Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Running Afoul of the Law

I love that word afoul.

a/foul (e foul') adv., adj. in a collision or a tangle - run (or fall) afoul of - to get into trouble with.

Yeah, that afoul.

If you were here yesterday you would have seen that "danger Will Robinson" logo wherever a picture should have been. It seems that I was speeding on the Photobucket site and had run off the road with my bandwidth. Here's the thing, I'm so stupid with computer stuff that I'm not really sure what bandwidth entails or how you rack it up. I'm going over to Photobucket in a minute and let them explain it to me.

I guess it's good in one regard, it means that people are reading and looking.

But I'm not the only one running afoul of the law. Those of you who have been here for awhile will remember that I have my own Official Blog Band. Yep! I saw them (actually their tour bus) parked on the side of the road out here in the middle of nowhere, while their manager and tour bus driver dashed inside of the gas station mini-mart looking for Moon Pies and Coca-Cola. I wrote down the name of the band because I was embarrassed that I didn't know who they were. I pride myself on knowing just about every piece of stray information out there.


I got home and searched for their website, wrote them and we negotiated an agreement that they'd be my Official Blog Band and in return I'd bake them pies! That's a deal. And I believe that I was the first blogger EVER to have their own band.

Anyway......the girls have run afoul of the law. I know your mind is racing about what kind of trouble musicians might get into, especially since their tour bus once belonged to Willie Nelson! Holy cow, just think what might be hidden in secret places on that bus.

When the girls and I entered in to our agreement I forgot to tell them that I keep bail money in my lingerie drawer because you JUST NEVER KNOW.

Luckily they didn't need the bail money, they weren't actually arrested just ticketed, for..... get this..... JAYWALKING! Seriously the police in Champaign/Urbana don't have enough to keep them busy with thousands of partying college students?

And, surprise, surprise, it was Caroline that got the ticket. Caroline is really sweet looking but I guess is there's a rebel just under the surface. HA. If you go to the link above they've created a video recreating the event.

Visiting with Tin Horse. Left to right: Andra, yours truly, Antje and Caroline-the-Jaywalker.

Please check out their website and the schedule of this year's tour, BUCKING THE SYSTEM because they're playing all over the midwest and the south. Uyou might have a chance to catch them in concert. After their shows they sell CD's and sign autographs. Please stop and visit with them and tell them the Farmer's Wife sent you.

UPDATE: Tin Horse is back from Louisiana and Mississippi and they've had not ONE but TWO more run-ins with the law. Read about it here.


Heidi said...

OH, I SO want to have my own blog band!! I cant wait for you to come up, Are you bringin the band too!! LOL

Becky said...

What a hoot! I will also be following the escapades of your Blog Band. Sounds like great fun. I can't wait to hear Photobucket's explanation.....I haven't a clue myself! Becky

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

got to get my own blog band.

You sure are short! :-)

Vee said...

You're so lucky! So how many pies have they called in? What's their favorite? Glad that they were able to turn this sour note (getting caught for jaywalking) into a good thing!

chocolatechic said...

Oh..you are so lovely.

Rue said...

I have no idea what anything meant in the beginning of this post. Bandwidth? Breaking the photobucket speeding laws? I can't wait to hear what in the world that's all about LOL


Paula B. - GemStateMom said...

[sigh] Doesn't look like Idaho is in the itinerary.

congrats on the official blog band...you make me smile.

Paula B. - GemStateMom said...

oh! Would be fun to catch the Elgin, IL concert if it works out in our travel schedule.

Did I tell you? Road trip to IL in July sometime. Still working on details. You are on my list of stops...maybe for a Monday Staff meeting!

Louise said...

That poor girl! As if EVERYONE has never jaywalked before!

TIN HORSE said...

Dear Suzanne - thanks so much for featuring us again on your blog - even though it's for our shamefaced jaywalking incident. Alas, we must tell you that we have since been in two more run-ins with the law - read all about it on our blog, Dear Diary, at http://sweetpicklemusic.tinhorseband.com/deardiary/.

See you and your pies on the road.