Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chandelier Update

Here's a quick report on our trip to experience "Christmas in the City".

This is Illinois, and weather is always an issue. We started the day with a freezing cold rain which turned into a downpour when we reached the city. Someone on the train received a cell phone call with the news that the residents of Illinois got an early Christmas present.


Our Governor, "Let's-Make-a-Deal Rod Blagojevich" had been arrested by the FBI. The passengers on the train broke out in applause. This guy had a 2% approval rating. He has done much damage to our state, including running alot of businesses over the state line (including trucking firms) into Indiana to avoid his "fees", because you know that fees are different than taxes. HA! He'll be wearing a pumpkin suit very soon. His wife has shown herself to be a spoiled brat (daughter of politician Dick Mell), who refused to move to our state capital and assume responsibilities as our First Lady. Oh.....I forgot, it's all about her. It doesn't matter because Rod feels little compunction to be in our state capital when the legislature is in session. Everyone in both parties have done their best to distance themselves from this couple. They are an embarrassment and shame on the voters of Illinois for re-electing him. I object to the media's portrayal of Illinois residents as folks who "come to expect this level of corruption. BULL HOCKEY!!! OK, I forgot I don't talk politics but wow, I feel much better. Rant over.

My feet are wet and freezing and I'm pooped from the walking and sensory overload from being in the city. I was fun and exciting to spend the day with my friends. I'll be back later today with some photos and a narrative of our adventure. But for now I'll leave you with this and I'll count on Blogger to publish at 2 a.m. so that you have something to read over your morning cup of coffee.

Here's how Marshall Field's Macy's dresses their chandeliers.


I'm sleeping in for a bit. Come back later for more.....including a fairy princess who grants wishes!


Heidi said...

Beautiful!! and Yea for arresting the gov!
What do you think a Victoria's Secret chandelier would be dressed like? *wink*

Becky said...

I was totally ignorant of the gov's "activities"....being here in WV, but as I was reading the news feeds yesterday I was blown away. What a t*rd! I bet you felt you a part of "something bigger" by being on the train and sharing the joy with everyone else!!
BTW, love the chandelier and can't wait for the next post! Becky

jazzi said...

We were whooping it up over Blago's arrest down here in the southern end of the state as well. I can't figure out how he got re-elected in the first place. NO ONE in my area thinks anything of the man.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Bull Hockey indeed! I was telling John yesterday, in light of the events, that I was looking forward to your commentary today.

Hmmm, Macy's, eh? Who knew? I was thinking that the only reason I decorated that thing was because I saw that it could be done thanks to your post yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Yes... your governor sounds like a real pile of poo poo. I had never heard of him before, but when living in Arizona, well, they used to get some real stinkers too.

Love the picture of the tree against the building in the background... It really sets the mood for the Holidays!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

About your governor -- my sympathies. In recent years it seems like politicians (of both parties!) are trying to out-do one another in the Lack of Integrity department. I thought things were abysmal here in Detroit with our horrifically corrupt (and thankfully, former) Mayor Kilpatrick. But just when I thought it couldn't be any worse... What a shame.

No matter where we live, we all want to be proud of our state, proud of where we live. It's very sad to see one's state paraded in shame on all the news shows.

On a happier note, thank goodness for the sparkle of holiday chandeliers to brighten our days!

Paula Bauer said...

Isn't it funny how we are creatures of habit? Macy's will forever be Marshall Field's for you...but it will be The Bon Marche' for me.

Still...I DO like to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV - a tradition since I was a little girl and passed along to my own children.

My chandelier shall remain has beveled glass panels covering it and the fabric would be too much. But I might try it on my black wrought-iron candle-abra in my front porch.

Thanks for the ideas and the nice welcome back. I'm afraid I am not able to stop your slide down the "slippery slope of sloppiness" (it is an excellent phrase!) I suggest you just buckle up and enjoy the ride! No one else cares anyway. We all love you -- typos and all.

Paula Bauer said...
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Paula Bauer said...

PS - not that I spotted any typos or anything, it was just faster than typing noun-verb agreement or dangling participle. If you do have any danglers, just group them together, drape them with some lovely holiday fabric, and hang a few crystals from them, metaphorically speaking. ;)

martina said...

It will always be the Bon Marche to me---not Macy's!

tam said...

Love the Chandelier! And Hooray for the gov's arrest! Sounds like it is time for some clean up in IL huh! And he is one of many-think of how many corupt politicans have not ben caught-yet! Well I live in the burbs of Seattle and we have our share of craziness going on right now too.
Looking forward to seeing your next post!

Ang. said...

Yes, forever Marshall Fields. I can't help but think of Frango Mints. The two are forever linked in my brain.

As for the gov, we celebrated yesterday, too. My Dad served in the House under him for a year. I never heard anything good about him and it has only gotten worse. I think that we are just hearing the tip of the iceberg!

belladella said...

Amen, sista :)

Sabina said...

Hi Suzanne,

I heard about your Governor - what a mess!!

Love that chandelier!! It gives me a few ideas for my own.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment on "our food". You're one smart lady!!

Have a great day!

Lucy said...

Tree is beautiful. Gov. is not. How did that nucklehead get elected? He doesn't even look smart. I'm not judgmental, am I. This is just sounding so off the wall.

Kendra said...

I have some relatives in Illinois who are less than thrilled with Gov'nor B (because I'm not even going to attempt to spell his name) on a normal day...I'm sure they were cheering yesterday as well.

I'm wondering what else will be discovered and disclosed...

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh don't even get me started..I know I know!!


Way to go for getting 'political'. That was refreshing.