Saturday, March 14, 2009

Please send spring

I hardly know what to say about winter here in northern Illinois. It's the same winter since the time I was born, except for a 4 year sabbatical in Texas in the late 60's. But the past few years it's getting old, old, old. It drags on forever.

Just recently we had a few days of 60 degree weather and it really improved our spirits. But it was right back to the deep freeze. It's the middle of March and it's barely above freezing and earlier it was below freezing (32 degrees).

The snow has melted and everything is dirty looking, brown and ugly.

I want this:

Fresh sweet corn, eaten under the shade of a large oak tree at one of the local corn boils.

No wonder there's some type of festival every weekend during the summer. We're trying to jam as much fun into the season as we can.

I want to pick strawberries at the local berry farm. I want to eat some homegrown tomatoes instead of the mealy version from the food store.

How about you? Has spring sprung where you are?

What are you looking forward to?

(Sorry for talking about the weather yet again. )


Piecefulafternoon said...

No spring here - the snow has finally melted - which is unusual in this area - snow in March - this is the PNW for heaven sake. Some places have daffodils beginning to open - crocus are popping up - but our temps are way below normal - highs of only about 45 and lows in the mid 30s - we should be at least 10 degrees warmer than that by now. Mmmmmmm fresh corn and tomatoes - my favorite summer meal.

We don't have corn boils - or corn roasts as they were called in Wisconsin years ago - maybe still are. The first time I heard of one I was shocked that all they cooked was corn (I was not raised in WI but Don was) - but I soon got in the spirit of it and enjoyed the delicious corn.

Heidi said...

you must hate me..... to post that corn on the cob and brag about 32 degrees when we have been BELOW ZERO AGAIN!!!! I thought we had a thing here SUE!!! It was 34 yesterday with a WIND CHILL for heaven sake!! Today is supose to be gorgeous... 40......

Anonymous said...

Go ahead.. talk weather, with my blog it's either weather, flowers or the dogs.... life is what it is. That midwest corn on the cob looks wonderful!

The Blue Ridge Gal

chocolatechic said...

Spring just leaked a bit here and there, but has yet to 'sprung'.


Vee said...

Ugh...don't ask. We're in the deep freeze and at the very beginning of mud season with plenty of snow.

At least yours is gone!

Hope that you are feeling stronger every day, Suzanne.

Lucy said...

I do remember how miserably long it got. January was the longest month in the year because it was wonderful for the holidays. And like you, the times you think spring is coming FINALLY ... and you see crocuses and robins. Then you wake up one morning in North Dakota and the flowers and the robins are dead all over. I would like to move back into seasons. Sun 365 days gets mighty boring.

But darn....that corn looks good!

Louise said...

We're in the deep freeze, too. (It was 33 this morning.) And it's rained (a cold, dreary rain) TWICE this week. (I live in the desert, so this is not a normal thing.) Last week, stretching back another 1-1/2 weeks, we had lovely weather--high 60's, low 70's. For a full 10 days. But now it's gloomy and COLD. I probably live at least 800 miles south of you. (More miles away, but that far south.) So I'm whining about the weather, too. But the good news for you is that you'll get that sweet corn. I won't. I'll get tomatoes, but after painstaking care in my tiny garden. They only lasted 6 weeks last year. There is not enough space to grow corn. I did it one year anyway, and it was HEAVEN, but just not worth the space it takes.

I want Spring, too. But Spring here means wind, but we have that already anyway, so I guess warmer wind would be better.

Wanita said...

Like you, I'm longing for warm weather after the very long winter here in Minnesota. Bring on the festivals, corn, and homegrown tomatoes!

We are finally to get some warmer weather, in the 40's, and even 56 predicted for Monday. Oh, I do so hope tis true.


Suzanne said...

Pieceful - The crocus better not stick their heads up too early or they'll get frozen to death. Oh yeah - they call it a "corn boil" around here, but the ears are actually roasted. I'll post a recipe when the season comes around. You bet they still have them in Wisconsin.....and FISH FRYS every Friday night. Fish Frys are huge in the upper Midwest.

Heidi - SORRY. Blame it on the Canadians. They send the cold weather down the pike! Believe me, I wasn't bragging about 30 degree temps....HA... I was complaining. But I see you've got it much worse still. And having to care for all those animals. You know of course, that the grain farmers think dairy farmers are crazy. What do they know?

Di - Oh yeah, weather is always a bit topic of conversation in an area that relies on the weather for their livelihood.

Chocolatechic - It's not even leaking here, which is depressing. I certainly hope it doesn't "spring" with big gullywashers because we don't have the back up generator hooked up yet.

Vee - You're in Maine. To me that's the frozen tundra. If you get spring before me, I'm going to be very upset. I am building my strength each day.

Lucy - I've BEEN to North Dakota and I don't care to wake up in North Dakota. No offense to those who live there but WOW that's some cold and windy place. I agree with you about the sunshine. I lived for four years in San Antonio and I got so sick of sunshine! It was boring....nothing every changed. That's why we've chosen a place to retire that has 3 seasons.

Louise - 800 miles south????? You should be in the land of milk and honey...and warm temperatures. What do you think? Is this global warming?

Thanks everyone for visiting with me today. I really enjoy the company while I'm cooped up in these four walls recuperating. There's only so many dust bunnies I can chase!

Lisa said...

Spring has sprung were I live. It was 80 last weekend...absolutely beautiful, sunny weather. The buttercups and the trees have bloomed and budded. The grass is turning green and there are tiny leaves on some of the trees. BUT...this week it dropped back to the 40's during the day and it rained almost all week. Cold weather is worse when you've had a taste of spring!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, not only did you make me HUNGRY but I WANT SPRING TOO!!!!!!!!!! Ugh...this winter is dragging on as you said, I can so relate to this..I want that yummy food, the warmth of the sun on my face...dust from the dirt road on the way up to our house, flowers and bees, warm water on my toes from the lake...fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream...oh my goodness..just loved your post today...please know you aren't the only one suffering through this never ending winter..

Trish said...

Oh my...your wants are mine as well. Gee, we are begging for spring here too....snow at higher elevations but rain rain rain this weekend. Last weekend brought a dusting of snow...a non welcome sight here so close to the ocean! We are definitely not cut out for the winters we have had the last few west (wet) coasters!

Sara said...

We keep bouncing back and forth. 70's one day the next in the 20's.

Where is all this global warming that we hear about?! I'm ready for some. :)

Mogsie said...

no spring here, though it threatened about a week or so ago...

three nights of record (this time of year) cold, and now it is supposed to snow...

**sigh** though on the upside, the day feels longer because of DST...


Brenda said...

Here in San Diego, March and April are our most beautiful months. Everything is green and the flowers in bloom. Some days, like today, we need a sweater though. I can hardly get winter packed away before the new buds are on the trees.

My guess is that most people who live in San Diego do so because they need to. I need the sun for joy and admire so many of you who can have a good life during a long cold winter.

Come and visit! I have a guest house just sitting empty!!