbane. Can you claim to be urbane if you live in a place that smells like pig poop depending on which way the wind is blowing? I don't think so but I'll humor the Farmer. He's right, we should at least aspire to urbanity....urbaneness, whatever!

Anyway, it's actually bad news/good news/bad news, in that order.

Bad news - they scheduled the delivery for Monday and never showed up and never called.

Good news - they rescheduled and the vanity was delivered today.

Bad news - it was delivered to the wrong house. Not only the wrong house, the wrong town and the wrong county.

Unfortunately I don't have a million gajillion readers a month like the Pioneer Woman so I can't do much PR damage by mentioning the name of this very large, very slick home improvement store owned by Sears. But let's just say you should think twice before you shop at the Great Indoors.

The Gen Y design associate at the store gets NO POINTS for telling me, "I'm going to have to do a little forensic research to discover what happened to your vanity."

"FORENSIC RESEARCH???" I exclaimed, "My vanity is missing not dead!"

He said that with all seriousness.....forensic research. I think we have PhD's in Criminal Justice working in retail.

I turned into a fire breathing dragon when I learned that my vanity was sitting in the middle of someone else's home. It seems they delivered it with a number of other cabinets and items to a large project and the general contractor signed for the items. After the fire breathing dragon lit a fire under the store's butt they went into motion.

The damage is done in regards to customer perception. This is huge. In retail, in blogging or in life.

I worked for the best boss ever. This man never believed in meeting a customer's expectations. He lived and breathed EXCEEDING a customer's expectations. If you worked for him you strove for excellence each and every day.

The sad thing is, I've been dealing with this mess since Monday and late this afternoon was the first time anyone from the store said, "I'm sorry this has happened." That is the inexcusable part.

Delivery charges - refunded.
Cost of vanity - discounted heavily.
Losing a customer for life - Priceless.

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That rant seemed like such a downer I decided to insert a nice picture here.

Southdown Babydoll Sheep

Phew, I feel better already. That was better than a blood pressure pill.

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Now let's move on to something more pleasant. I found this site and I've been laughing ever since. If you've ever gone out looking for a home you've probably encountered some really strange properties. And if you're a realtor, you could probably write a book. Please take a look, but put aside an hour or two because you won't be able to drag yourself away. It's like a train wreck.

It's Lovely, I'll Take It

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I want to thank everyone for visiting this week and taking the time to comment. Unfortunately fire breathing dragons do not take the time to acknowledge comments. I plan to put the dragon back in her cave till the next battle. I hope you have some great plans for the weekend.

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NOTE: Next week we're going to get together and create a garden ornament. Start shopping for a bowling ball, clear silicone sealant and some old dishes or a jar of pennies!!


chocolatechic said...

Please tell us the steps you took when you breathed fire.

I know how to breath fire myself, but I would imagine there are those out there, that are 1. to intimidated to even try, or 2. Just don't know what to say/how to say something to find justice in this type of situation.

belladella said...

This reminds me of the time that a major home improvement store here in Virginia messed up my mom's kitchen floor. She walked away with a free floor, new dishwasher, and a new stained glass light for the kitchen! She breathed a little fire too!

I meant to thank you yesterday for the blog advice. I checked out the website you sent and I think that is probably the direction I am going in. I think I am going to give myself a few more weeks of messing around and then give up officially :)

Have a great Friday!

Louise said...

I'm glad you can be a fire-breathing dragong and least save some money on the horrible experience. I had a an experience this summer with the pool and swimming lessons and WISH I had been a fire-breathing dragon, but kept talking myself out of it. No one one--not even the stupid teenagers with no work ethic at the pool. (Because no one was a fire-breathing dragon, they'll always be stupid teenagers with no work ethic. Teenagers don't HAVE to be stupid and have no work ethic. I know that's not just synonymous with being a teenager.)

The lamb is absolutely precious!

Chris said...

Breathing fire certainly works, but I know you're like me and would rather just have things done right, or made right, in the first place. Spewing fire really burns me out...Har!

Forensic investigation? Now that's a hoot!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

OMGosh! I am so sorry this happened and I hope you get your vanity back soon.
We stopped shopping at Sears many years ago. We had a "revolving" credit account with them that we paid off in full early. They refused to close our account even after we asked in writing! We were at the time destroying our credit cards and paying off all of our credit, so we could finally get it behind us and live out from under credit debt. We finally were able to get our lawyer to send a letter of his own, and our request was granted. Sheesh! It's like once they have you in their grips, they refuse to let go! Revolving credit accounts count against your credit score, even if they are inactive. Or they did at the time. Sorry to write a book, but Sears is a touchy subject for me!

Jill said...

Oh Suzanne - I haven't had internet for a few days and I just read through your last few posts. Holy storm batman!

What an amazing group of people in your "neighborhood". That's fantastic what lengths people go through to help each other out! BTW - I didn't get to see the "after" photos - once it was all cleaned up!

So sorry to hear about your vanity. I'm glad that you got some compensation for their mistake... though I'm sure it doesn't make up for not having it in your home.

Kendrawolf said...

Wow, how did you get that lamb to smile? It seriously looks like it's smiling!

Julianne said...

So sorry about the vanity nightmare. Chain furniture stores are notorious for these types of things. We shop at a local store for all our furniture needs. There isn't a computer in the store and all of the paperwork is done on this bizarro plastic, carbon copy contraption but the customer service is impeccable and they deliver for free.

Thanks for the sheep picture. It made my day.

Wanita said...

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. Seems customer service is going by the wayside. I'm so sorry you had to become a fire-breathing dragon.

The little lamb is adorable.

I hope you have a great weekend and that the situation with the sink is resolved very quickly.

GemStateMom said...

I am so sorry to laugh at your misfortunes with the vanity. But honestly, when you write it is such a way, how can one NOT chuckle?!

Still, I am also feeling your pain...the pitb kinda pain that seems to always accompany renovations.

um...yes, that stood for 'pain in the butt'

And are you seriously sending me searching for a bowling ball? Man, don't I have enough 'stuff' cluttering up my storage room? are a clever woman. Maybe you can figure out a project using table lamps that need repair - I know where several are lurking.

GemStateMom said...

And yes, you can consider that last suggestion a challenge...a double-dog dare even!

Paige said...

My experience with anything Sears has been similar, horrible people. I do not get it.

Of course, me and Lowe's are not much better friends, but it is what we have, so whatcha gonna do?

Lil_Birdie said...

The sad part is that this type of thing is now becoming standard operating procedure for most places :( Sorry you had to go through all that
(lamb is so cute )

Latigo Liz said...

Can’t wait to see the garden ornament project. Guess that means I need to go to Goodwill and find me a bowling ball, although Paddock Boy would probably prefer I use my ball that is sitting in the closet...NOT!

Oh, and chimney/masonry repair companies in western WA state aren’t any better! Don’t even ask about what our experience in getting nice copper chimney caps was. It’s STILL not done right.

PamKittyMorning said...

I've had some awful experiences with home improvement but this really takes the cake. Thank goodness for the little sheep. Hope next week is better. I'll be rounding up a bowling ball..

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've had bad experiences with Sears and with Office Depot, but so far Lowe's has done well for us. And we buy a lot of stuff there. Maybe your fire breathing has turned the tide and things will go better now. One can only hope. I love the little lamb picture. He made me smile. Blessings, marlene

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh my Goodness!!Sometimes you just HAVE to bring out the fire breathing Dragon....I know.

I love how you told the make me giggle.
The Sheep looks like he's smiling.
Have a GREAT weekend!

Jeanne said...

wow! what a week. You are on a roller coaster of emotions here. I am sorry for you crazy re-do problems. I am sure there is a small light at the end of the tunnel. I adore the picture of the lamb. so sweet and soft. did you know you can only get dirt off a lamb with woolite?

Love Ya. Jeanne

Significant Snail said...

Forensic research! Wow, that's a new one. They probably think you're ungrateful for the late apology. Customer service is a dead art. Love the lamb!

Anonymous said...

If you really want to know what happened to Sam Lamott, then check out, where Sam went for rehab and psychological treatment for most of last year.

Sam "blew a fuse" when he was about fifteen. Neglected at home while his mother was on the road, Sam was selling drugs at school and using them, too. Anne Lamott pulled Sam out of school and sent him to a series of boot camps for teens, where Sam was supposed to get clean and improve his life.

This is the part of Sam's life that Anne Lamott won't tell her public, because it would make all of her writing look like an extended ego trip and the raising of Sam Lamott a total failure. Anne Lamott might be a very good writer, but she is not an honest person.

That's what happened to Sam Lamott.

Donna said...

Okay, the lamb? Awesome. I was having such an awful day myself, involving trips to the Chinese ER and no sleep and mosquitoes taking over my house. But that picture cheered me right up. I love that sheep. Can I possibly get him in a postcard version or a framed photo? Seriously. I love that sheep.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey there dragon lady; I am so with you on costumer service, it is not like it used to be, when things went wrong they ran over them selves to make it right. Now they just through up their hands and say, we will look in to it, which means you are on your own. I am glad it is working out now, can't wait to see it, as I am sure you are. Hang in there girl friend. Have a great weekend.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

The smiling lamb on the heels of your rant made me laugh aloud. It was a mild rant, but effective.

Karen said...

I love dragons and yes, I've been known to turn into one, given the right stuation. :-)

Did you burst into laughter, when he mentioned 'forensic research' ? I think I would have found it really hard to keep a straight face at that one!! Then I would have kindled the flame thrower.

Awwww ... that babydoll sheep is so cute. definitely better than blood pressure medicine....

Ryan Power said...

I've had a couple of bad experiences with I found this post to be quite funny.

Ann said...

Your story had me so riled up, and that beyond adorable picture calmed me down.
Is that a real and true sheep? With the most wonderful expression?
What joy!