Friday, September 5, 2008

The Postcard Project

The Postcard Project is something I started when I first connected with the internet about 10 years ago. There was no such thing as a blog back then but I was involved with a forum that was made up of an online community of gardeners.

The Farmer and I had planned a vacation somewhere, can't even remember where. I knew how much I always loved to get postcards from people who were traveling, especially when I was a stay-at-home mom with no prospects of going anywhere except to the pediatrician. And so the Postcard Project was born.

I told my online friends that if they wanted to participate I would send them a postcard from our vacation spot. You know the typical........


It was quite popular and became a tradition through the years. Some of you participated last spring when the Farmer and I went to St. Croix. Those participants can attest to the fact that I won't sell your names and addresses to Publisher's Clearing House. In fact, after I send off the postcards I shred the addresses and made a nice omelet and eat them!!!

Next week at this time the Farmer and I will be leaving town for a week's vacation. I will once again be hosting a Postcard Project. Please e-mail me with your address and I'll add you to the list.

All I ask is that when you receive your postcard, you take a moment and feature it on your know, "Oh, look!!! I got a postcard from the Farmer's Wife."

I won't be disclosing our destination, that will be a surprise. It's not anything exotic this time around. Just some nice relaxation in a place close to our hearts. I will say that there's an alligator farm that I plan to visit.

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When I was a kid the best part of vacation was choosing some cheesy souvenir. Ninety-nine percent of the time it was something really cheap and totally useless. And so, in addition to the Postcard Project I'm adding a giveaway.


That's right!!
! I'm going to search high and low during this trip, in search of the cheesiest souvenir ever. You never know, you might win a hand-carved coconut monkey, a colorful sombrero or a shot glass.

You have until next Wednesday at midnight to participate.

Remember, e-mail me your mailing address for the Postcard Project. My e-mail address is:

Leave a comment here to be included in the Cheesy Souvenir giveaway. And hey, while you're at it tell me about the chessiest souvenir you ever received or bought yourself.


Indiana Angel said...

We didn't do a great deal of traveling when I was a kid, and we don't do much now that I'm married LOL We had our first 'real' vacation in January taking our kids to Disneyworld and we've been married 20 years!!! I always try to find a nice bell for my bell collection that my mom started me on when I was in 8th grade so I have bells from places we've visited and places friends/family have visited. I guess one of the most "why?" souveniers someone ever gave me was a bag of ashes from Mt. St. Helens. My uncle gave it to me after his family visited there. So for the longest time when I was a kid I had this bag of ashes, first sitting in my room on the dresser, then tossed somewhere in my closet. I finally did toss it because I wasn't moving it from my parent's house to my new house when I got married LOL

Carol VR said...

I was given a shell bunny once...ugly!!!!

chocolatechic said...

I have never received or purchased cheezie souvenirs.

It is sad....very sad.

bj said...

I always buy cups from where we go to vacation...not too cheezie !!
Pls. enter my name in your cute giveaway and....have a fabulous time on your trip!

Significant Snail said...

Numerous years ago,in my 20's..., I went to Vegas and one of the souvenirs I got was a wind up toy named "Happy Willie". Still have him. You wind him up and he hops around. Can you guess what he is???

Chris said...

Oh how fun! I love giveaways, even the cheesy ones!

My favorite cheesy souvenir (there have been oh so many...) was what was called "chinese handcuffs". I always bought my self a pair when my folks took us to San Francisco's China town. It was a tube of woven straw or rattan. The idea was that you would get some unsuspecting sucker to stick their two index fingers into either end. When they tried to take their fingers out, the weaving would tighten around their fingers and trap them! Ha! Ha! Great fun for a kid!

Anonymous said...
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Living on the Spit said...

I know my beloved means well and I know he bought them with love, but I am awaiting a complete set of Rollercoaster Coasters from a theme park he visited on his week long fishing trip he took this week. He is coming home on Sunday! I do love cheesy gifts though...they always make me smile!

Rechelle said...

I wheedled my grandmother into buying me a pink plastic hand shaped backscratcher from Stuckeys on a road trip to Arkansas once.

Mrs Parks said...

I had a salon for years and when my clients would go on vacation I would ask them to bring me back something free, found or stolen.
I got the best stuff you could ever imagine and it all had a great story to go with it!

belladella said...

This is great! I love the idea. I will e-mail you my address. I love getting any sort of mail...and love traveling. I am jealous that you are going away!

Louise said...

Once I bought a "pickled" baby shark for my brother. I still can't believe I lowered myself so, but he loved it. (And please pass cheesy souvenir to someone else if I win! I'm sure I wouldn't give it proper attention or display room!)

Anonymous said...

The strangest souvenir I ever received was a real coconut ...mailed to me from Hawii!! My mailman rang our bell as he said it wouldnt fit in the mailbox, and he didnt want anyone to take it...yeah , I'm sure there would of been tons of people wanting
Lynn A. from Ohio
Love your blog!
It was addressed right on the coconut with postage stuck right on it.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I don't think I want a postcard Suzanne because I think I might know where you're going and...oh dear, better not say more. But have a great time and be careful of the alligators. A couple of weeks ago my neighbor, whose father owns the alligator farm, wasn't paying good attention and got bitten! Not bad..but hey, any alligator bite is bad to me! blessings, marlene

Simple Answer said...

I hope you have the most relaxing, interesting, and indulgent vacation!

Karen said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!!

I think that one of the cheesiest souveniers that Ihave ever been given, was the one that I got from my middle son, as I was leaving NZ, about 12 years ago. It is a large, soft plush rugby ball, that turns inside out to become a kiwi wearing a rugby uniform. Looks a bit like this ..

I still have it and it's one of my cheesiest and most loved possessions :-)

Molly said...

The cheesiest would be a tie between the wax mold figures churned out by a machine at each stop on the Florida turnpike (dolphins, pelicans, etc) OR the Pelican figure I got in Panama City Beach Florida made from wood and bits of coconut. I think.

Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

Enter me!! Oh and do you still have my address? I want a postcard too :)

Oh and I featured the apron today on my post.


Laura said...

A friend brought me from Cancun, a teeny tiny bottle of Tequila shrink wrapped with a shot glass with Cancun on it and a hot pink tiny sombrero with glitter and and sequins spelling Cancun on it. :-)

dara said...

I was able one year to take my daughter along on a road trip to Jacksonville Florida my husband had to make for work. It was a "free" vacation for the family, he had to work during the day and that left us to wander around. I rented a car and she and I went to St. Augustine to look at everything. We went to the "Fountain Of Youth" to drink the water. Of course, we each had to buy a bottle of the water. We laughed so hard just picturing some old grumpy man filling little plastic bottles of "Fountain of Youth" water from the garden hose out back. I still have my cheezy souvenier water sitting on the shelf at home.