Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What you're up to.......

Thanks to everyone who responded at the Monday Morning Staff Meeting. I'm always interested in what you're up to.

My sister Pam is blogging for the Boone County Conservation District's Heritage Gardens
. She's encouraging gardeners to Plant a Row for Hunger. (Scroll down just a bit, it's the Jan. 20th entry).

My blogging friend Vee is thinking about baking a muffin train. She bought the cake pan for the grandkids but what do you bet that they'll enlist her to bake and decorate?

Heidi, the Milk Man's Wife is describing DANGEROUS FARM TRICKS.

Jeanette marched in a Stock Show Parade in Texas which sounds right up my alley. She doesn't have a blog, so I can't link. Jeanette - get thee a blog!!

Chocolatechic, a resident of Pothole, Ohio was busy creating a dessert I have dubbed "The Phoenix". Believe me, it's in your tummy's best interest to snag a dinner invitation to her home.

Blue Ridge Gal has been busy SCANNING OLD PHOTOS. She's requested some help, perhaps a Photo Scanning Committee. I'd love to volunteer but she's several states away. Sorry.

Down in Atlanta, Molly is cooking up a large pot of soup, CHICKEN TORTILLA one of my personal favorites. Stop over and check it out.

Mary is snug inside her Little Red House, checking out the QUALITY OF LIGHT.

Cheesychick is covering the story on local TRACTOR PULLS.

Mim is a woman after my own heart. She's KNITTING AND DECLUTTERING. She's having second thoughts about posting photos of the decluttering efforts. Go over and encourage her.

Becky is QUILTING and it's very inspiring. I haven't done any quilting in the longest time because I've been making aprons non-stop. She's making me want to switch gears for awhile.

Look! There's more quilting going on, this time out in Washington state at PIECEFUL AFTERNOON.

The Significant Snail is celebrating the discovery of METHANE ON MARS. She made some donuts from scratch and I'm waiting for the pictures!

Laura, the Spirit Witch is putting us all to shame with her multi-tasking efforts. She's been MAKING SOUP AND KNITTING A SCARF. That makes me a slacker!

Mary, from northern California gave me some great advice on excursions to take while we're on our cruise. Thanks! I appreciate your input. It helped us make some decisions.

Bella Della has shown us how to make a SIMPLE MEAL. Unfortunately, cucumbers do not agree with me so I'll just be having the potatoes. Yum.

Joanna made CHOCOLATE CAKE and I want a piece before it's all gone! Please?

Bittersweet Punkin (a.k.a. Robin) shared an idea to create GIFT TAGS FOR NEXT CHRISTMAS and I'm getting right on it.

My friend in the Red Shoes is recovering from HER DAUGHTER'S WEDDING. She assures me it's survivable.

Cottage Rose has proven that A MAN CAN MAKE A QUILT! Yes, it's true and the quilt is much nicer than anything I've made.

KatKit is covered in BUTTERCREAM FROSTING. She does some great work.

Lori is putting away Christmas decorations. Her home was on a Christmas housewalk this year. She's also DISCOVERING THAT SHE'S A GRACE.


Tam is thinking ABOUT EASTER. Wait....that's way too organized.

My poor friend Thirkellgirl is cleaning up a flooded basement, something I can relate to. UGH.

DJ is living out her dream at the BAY CITY GENERAL STORE in Southern Illinois and I'm wanting to visit. Can anyone say road trip?

I hope you visit some of these great people. It's a Blog Hop!!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Well aren't we all up to interesting things. No, nope, nada, no train muffin making for me. Hope that the grands have already been treated to some, though.

I tried to tell Mary at Little Red House how beautifully she had captured some sun, but there's a new feature in place so was unable I'll consider it done by saying it here.

Have a good day, Suzanne!

Jenni said...

The Cottage Rose link is wrong. You repeated Little Red Shoes link.

belladella said...

It's so fun to see what everyone is up to. It's so wonderful to be connected to such fine ladies all over the place.

Hope you are having a great day!

sallyh said...

Life's busy for lots of people, isn't it! Why are you making lots of aprons? I'm new to your blog so if you've explained it before, never mind. I'd love to see some pics of them, btw.

Have a great day,

Jeanette in Texas said...

That was great fun browsing the blogs. Sorry I don't have a blog. I am no good at routine. I would keep up with it for a week and then forget it.

I have considered starting a blog for the community garden I'm working on, but...I don't know.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Suzanne; Wow so many ladies with so much to do. I love to see and read what my friends are all up to and what they are making, baking sewing, painting or what ever.. By the way I have an award for you so stop by when you can.... Have a great week....


Laura said...

That was fun! I enjoyed seeing what everyone was up to. :-)


BittersweetPunkin said...

Well I was so glad I was able to contribute something worthwhile..I was beginning to think you thought I was showing up just for the food!!!

You are Sweet...