Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dress the Chandelier

Today we're going to dress the chandelier. This is an easy trick that results in a wow factor when you enter the room.

You're going to need a length of fabric to wrap around the arms of your chandelier. This will vary on the size of your fixture. I think this was about a yard or a yard and a half. You don't have to be exact because you can keeping wrapping the excess or cut it off and use it under your creche.


As you can see I've used a slightly sheer fabric that has some body. A chiffon probably won't work because it will simple droop. I think this is a voile. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Depending on your decor, you could use linen, dotted swiss or bridal netting. If you try this idea please let me know, I'd love to link to your photos.


Wrap one corner of the fabric around the arm and secure it with a pin. Start wrapping over and under, twisting the fabric as you work. You might need to hide a pin here and there to keep things secure.


Fiddle with the fabric so that it's to your liking. Get some of those long crystal ornaments at the store and hand them from the chandelier arms.

Stand back and prepare to be wow'ed.

YES ....... my dining room (and living room) are faux finished in a shade of shell pink. Don't think your husband would like that? I was surprised. Every man, EVERY MAN who walks into our home comments about how much he love the color. I was surprised.

My friends and I are taking the train into Chicago this morning. We're going to do the whole "Christmas in the City" experience including lunch under the tree in the Walnut Room in Macy's....... uh, er, the FORMER Marshall Field's. Seriously, don't get a Chicagoan going about the subject. It is and always will be Marshall Field's to me.


Heidi said...

How beautiful!! I was a bit worried at first when you were talking about dressing your chandelier - I was visioning bra's and undies hanging from it.... i was almost embarressed, notice I said almost... *wink* That is truely gorgeous and I love the bronze color of the fabric, the crystals you have hanging down are a wonderful shape.

Lori said...

Very nice. The gold is stunning.

Have a great day downtown. We're doing that this Sunday, taking the train out of Elburn but we're eating at Millers Pub. I know what you mean and I'm not a Chicagoan, it's still Marshall Fields in my head. Don't forget to walk through the Christkindl Market too. That's always the highlight for me.

Becky said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Have a great day in the city. Thanks for sharing. Becky

chocolatechic said...

So glad you didn't leave your chandelier naked for Christmas.

I am wow'ed.

Superman picked out the paint for our bedroom.

It is the palest pink and it is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Have Fun in Chicago!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Suzanne...LOVE it. I have pip berries hanging from mine but I think I may have to be a copycat..yours looks much more dressed up!

Have fun in the city...James and I are preparing to go wild in Seattle soon...I can't wait!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Now I've wanted to do something to the light over the dining table. It's not exactly a chandelier and my style is so "cabin." But, you've given me something to ponder. How about tying a teacup or two on there? ;>

Hope that you're smack in the middle of having a blast with your friends. Isn't it snowing in Chicago or was that yesterday? Can't wait to hear all about it!

Joanna said...

While in town, did y'all go visit your Illinois Gov Blagojevich in jail? :-)


Lovely. Hope you take lots of photos today in Chicago.

Suzanne said...

Heidi - No bras from the chandeliers....OK, maybe after one of our big, wild parties, but not for Christmas.

Lori - It's an antique brownish looking gold and it's so pretty. We did do the Cristtkindle Mart but it was pouring down really cold rain. Little did we know that further west out in Elburn where we caught the train a snowstorm was swirling. The lunch under the tree in the Walnut Room was disappointing so you're better off at Miller's Pub.

Becky - Christmas in the City is just something you have to do.

Chocolatechic - Nah, we can't have any nekkid light fixtures for the holidays. Pink makes your complexion look beautiful. You should never paint your dining room blue or green. Think about it.

Blue Ridge Gal -We had alot of fun. Eight women running loose with credit cards.

Punkin - Hey, I love your avatar...you are positively stunning!!! I've never even been to Seattle so you better have full report on your blog.

Vee - Teacups? Yes!! Normally I have a small tree in the dining room covered with teacups and faux fruit. Unfortunately, I can't get to those boxes.

Joanna - More about this tomorrow. Let's just say that when someone on the train got a phone call with the information a cheer went up. He had a 2% approval rating. Does that tell you anything. He'll be wearing a pumpkin suit very soon.

Liberty Post - I took lots of photos. I just hope they all come out.

Thanks everyone for visiting with me today.

Jill said...

Wow that's beautiful! I so wish I had a chandelier like that to try it.

And the bronze fabric is stunning!