Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Veteran

1948 -
Somewhere on the road south to the Florida panhandle.

Many who served in World War II were simple farm boys who'd never traveled more than 10 miles from home. My father had left the farm to live with friends in the city, allowing him to finish high school. Some of the soldiers and sailors had never owned a pair of proper shoes until their military service.

My dad was on ship in the Sea of Japan for the signing of the peace treaty a piece of history to which he will always be linked, even if it is only - "I was there."

The young men returned home after experiences (good and bad) that stagger the mind. My uncle returned to the peanut and cotton farm where he still lives. My dad returned to the city and started a family. They saved money to buy one of those small ranch houses built by the thousands for the returning veterans.

Plans were put on hold for awhile as he was called back into the Navy to serve in the Korean War. I never once heard my parents complain their lives interrupted. It was service to your country... a tithe for all the freedoms we enjoy.

I offer my greatest respect for my dad the veteran. He never had a high powered career or made a million dollars. He gave us so much more - a pattern on how to live your life - honesty, hard work, and charity - giving of yourself and your resources to help those less fortunate.

For a country boy, you "done good".

(Note: This is republished from my photoblog "The Farmer's Wife")


Sabina said...

Loved this post! You sure have a way with words Suzanne!!

Happy Veterans Day!!

Heidi said...

Thank your dad for me would you Sue, for his service and sacrifice to our country? There is nothing more precious than a persons time, for they only get so much of it. To freely give it as so many have is truley a blessing to the rest of us....

Jenni said...

Whew! I'm glad you posted that note at the bottom--I was freaking out knowing I had seen the photo before but not knowing how or where.

Thanks to your dad and all the military men (and women) who have served and are serving. Thanks, too, to all the families who have stood and are standing behind them and keeping the home fires burning.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Suzanne; What a great post to honor all our Vets, and your Dad.

Have a great week.


Louise said...

Wonderful picture. Beautifully-written post.

"A tithe for the freedoms they enjoyed." Not many would view it the same today. Sad, it is.

Maybe your dad/parents would have taught you as much if they had been millionaires, but I doubt it.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I remember that photo...it's a very special one. As I recall, you are that babe in arms???

bj said...

My sweet daddy was an ole farm boy, too, that fought hard for his country..and I do believe he was one of those that hadn't been but a few miles from home when he went into the army....
He worked hard all his life and never made much money...just enuf to get by but, oh, I treasure my childhood and I loved him so...and, now I am crying cause I miss him....

Suzanne said...

Thanks everyone for visiting and leaving a comment. I'm very proud that my dad served his country and did so with pride.

- Suzanne