Sunday, January 4, 2009


Like I said......



Thirkellgirl said...

Really? Well, how about that! your friend in Baltimore...

Suzanne said...

Well, of course I like the Chicago Bears the best. But Baltimore is my other team. My bestest buddy Diane lives in Ocean City and she's converted me. It didn't take much as I'm for any city that had their team stolen in the middle of the night.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Suzanne; So what you are saying is that you like the Ravens huh.
Well I will cheer along with you, Go Raven's Go!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week.


diane said...

LOL! How did I miss this post? Umm...I was glued to the set watching the game!
I love this mutual fan respect. We both root for both teams. How in God's green earth can I not root for fans that sit in 5 degree weather? Besides, you have to love the Bears long history.

If you need more reasons to root for the Ravens other than Suzanne's and my prodding, rooting for the underdog is always fun!
In fact, we love staying under the radar and always underestimated by the sport gurus.

But more importantly, this is just a good team to root for. Ignoring athleticism, they are just a good bunch of guys. They ALWAYS give credit to the coaches and their team mates when they succeed. We are on the cutting edge of how many guys are involved in community efforts, fund raising and just down right benevolence. Matt Stover, our field goal kicker, is said to be one of the most generous sports figures ever... but he'll never admit it.

Our very young Joe Flacco, (23)rookie quarterback is obviously shy and the unassuming type. One of 6 kids, he was riding a bicycle to the Ravens complex to practice. Realizing he didn't own a car, a local car dealership practically forced the kid to lease a car! The kid can play ten musical instruments and throw a football 65 yards accurately.
Suggs, a probowler linebacker, and team joker told Joe he would never be one of those quarterbacks on the front of GQ if he didn't get rid of he's uni-brow. Joe just shrugged and in his shy, young way said: "I can't tease him back." The boy doesn't seem to have a drop of that modern day arrogant athlete air. Just a young man that loves the game of football. Simply a breath of fresh air.
There are many "good guys" in professional sports that stay out of the media's attention because it's not a juicy negative story. The fans couldn't be prouder of this club this year...for all the right reasons.