Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deja Vu Wednesday

I love to travel and I probably should have been a travel writer, that way I could get paid to circle the globe and have great adventures. Our neighbors The Travel Agents recently contacted us with an fabulous opportunity for a South American cruise. Not a cruise that takes in the northern Caribbean side of South America. They will be cruising the south tip and around Cape Horn!!!

Oh be still my heart. Excursions to Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica!!!

Unfortunately The Farmer cannot be gone from the business for two weeks at that time of year. DRAT!!!! Retirement can't come soon enough for me.

Here's a tale of luggage.

An Optimist with Sahara Sand Luggage


Anonymous said...

Dear Suzanne,

your name - Kathro, mine too!

Maybe you could get in touch?

Robert Kathro

Heidi said...

I'll Go - I'll Go with you!!**waves hand violently*

Cottage Rose said...

Oh Suzanne; what a dream trip that would be. I have always wanted to take a cruise, heck I would settle for a boat ride around the lake. lol
Chin up dear friend some day your Ship will come in... ha ha ha sorry I just had to say that....


Louise said...

I would think beige luggage would be good because no one would take yours at the airport. It wouldn't look like theirs!