Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rain and Lightning

Last week snowstorms rolled through one on top of another. The snow was coming in such quantities that it was becoming a problem of where to put it all. The piles on the side of the driveway grew higher and the snowblower was, in some cases, having difficulty tossing it up and over.

People often think of weather dangers in terms of noisy and violent cataclysms. Last night a dangerous situation was developing. Strong winds were buffeting the house and I awoke for a moment to see flashes of lightning. Lightning in the middle of winter? It's pretty much unheard of and I don't think I can ever recall lightning in winter.

The wind brought with it warm air. When this warmer air hit the open fields of snow, heavy fog developed and blanketed the countryside.


Not only does it mean dangerous driving conditions it means that the mountains of snow that fell last week will soon be torrents of water. Flash flood warning are already being issued.

One thing I know about water is that it will always have it's way. Human engineers can build barriers but the water will have it's way in the end.

Here's a tattered remnants of a little snow fort my son made for the Chihuahua's on Christmas eve.


And behind it you'll see a small stream of water flowing in the swail behind the house.

Stay safe out there.


chocolatechic said...

We have had nothing BUT rain...

It thundered all last evening.


Stay safe.

Jenni said...

We had a doozy of a thunderstorm here last night, too. It started off with serious lightning around 10:30 and woke us with thunder and pouring rain in the middle of the night. I had trouble sleeping much of the night because of it and dh got up to make sure one of the window wells we've had a little trouble with wasn't flooding and pouring into the basement. (It looks like he's finally got the dirt situation fixed outside so that it drains away from the house.) I don't remember ever having a storm like that in the middle of winter either. Crazy. Dh and FIL have been a bit upset about this change in weather since the concrete job they had all ready to pour is now flooded.

Karen said...

We haven't had any thunderstorms, this year, but have had them in previous years.

We had quite a bit of rain late Christmas Eve and in the early hours of Christmas Day morning. That all turned to snow about 5.30am Christmas Day.

Made for really treacherous conditions, as the rain turned ti thick ice, that was hidden by the snow. Getting around is interesting at the moment.

Stay safe !!!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

They say that this warm air will arrive Monday in our corner. Not looking forward to it at all.

You're so right...water will always have its own way. Hope that that doesn't mean straight through the basement again.

Your day spent at home sounds wonderful. How many hours did you linger over the Smithsonian?

Molly said...

No snow. Just rain and mist and my personal favorite when driving home from Alabama late at night, fog. There's just something special about 6 lanes of inbound Atlanta traffic and the fuzzy soft glow of taillights barely visible...

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Hopefully you won't get flooding!

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

I just received my apron. OH MY GOSH IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Both my grownup daughters were here and they're fighting over it. Too bad, it's mine! hahahohohahaoooheeheehahahgoooheehe

No kidding Suzanne it is really gorgeous. The pictures on your site just don't do your aprons justice. Thank you so much. I will be a loyal customer believe me. I wish I still had my tea room "Miss Lila's Tea Room" I would have them for sale in there and betcha they would sell like hotcakes. And thank you for the little snowman. He's too cute for words. All 8 grandkids are fighting over him. Including the 16 year old. Gotta love it!!!!!
Thank you so much for a lovely apron.

Miss Lila in Atlanta

Indiana Angel said...

Has this not been the most interesting winter weather wise?? We had 'tornado weather' last weekend, just like you mentioned and it's hitting again today. It's in the 60's. 60's. In Indiana. In December. It's unreal! I'd rather have feet of snow than all the wind we've been having lately. Hope things calm down for us all in the weather department!

tam said...

What fun! I can relate-just go visit my blog and see. I have had enough of the snow this winter-we have had way more then we have had in this area for a long time! Now we are warming up a little-the wind is blowingand rain is on it's way. I never thought I would be so happy to see it rain! But that means warmer weather and the snow will melt! I think thunderstorms are fun! Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! ~Smiles~Tam!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We had that same fog yesterday and tornado warnings today.

It has been a very strange Winter.

Laura said...

I hope you stay safe with all that weather. Here in North Carolina, we have a "weather tale" that if it thunders during winter, within 7 to 10 days you can expect a snowstorm. The intensity of the snowstorm depends on the intensity of the thunderstorm. I'll be curious to see if you get snow within that timeframe.
Take care,

Liane said...

I know the fog is dangerous but my goodness, what a beautiful picture! The weather can be a marvelous wonder but the unpredictability is certainly unnerving sometimes (we live in a hurricane area). Sometimes in the spring, though, I do love a booming thunderstorm.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Suzanne...we got over a foot of snow this past week and today it is raining and sloppy...if it continues to warm up we will have water everywhere too...but being near Seattle we are used to it. It was nice to have snow for Christmas.

Happy New Year


Trish said...

Ahhh...snow snow snow and now too!

Mary said...

Yes, we got that killer mist, too. Beautiful, but no fun to drive in. We're all melted here, too, but no bad floods. Of course, you had a LOT more snow...

Hope all is well.