Saturday, March 14, 2009

Awesome Mind Reading Readers

My readers are an awesome bunch. They worry, they provide good information and believe it or not, they read minds!

No sooner did I post the request for Spring...... than I got a postcard in the mail from my friend and reader in Seattle, Martina!


It's a postcard from the Alki Point Lighthouse in Seattle, Washington. I love lighthouses and this is a beauty. It looks like a church. The Farmer and I just visited the tallest working lighthouse in the world, in Mazatlan, Mexico. (Gibraltar is taller but it's no longer functional".

She says, "Hope you see signs of spring soon. - Martina"


See, I told you! Martina is a mind reader.

Even the stamp makes me feel good. Look at the beautiful colors.


It's not a watermelon, it's a guava. I don't think I've ever eaten a guava but I think I'm going to give it a try after seeing this artwork. Even the cancellation marks look artistic.

Thanks Martina! I wanted to let you know that I still have your recipe for carrot cake and I'm going to try it soon.

Thanks everyone for visiting with me today. I appreciate your support and your friendship.


Vee said...

What a good thing the mail brought you...a little whiff of spring from the Pacific Northwest. Very pretty postcard, nice thoughts, and a cool stamp to boot.

Hope that you're up to your neck in good books and movies...

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

I live in California now, but for 22 years I lived in the high semi-desert areas of Southern Oregon (4500 ft elevation)and as I read your post, I remember how I longed for spring. So I'm sending my best wishes to push spring your way. Its just around the corner. Now I'm going to read more of your blog. I'm a farm girl at heart ... even if I only have an acre. Vicki

Vashti said...

hi there! I love your blog. I just found it and Im so happy I did! I love the Guava stamp its so far as stamps go ;-)
Have a great Blessed day.