Thursday, September 4, 2008

Morning Routine

Downsizing at the newspaper, and the loss of my job has allowed me to indulge in one of life's greatest pleasures. I can wake up each morning without the blare of an alarm, and indulge in morning routines.

Generally I am not a person who likes routine. I'm a spur-of-the-moment kind of person. The neighborhood ladies go to exercise classes in the morning and I've declined to join them. I certainly need the exercise, but after many, many years of having to wake up and be somewhere I luxuriate in the fact that I don't have to be anywhere on a regular basis.

This morning I invite you to come along on my morning routine.

- First we let the puppies out of their crates. From left to right: Pancho the Neurotic Chihuahua, and Cisco the Strange, alternately known as Little Boy, Little Black or Bat Dog.


- Immediately let them outside, scanning the horizon for coyotes first. (No joke, the very rural dog park has a sign that warn about coyotes).

- Feed the dogs.

- Make the coffee using an archaeological artifact from the mid-1900's. A recent young houseguest was going to make coffee for the family but had no clue what to do with this contraption. Do you remember this from your grandma's house?


- Walk to the office and turn on the computer. Check Sitemeter for daily numbers. Check "Who's On" to see if my friend Diane in Maryland is listening to my playlist.


Walk back to the kitchen and get a cup of coffee. Sit back down at the computer for the morning read. This had replaced reading the newspaper in a lot of people's lives. This explains the downsizing of newspapers.

What's that??? Oh, I didn't tell you that the Farmer got me the Spaceship? He did!! What a guy. Spaceships and sapphires. Oh yeah. The second computer is my old PC that has the Photoshop program installed. I sure don't have the $$$$$ to buy the separate Apple compatible version of Photoshop. I call this my Grand Array.


- I pull up my bookmarks page which is ridiculously long. I must do some housekeeping. The next site I visit every day is something that has been a ritual for many years.......



Check out the archives and prepare to be wowed. My favorite is always the deep space photos, and Jupiter's moon Io.

- I click on my own site to make sure publishing was accomplished. (I write most of my entries the night before and publish at 2 a.m.)

- Read and answer e-mail.

- Ping Technorati. I quit checking those Technorati numbers. I'm just glad to have risen above the 5,200,000 mark. Anything above the bottom 5 mil is good for me. HA.

- Open my Bloglines feed list and start reading those that have been updated. I have 131 feeds in my list and it's growing daily. It may sound like a lot, but very few people update daily and that makes it more manageable. That reminds me, I do need to update the list of links on my sidebar. Why do we always forget to do that?

I'm happy when I see that my favorites have updated. For a laugh or two I always visit this site. She updates several times a day. OMIGOSH....I swear I toured some of these homes when we were house shopping. Check her archives for more laughs.


Want to complain about the difficulties of your daily life? Go over to Yoani Sanchez's place and read about life in Cuba. This is a chronicle of how dissidents are born and a life we cannot imagine.


I love all of you, but I'm especially drawn to international blogs simply because the Farmer and I love our adventures!

TRISH IN HONDURAS (Missionaries)

JILL IN CHANNAI, INDIA (Federal employees)

TRESSA IN NORWAY (She's just a hoot)

Can't forget to visit Canada. Those Canucks get upset if you ignore them. Eh? LIBERTY HAS A HOME IN CANADA and a daugher in Egypt!

- Then I return back the U.S., check out more blog updates, check the e-mail again.

- It's sad that a fully grown, fairly well-educated woman would waste time on such an activity but here it is.......I land here for at least 30 minutes.


After about 30 minutes my mind kicks in, reminding me of everything that must be accomplished. Reluctantly I start the laundry.

Do you have a morning routine? I'd love to hear if you have any similar routines/addictions.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting.


Samantha said...
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stefanie said...

My morning routine is similar to yours. I love the astronomy photo of the day, so I added it to Reader. Thanks. I'll have to check out the others later, because I work and my morning routine dictates that I skim stuff and go back later to read if it sticks in my mind.

My MOM, not my grandma, had one of those coffee pots. I must be old. I loved that thing. I remember looking at the parts and wondering how in the world coffee could possibly be the result. I hated washing it though.

Off to work!

jazzi said...

I have two chihuahuas as well, and they look a lot like yours! I don't have to worry about coyotes in town, just cars. They stay on the leash.
My morning routine is rather squashed, as it still involves heading in to work. But I do try to take time to visit the Farmer's Wife!

Heidi said...

I thought I was your one and only SUE!!! LOL What a good way to start your day - coffee and reading... :) Saur kraut is going on the blog today.. :)

Heather said...

Look at that beeeeautiful Apple. You have the big screen...I do not, but now I want one.

My morning routine is still filled with ridiculous amounts of coffee and involves getting people on the bus.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Cut out the dogs and coffee and substitute chai tea latte for the coffee and you are me! I rarely read the newspaper any more because I get the national news on television and since my husband reads 2 papers cover to cover he tells me all the local stuff I need to know. :) I don't have 131 blogs on my reader - only 104! I try to cut that number but every time I cut one I add two. Oh well, I'm retired. I can do that if I want to! blessings, marlene

chocolatechic said...


The boy wakes me up around quarter to 6.

I get up, wake my girl up,

make my bed,

get laundry ready to be taken downstairs, c

limb into the shower,

get dressed,

check my email,

write my blog,

go for a walk,

eat breakfast,

start school,

start laundry,

then read blogs.

BittersweetPunkin said...

My morning routine is to let the cat out...make coffee...let the cat in...wake up DD for school..let the cat out...sit and have coffee...let the cat in...check out my blog and others if I'm not running late...let the cat out...hop in the shower and get dressed...let the cat in...take DD to school...let the cat out....

I have one of those coffee pots but it sits in a box in my garage.
I hope you have a great day!..I have to go let the cat in.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Wake up, stumble to the coffee pot (thank you Mr. Sweetie for the coffee)
Let dogs out. Let dogs in. Feed dogs. Feed and brush 104-year-old cat and fend off kitty vultures so she can have breakfast in peace. Pack boxes that MUST go out today. Schlep boxes outside for Mr. Pickup Man. Let dogs out. And in. More coffee please. Attempt to have coherent phone conversation with daughter as she walks to class. Coffee. Make daily list.Scan favorite blogs. Make huge effort to not get lost in Blog Land. Get lost anyway. Leave one comment, and off to work.

I was "downsized" nearly a year ago and now work at home. Great benefits, lousy pay. And the alarm clock STILL gets me out of bed in the morning!

Queen B said...

Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing morning!

Now then. Call Adobe. Tell them you've switched to Apple and they will send you a new Photoshop! For free! I did it. You'll have to fax them some info and they'll "destroy" your pc version's serial number. But it is well worth it! Email me if you have any other questions about it....

Cindy L said...

My mom used a coffee maker like that for years -- I swear, the same one, and it made THE BEST coffee. Ever. The ones we've used over the past several years need to be replaced almost once a year, they're made so poorly ...
Loved your "routine" too.

Mrs Parks said...

I do what you do, just in a different house with more dogs and a medium sized boy.

Have a good day!

American in Norway said...

Ah..thanks for the shout out... Now with some of your extra time you can give me some sewing instructions! : ) (seriously...)

Jen @ J&J Acres said...

My morning routine is more of a 'sleep until the last minute' then 'rush out the door' type of thing. Yours is a lot more entertaining! :)

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

My parents have that coffeepot...and it makes the BEST coffee!

lifeinredshoes said...

You have the same coffee pot that my parents used, what a trip. I also quit taking the paper, this is much more fun, and less depressing. The dogs, I had begun to think they were just a figment of your imagination...very cute. My list is long but no techno stuff, just click and read, you are a daily must!

Jeanette in Texas said...

Love the pace of your morning. I get up early, get the paper, take care of the dogs, read the blogs, make sure kids are getting up. I just poke around doing a little of this and that. Usually I don't have to be anywhere in the morning so thats ok. On the mornings that I have to be somewhere my whole day gets thrown off because I have to rush around in the morning.

Sometimes I just leave your blog on to have music in the background. I enjoy the variety.

bj said...

Oh, my Farmers Wife...your routine sounds so much like mine! I don't have doggies, tho. I just fall outa bed, make coffeee, go to the bathroom and WHAM, land my butt right in the computer chair.
I stay there for about an hour..then hit the old clean, wash, cook or just blow it all off for the day and go get the little grandkids (if it's a weekend) and have fun. I do love blogging so much...but it can sure take over your life in a hurry if you let it.

tee hee.....

Trish said...

Hey, thanks for the link to my blog! I'm so pleased to know that I'm a part of your routine!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I got laid off also. Blah!

So after going through depression mode, I've finally moved on to cleaning mode.

Robyn said...

Downsizing..a blessing in disguise. I also start my day with coffee, email and blog checking, put the washing on and put in at least 2 hours carving, then a few more household chores (ugh!) and another few hours carving.

Kendra said...

My Granma has a coffee pot like that, although hers is a bit smaller.

My morning routine is a bit off right now - I normally have a 4-mile run in there, but I'm sidelined with a stress fracture in my ankle - but the basic premise is:

Wake up (more like drag myself out of bed), let dog out, eat light breakfast, get Daughter 1's lunch ready, let dog in, feed dog, fix girls' breakfast (Eggo waffles), help kids do regular morning stuff, leave house to take Daughter 1 to school, {go to park and run would normally be right here}, go home, get Daughter 2 occupied with toys so I can get things done...and after things are done, it's lunch time and no longer morning.

Not real glamorous around here! :-)

Irfan Ali said...
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You are my forever treasure.

Suzanne said...

Sttefanie - Astronomy Photo of the day is very addictive, especially to a science geek like me. The coffee pot actually belongs to the Other Mother (my live-in MIL). She worked for Sunbeam for many, many years and she acquired more small kitchen appliances than you can imagine.

Jazzi - Oh...more chi's. Mine run free first thing in the morning and then they're on leashes. Unbelievably we have a small dog park out here in the middle of nowhere. I've taken the Chi's there many times and never, ever have we seen another dog! It's like the county built us our own private dog park. I'm so glad you take time to visit with me in the morning.

Heidi - know you're The Bomb. I've been reading you from DAY ONE and you're one of my favorites. You're living up there near my grandpa's old place. I'm off to check out your sauerkraut tutorial. Let me ask you this, where do you keep your sauerkraut while it's fermenting? I've heard that it's pretty stinky. That's why the Koreans bury it in the ground!!! The Other Mother firmly believes that cabbage is one of the four major food groups.

Heather - You're too young for this screen. It's affectionately known in the trade as "The Senior Citizen Screen". I miss getting kids on the bus. Hmmmm, on second thought, no I don't.

Marlene - My sister is the Chai Latte Queen. I have that occasionally. She did get me addicted to Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks. It's only available this time of year and it's the only thing I'll drink at Starbucks.

Chocolatechic - I like your routine...everything except the part about making the bed. I've always been terrible about that but I'm getting almost military about making the bed since I've been watching Clean House.

Punkin - Holy cow!! Can't you install a cat door so that cat can let himself in and out. I've always wondered if raccoons and other wildlife avail themselves of the opportunity of getting inside your house via those things.

J'Ollie - Your routine sounds really familiar. I'm thinking you're a bit more successful in your home based business than I am.

Queen b - thanks so much for the information. I'll do that and then I can get rid of one of the computers in the Grand Array.

Cindy - Yes....this pot makes very good coffee. The best coffee I ever had was on my very first job. They had one of those vacuum pots. There was a big bowl type contraption on top. The water would heat up, be sucked up into the top portion and then drip back down. It was awesome coffee. Does anyone else remember those vacuum pots??

Mrs. Parks - I love that....a dog and a medium sized boy.

Tressa - Sewing??? Seriously I will.

Jen - That was my routine for MANY YEARS. Seriously, I would sleep till the last moment and then literally throw myself together and RUN.

Caffienated Cowgirl -Just your name says it all - you're an expert in coffee!!!

Red Shoes - Our local newspaper has shrunk down to almost nothing. I wonder why they don't just save the newsprint. But I do love all the people (most of them) who worked there. They were a great bunch.

Jeannette - I'm so glad that you like the music. Did you know that music is the #1 complaint about blogs. People say they don't like music on blogs.

bj - Good for you grandma!!!! Actually these coffee makers aren't THAT OLD, but our kids would have us believe that when they exclaim in astonishment, "What the heck is that???"

Trish - Good Morning. I know you will soon enough be inundated with tons and tons (hopefully) of wonderful Christmas gifts for the people of rural Honduras. And you're in the process of packing for a move yourself. You're superwoman!!

Mom Taxi - I'm glad you moved on to did I.

Robyn - I agree. At my age I was thrilled to be laid off. Phew.

Kendra - A 4 mile run? Seriously? Oh gosh. You're my hero. I'm lucky if I can walk out to pick up the newspaper in the morning.

Thanks everyone for visiting and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

- Suzanne

Sabina said...

Wonderful Links!!

Have a great weekend!!

Sabina ~

Jill said...

Good morning Suzanne! I haven't been in blog land lately, so I'm just now catching up on your last week of postings!

Your morning routine sounds quite similar to mine - although I have to wake up to the blare of an alarm to get my 5 year old fed, dressed, and ready for the bus to pick her up at 7:15 am! Don't get me started on how early that is...

Thanks for the nice shout out. I'm sitting here still trying to think of my cheesiest souvenir so I can enter your contest!

CalicoDaisy said...

The astronomy picture of the day is fantastic! I can't wait to share that one with my kids.