Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can you Help?

I've mentioned my concept of FOUND MONEY. It's a theme that presents itself again and again in my life. Perhaps we're more aware once we've been introduced to the concept.

I've also mentioned my thoughts about finding some advertisers. The revenue would allow me to do some things to improve this blog or to take you along on little adventures. I've got an idea wall full of possibilities including Popcorn, Indiana; the world's largest ball of twine in Darwin, Minnesota and perhaps the Union Star Cheese Factory tour in Fremont, Wisconsin! Exciting stuff.

The Idea Wall.

You know how much the Farmer and I love to travel. We've been to some wonderful places including our trip to Belize and Guatemala to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Stick with me now, I'm going to tie all these things together, I promise! It's a strange and twisting journey.

Our travel in Guatemala was a two edged sword. The people were wonderful, the military type presence was frightening and the poverty was saddening. The people were poor but not impoverished and there is a difference. They had faith and they were very family oriented. The saddest thing to see were the physical deformities and ailments that seemed to be everywhere. I would say to myself, "That problem would be fixed in 15 minutes in the U.S." There are deformities that are unheard of in the U.S. because of our medical care. I don't care what you want to say about our system, it is LIGHT YEARS away from anything available in a third world country.

Right there, standing in that jungle, looking at a child with a withered leg, I made a promise to myself. If I ever had a chance to help one of these children, I would.

And now, the rest of the story.

When we returned from our latest trip I was contacted by a marketing group looking to place an ad on my blog. I checked them out and they were reputable and carry products that I would support. And so we entered into an agreement. I placed the ad and money was transferred to my PayPal account. All was well. I thought about how the revenue could be used. My first thought was for a field trip down the old Route 66, stopping at every diner along the way. But I wasn't paying attention to the fact that this was found money. It was money that was not mine to keep. I was simply paid based on my readership numbers. That is found money by definition.

But like I said, I wasn't paying attention. Therefore, God smacked me up side of the head. HA. The very next day I was reading through my reading list, catching up on blog entries I'd skipped while on vacation. I clicked into Trish Sowers blog, Sowers4Pastors.

They do wonderful things, like building bridges. That entry is not for the faint of heart. Think Indiana Jones and swinging rope bridges.

I've been reading Trish for over a year and I've never, EVER heard her ask for anything. Mind you, they live in the poorest area in Honduras and she endures alot. She's never asked for anything for herself or for others. The VERY day after I received the found money she posts a request entitled, "Blatant Plea for Help". God smacked me. Remember that promise you made to yourself in Guatemala? Recognize the found money now?

My advertising revenue has found a new home. It will help a young Honduran child received a much needed operation.

I will ask if you can also help because a very small amount of money (even $5) can literally help to save this child's life. His name is Elder Rivera. I will warn you that the photo in the link is graphic. But life is graphic and trouble is graphic. Elder is a two year hydrocephalic. He requires an operation to insert a valve that will continually drain the fluid. The operation is $500. I can't imagine what it would be in the U.S., probably $30,000. Regardless, it's a fortune to these rural farmers.


I can vouch for Trish. When you donate there's a place to denote that your money is going to Elder Rivera's surgery. Can you help Elder? Can you support Trish and her husband in their request? Do you have any found money to share? Anything above and beyond the cost of the surgery itself will be used to help the family with things such as travel and after-care.


I want this blog to be a instrument for good, not just for "numbers" that would entice advertisers but numbers that might connect to others who are willing to help. I believe blogging can be about putting people together and sharing for the benefit of all.

Yesterday Vee said, "It's important to remember that there is a plan and that the Lord is still in control." That is very true but we must listen and figure out how we fit into the plan or how we can be a conduit.

If you can't donate, can I ask you to you pray for this family? Thanks!


cityfarmer said...

I will pray....I love all of your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

If God is so all fired good - why did he let this baby get in this condition in the first place - that is my question for the day for the unthinking, blind followers. Doesn't seem nice to make a baby suffer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for passing this info on. I made a contribution to Elder's care. This is timely for me. Hubby's cousin (he was her legal guardian) just died. She was 64 and a hydrocephalic. There was no treatment for her then.

This little girl lived in a nursing home since the mid 60's and everyone lived her. She was the most living and inspirational person you would ever meet. She told everyone that God was watching and that he loved you. She knew ALL the old hymns. Her mother taught her so much before she succumbed to dementia. That family had many hardships, but they were a living example of true faith. When things would get 'hard' for us, we would be inspired and uplifted by visiting Bernita. She was so special and loved; we miss her very much. BUT we know how happy she is now with her beloved Mommy and Daddy in Heaven.

lifeinredshoes said...

Suzanne, your heart is as big as that cough of yours, bless you.
My Aunt and Uncle served 2 LDS missions in Guatamala in the past 10 years, they said the poverty is heartbreaking.
After being involved in an accident with a farmer my Uncle wanted to do something, anything to help he and his family. Despite the abject poverty that they lived in, his only wish was for shoes for his children, SHOES!
I was recently disheartened however when a group of Drs. and other healthcare volunteers, some of which I know, had to postpone their medical mission because those in control of the Guatamalan hospital more than tripled the price they would charge these VOLUNTEERS to work in their hospital. Disappionted, but not ready to give up the group is raising the extra money to help children like Elder get the care they so need.
Again Bless You, for your efforts, and to anonymous #1, you just don't get it.
And just because I like you so much, you get 2 pieces of birthday cake.

Trish said...


Thanks so much for bringing Elder's situation to the attention of your readers! I enjoyed your post very much - that is just the way I find God speaking to me, too.

I expect to get an accounting (from the mission) within the next week on how much has been collected for Elder, and I'll make sure to update you then.

Thanks again, and thanks to your readers, as well.

Suzanne said...

City Farmer - Thank you.

Anonymous - I understand your question but I'm not sure if I have a good answer. I don't believe God promised perfection. It's a mistake to lump all faithful people under a heading of "unthinking, blind followers". I let no one but my heart tell me what to believe. My philosophy is more spiritual than it is religious or dogmatic. I ran like heck from one certain church for reasons of dogma. I do not blame God for Elder's condition. As Arlene has said, it's what WE DO as humans to deal with the challenges facing us. Your question is valid but my answer many not ring true with you or your experience but i do appreciate the opportunity to express mine.

Arlene - Thank you so much. We had a highly functioning hydrocephalic in our family and she was born years before proper treatment was available. I'm so glad that Bernita was in your life.

Life in red Shoes - - SHOES!! Yes! They are so happy with items that we take for granted. I sure didn't see many shoes when i was in Guatemala.

Trish - I was happy to do this for you.

Louise said...

I love your generous spirit and your idea that money isn't yours. I grew up with that instilled in me. It isn't seen so often in this world. Lots of talk, but little action. said...

What a kind thing for you to do!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thanks for reminding us that what we have is not really ours...but meant to be but to good use. I will pray for Elder.