Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deja Vu Tuesday

We certainly can't go an entire week without talking about pie. And to the women of Tin Horse - I haven't forgotten my promise to you to provide a big Sawdust Pie the next time I see you. This post is for you!

Pie - - - -

The Holy Grail


Suzanne said...

A note to the members of my Official Blog Band - Tin Horse, the link to the story "The Holy Grail" contains the recipe for Sawdust Pie. You can certainly make the pie for yourselves, but wouldn't you rather wait and let me bring it to one of your concerts? Just think, it can be waiting for you in the tour bus after your set!!

- Suzanne

Louise said...

Ahhh, pie. I'm also not a fan of berry pies, EXCEPT blackberry. My favorite is apple, and coconut cream. But for me, the CRUST makes the pie. Mine isn't always beautiful, but it is YUMMY!

TIN HORSE said...

Suzanne - Thanks for dedicating your post to us... your version of the holy grail is a great read!

FYI, TIN HORSE is in no way capable of making a pie, let alone something as magnificent as your description of Sawdust Pie so, yes, we're going to wait until we see each other next.
- All the best!

PS - our manager is EXCEPTIONALLY capable of making a pretty good pumpkin pie (out of the hollowed out gourds of Halloween jack-o-lanterns) in between selling CDs, fixing the tour bus, booking the shows, and running the sound board.