Saturday, February 28, 2009

Road Trip - Jumping off Cliffs

There are several ways to jump off a cliff. It could mean that you've decided to take a big risk in your life or it could mean that you are literally jumping off a cliff.

The cliff divers of Mazatlan are probably not as well known as those in Acapulco but I can guarantee you that they are no less dramatic or dangerous. Our tour guide told us that the basic difference is that the divers in Mazatlan wear baggy trunks and the divers in Acapulco wear Speedos. Hmmmm, I might just have to check that out to make sure he's telling the truth.

As we prepare to leave the ship I am reminded of the military presence whenever the cruise ship is in town. As I mentioned, this is a working port and the ship docks at a very busy pier. Passengers are not allowed to walk on the pier. There are shuttles that take you to the gates, or tour buses waiting alongside the ship. They have a system that records your passport information on the ship, making it available to local authorities. At no time we were required to carry or show our passport.

Where's Waldo the Mexican soldiers?


The tour bus drives through interesting neighborhoods where the tour guide assures us that ex-pats can find 7 bedroom houses for $80,000 US. Slowly we make our way to the coast road that snakes behind the rock formation and lighthouse that we saw yesterday.


The coastline is very rocky and dramatic. We pull up to an area with a rocky outcrop. There's a platform on the top and a diver stands ready to plunge into the water below. If you look at the bottom right of the platform you'll see some type of small grotto with metal bars and what appears to be flowers behind.


There he is preparing to dive.


Here's what you don't see from the above perspective. They've constructed a beautiful set of steps that lead to the top of the rock formation.


The water under the cliff is only 4 to 5 feet deep, certainly not enough to avoid severe injury. The diver watches the incoming swells and waits until the water fills the bowl into which he'll dive. It reaches a depth of 8 to 10 feet which is still quite shallow. And then he dives!


There he is, safely making his way to shore.


The entire area is very rocky.


This is a feat that will be repeated up to 50 times per day! They pass a container for tips.

To the right of the diving platform is this sculpture.


Mazatlan must be the capital of memorial sculptures because they are everywhere. Here's a close-up of the mermaid.


There's even a copper brewing container from a beer factory that's been installed in a memorial by the sea. They'll honor anything it seems.

I think I promised a tour of the cathedral today but I'm going to save if for tomorrow (Sunday) because it will be photo heavty and what's more appropriate than visiting a cathedral on Sunday?

Thanks for visiting with me today and going along to see the cliff diver.


cityfarmer said...

after a brain/head injury in this household last summer, i cannot even bear to glance at these photos...makes me a little sqeeeeemish!!!!

hope you're havin' a blast!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness! I agree with the commenter above. I don't think I could bear to watch. They must have to jump out far in order to avoid hitting the bottom of the cliff face but not too far or they will hit all those other rocks. Scary!

Heidi said...

OMG!!! I would die watching them... He must have to jump a long ways from the 'tower' to get out past the rocks huh???? What a great trip for you all, must have been a great time!

Heidi said...

Sorry Jenni, I didnt see until NOW that you said the same thing! *snort* they should have been long jumpers too!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Takes big balls to do that! Something I don't have.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Farmchick said...

Thanks so much for sharing your vacation photos. Am enjoying them so much. This cliff diving seems a little harrowing, quite frankly.

Louise said...

The cliff divers are interesting, but I REALLY love the platform. And that they dive into such shallow water. Brave or crazy?

tam said...

Oh my goodness those cliff divers are something else~takes my breath away to watch! Hope you are havin a wonderful time~Thanks for sharing!~Tam:D

Vee said...

Oh my! That really looks scary. I wonder how they learn to do this. You captured some fantastic shots!
(Is there an ambulance parked nearby?)

Mrs Parks said...

Makes my stomach oogy to think about it... Do you see all those rocks at the bottom? Scarry.


Thanks for sharing the pictures of your cruise, I love this form of armchair travel.I hope the flu will not ruin the rest of your holiday.My heart would be in my mouth and my palms would get all sweaty to witness something like that.It must take so much practise.

Cindy L said...

Such beautiful photos -- and what brave souls!

I always enjoy your vivid work -- keep the photos coming!