Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Road Trip - Back to Mexico

It's a grey day here in northern Illinois. I'm feeling well enough to go back to Mexico! Would you like to come along? I promised to show you the cathedral in colorful Mazatlan. This is a working city and although it has a number of retired ex-pats from the U.S., Canada and Europe, it's not a mecca for tourists and this fact gives the city a different vibe. The Farmer and I specifically chose a different type of tour at each port. I knew that Mazatlan would be a good place to see a old colonial city.

From the ship we could see a number of church spires rising above the city. We're going to the Cathedral Basilica of Immaculate Conception.


The Cathedral is at the end of a square lined with shoe shine operations and old men playing dominoes. It's a busy area with incredibly narrow streets. The sun is out in Mexico. Doesn't it feel great?

They have erectec some scaffolding to repair a part of the cathedral. Already I notice four different styles of windows. This promises to be an interesting blend of architecture.


The rising towers are quite imposing. The grand architecture helps us to feel humbled.


As we stand underneath the entrance you can see the colorful tile work on the ceiling. There is what feels to me like a Moroccan influence.


I knew the minute I saw the lanterns that flanked the entrance that my blogging friend Joni at Cote de Texas would be crazy for them. And Joni - these are originals! I imagine this is magical at night.


More architecture over a doorway.


Speaking of doors, this is one of the side doors. The entry doors are equally substantial and have a fortress feel to them.


Tomorrow we're going inside to see the incredible interior. We need to be dressed appropriately. No shorts, short sleeves and certainly no bathrobes! If you have a lace mantilla, wear it. See you tomorrow.


chocolatechic said...

So glad you are feeling better.

I want to go on a cruise.

As long as I'm going someplace warm.

Lucy said...

Glad you're up and around and feeling better. Love the post! I'd like to see all of that someday.

Jenni said...

I wonder where I could find a lace mantilla in Kansas. I want to be prepared!

We used to know a girl from Spain called Ada. Her full first name was Maria Concepcion de Imaculada (or something like that). What a mouthful! She chose Ada rather than Maria because there were already so many Marias in her family and class at school.

Anonymous said...

I love spires on a church or cathedral. You can't help but look towards the sky! And that door... now THAT's craftmanship.

The Blue Ridge Gal

belladella said...

So, so beautiful. I so want to take a trip like that.

Glad you are feeling well enough to travel again ;)

To answer your question- I am not sure if that back part of the house is orginal or an addition. It houses our pantry, back porch, and this strange little room off our kitchen. I am really thinking it was an addition.

Louise said...

How beautiful. I love the yellow on it. I applaud you for dressing appropriately.

Dejoni said...

So glad your better and we're back in Mexico!The buildings are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos -- thank you for the spark of sunshine.

Vee said...

Happy to find you feeling better and already having returned to Mexico. Thanks for taking me along, too. Warm sunshine is much needed.

This church is so lovely. No matter that they couldn't come in for a landing...I feel that way about anything I do, too.

I bet that Joni will love those lanterns...fantastic they are.

Cote de Texas said...

I wish you had a picture at night
!!!!!!!! muy bonita!