Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Where did the week go? I can't believe it's time for another staff meeting.

This morning I brought in some of McDonald's new coffee selections. There's a selection Mocha, Latte and Capuccinos on the table. They're all good although the mocha is a little sweet for my taste. They're very affordable compared to that other coffee company so not to worry, I didn't break the bank on this one. There's also a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. I had to drive a distance because the local shop closed down. Sigh.

I'm thinking about asking someone to bring the treats for the next meeting. Watch your e-mail, it might just be you! It will be your chance to shine. Be thinking about one of your famous recipes, something that you'd be willing to share with us.

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It has occurred to me that we haven't formed any committees. Do we need them? What do you suggest?

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Unbeknownst to you, I made a impromptu trip to central Illinois on Saturday. Our daughter had car problems and I went down to help out. The drive down was tense. High winds were causing blizzard conditions and it was slow going but I arrived safely.

My daughter and I had a girls night out on Saturday evening including a trip to the movie theater to see "Marley and Me". My niece had told us that the movie was touching and I'd agree with her. Have you seen it?

How about The Day the Earth Stood Still? I'm a huge fan of the 1950's original. I'm not quite sure a remake could improve upon the story. At the urging of my neighbor Susan I searched out the original short story that was the basis of the movie. It was interesting but I'm going to need to discuss the story in depth with her.

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Some of you have asked about our upcoming cruise. The Farmer and I love all kinds of travel including exotic, eco and local travel.

Tikal - Mayan Temples in Guatemala

We're cruising once again with a group of our neighbors.

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

In four weeks we'll be flying to Los Angeles and boarding a Norwegian ship to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo san Lucas. Have you been there? Any suggestions on what not to miss? I'd love to see an old Spanish colonial city and perhaps the Baja desert.

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I'm going to go around the room and ask everyone to tell the group what you're working on. If you've got pictures or a blog entry, please link so that we can all see and get inspired.

Who's going to go first?


Heidi said...

Thanks for the coffee and treats!! I am working on somthing fun - pictures up later today.

Jeanette in Texas said...

I'll just have a diet coke, no coffee. I heard a startling fact the other day. The Dallas/Fort Worth area ranks as one of the lowest for coffee drinkers, but the highest for coke drinkers. We still get our caffine, just the cold way.

Marched in the Stock Show parade with my daughters band Saturday. It was a blast!!

chocolatechic said...

No coffee for me, please.

I love the smell, but can not stand the taste.

I will, however, take some of those donuts. I haven't had a donut in such a long time.

I am working on socks right now. 2 different pair.

Anonymous said...

Up to my eyeballs in scanning old photos... I could use a committee to help me with this project... any volunteers out there?

The Blue Ridge Gal

Molly said...

Well, I am making soup from a cookbook by a local can check out my blog if you're interested. The first one I tried (last night) was Chicken Tortilla Soup and it was fabulous. Friends, family and the freezer will benefit because it made a huge pot and this is a kitchen for one...Wish you were near so I could share.

Mary said...

Krispy Kremes?! Get thee behind me, Satan!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good golly, that donut looks good. Hot tea with real cream for me. I have to get some chores done before breakfast. Way to go, now I'm starved.

Mim said...

Mmmm, Krispy Kreme, the closest one to me is almost two hours away. Thinking on that it's probably a good thing. ;0)

I'm knitting and trying to reorganize my home, that's what I'm working on. I may do a series of posts on my blog about my decluttering. Haven't decided if I'm brave enough for before and after pics yet.

Becky said...

I'm working on a black, white & red quilt. Hand pieced....but I'm not a purist!......borders will go in with machine!

Pic is here....

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Did you bring in that food twice? You're so generous, Suzanne!

Yay for heading out in four weeks. I know that we'll be able to enjoy your trip in review and that will be fun.

No, haven't heard about either of those movies. I still want to see the latest Brad Pitt one, which I can't remember at the moment.

Have a great day...stay warm!

Pieceful Afternoon said...

I am working on little stars - they are scrappy and wonky and so darling.

I'll have a krispy kreme - I've never had one before - and a cup of white tea. I'll bring tea next time for those of us who do not like coffee.

On a funny note - I love the orange/current scones at Starbucks - but I don't like coffe - so when I order a scone they then ask for my coffee order - but by now they all know me and say - or right, you are our non coffee drinker.

Significant Snail said...

Well, speaking of donuts, my daughter and I made some last night! I was thinking of posting a picture of them...perhaps later today.

Laura said...

aah... doughnuts... lovely...I can only have half of one though. (gotta watch my sugar and carb intake) your cruise sounds wonderful... can't wait to see what pictures you bring back to share.

Right now, I have chicken cooking in a big pot on the stove, I'm thinking chicken and noodles for this week. I finished knitting my k2p2 scarf last night during the playoffs. I still need to finish socks for mum and continue work on the neverending afghan.
In more important news...I'm taking steps to make my biggest dream come true... :-)
Have a great day! Oh, and we might get snow here tonight and tomorrow! yippee!!!

Mary from northern Calif. said...

Suzanne, I went on a cruise to those three places in Mexico, on the Carnival Cruise line. Anyway, I think the same off-ship tours would be offered. In Mazatlan, we went on a bus tour to the Sierra Madre mountains. We went to a very old/rustic village and stopped at some places where you can watch people make adobe tiles. We saw some old churches with beautiful architecture and statues. I really enjoyed that tour...the folks who stayed in Mazatlan, rather than take the tour, all came back to the ship totally wasted from staying all day at Senor Frogs. At Puerto Vallarta, hsb and I took a bus trip that went to a shopping center, but then we just walked back through the town, rather than taking the bus back. We found some fun shops and restaurants, and very friendly people. Cabo San Lucas is just mainly beach activities - not much of a town, except for crazy bars and resort hotels. They did have a nice bazaar area. We didn't get to stay there long enough to do anything that would take time, such as deep sea fishing, but we went on a short ride in a glass bottom boat. I loved Mexico, but there were so many "ugly Americans" on the cruise that I was ashamed to be associated with them. I couldn't understand why people had to be so rude to the locals and the cruise employees. Have fun on your trip!

belladella said...

Are there any donuts left? I sure could use a few- dozen! :) I can't wait to hear about your cruise.

Joanna said...

I think I'm up to serving on the scrapbook committee, but don't ask me to Chair, I'm not a leader.

I can bring deviled turkey eggs to the next meeting. Just so ya know, I put in a lot of pickles.

The headquarters for Krispy Creme is in Winston-Salem, NC. I can also be on the worthless-trivia committee.

I've barely been out of North Carolina so I can't contribute to the travel committee.

BittersweetPunkin said...

When you go on that cruise don't stand too close to the edge....I am alarmed at how many people go missing on cruises these exactly does that happen?

Thanks for the Krispy Kremes...we don't have that around here....


lifeinredshoes said...

31 and her new Mr. left on that cruise today, sounds warm and sunny. I'll bring the treats to the next staff meeting. How about Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns and some hot chocolate...dark. We are still reeling from The Wedding, I wish you could have been there, went off without a hitch. You're up next, let me know if I can help.

lifeinredshoes said...

Ummm, that's #1, sorry.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Suzanne; Your cruise sounds like a wonderful trip. Oh and I loved the coffee and the krispy Cream donuts, oh my goodness. Just loved them.... What a wonderful hostess you are. I am going to start on my new lap quilt, I wish I had taken a photo for all the fabric I am using. I will have to take one tomorrow, to show you all, I will keep a photo diary of the process. Ok I will be quite now..


KatKit13 said...

I've sooo been craving donuts - tomorrow after weigh-in I think. And all our KK's closed. ALL of them. Arg.

I love love love good coffee - black cuz of this stupid milk allergy - but I'll pass on the McD's black. Ugh.

What am I working on? Sanity? Trying to find time, inclination and energy to do some crafty things. I have all these wonderful ideas bouncing around in my brain - and nothing happens. LOL I have a punchneedle project from a year ago plus I'd like to finish. And some altered art stuff. And some cards. And and and...

Can there be a committee on motivation or butt kicking? I'm volunteering to be your first victim, erm, project.

Lori said...

Donuts? - you're killing me!

Unfortunately, I've not had time to work on anything crafty lately. I spent today putting all the Christmas decos away. Every year I wonder why I put so much stuff out and this year was no exception. However, a friend stopped by and kept me company while I "putzed".

LDF said...

Thanks for the Krispy Kremes! I've been working on spiffying up my office at work. (Apparently I don't have a life outside of work these days ... sigh!) Oh, and I'm having a fish custody squabble with my office staff ... perhaps we can work out a solution at your next Monday Morning Staff Meeting?

tam said...

Oh have fun on your trip-Lucky girl! Hope you will be sharing photos when you return? Have a terrific Tuesday~Smiles~Tam!

Thirkellgirl said...

I missed the staff meeting because I was working on our flooded/now-being-renovated basement! Yesterday we had the guys from Lowes come install pad and commercial carpet, and let me just say it was the best $139 we've spent in ages. Dh and I would have been wrestling with this mess for days and they were done in two hours. Currently putting everything back on my pantry cabinet and trying to figure out where to put stuff in the room. I think a cruise sounds pretty good right about now.

DJ Norton said...

Am I the only person on the planet that does not like the coffee from that famous place??? I'm working on hosting a "Crafternoon" in my old general store on a cold Sunday afternoon -- put out all sorts of goodies and toys and let everyone just play, gab and snack.

Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

I'm in the process of catching up with you, but when I read this I wanted to tell you my little bit of advice when visiting Mexico.....

Go ahead and eat off the taco trucks. You won't ever eat regular tacos again and not wish that you had one of these in your backyard instead.... YUM! They are THAT good. BUT, always ask how much BEFORE you take a bite or that $2 taco will be a $20 taco LOL

Oh and on that note... eat the local foods, but don't drink anything with ice in it. Same rule as drinking the water ;)

Don't ever pull off onto the side of a road in the middle of nowhere or the federales will take everything you own or put you in jail. A friend is now without his Rolex watch because he was tired and took a nap on the side of the road.

Don't take a Taxi. You may end up in the middle of the desert with no money and no way back.

Pay no attention to the little kids selling Chiclets. They have enough money, believe me!

I think that's all... Be safe!