Saturday, April 18, 2009

Twitter? Not.

It's going to be a busy day. First there's a bridal shower and then straight to an anniversary party.

I was going to tell you that I don't have much to say today but that would be a lie. I always have something to say and that's why I'm a failure at Twitter. It might be a generational thing but Twitter's not for me.

My 5th grade English teacher Mrs. Pritiken would be the first to tell you that I've never EVER been able to express myself in 120 characters or less. Heck, I've never been able to express myself in 120 words or less. Essay tests were my forte'. I'd write and write and write until the teacher gave up and cried "Uncle", you'll get an "A" if you'll just stop writing.

Compound this with the fact that I always want to know more.

Someone Twitter's, "Just putting the chicken in the oven."

HUH? What kind of oven? Convection, gas, electric, what? Stainless or almond beige? What kind of chicken? Greek, baked, barbecued, what?

Just can't Twitter...... sorry, not enough information. Now I'm back to reading "Team of Rivals", seven hundred pages and change. Just up my alley.


American in Norway said...

I don't know how to "twitter" But I keep getting messages that people are following me on twitter... How is that possible?

Lucy said...

Twitter and Facebook are just outside the realm of my common sense thinking. Those silly one line comments. I just don't get it.

lisa said...

I with you on the whole twitter thing and face book..I'm a writer to in that I can't just say a few words. I love the blogging community that I have been following...Everyone is such an inspiration to me.. Lisa

Vee said...

You are really so kind. You just put a chicken in the oven? Who cares is more my response. :D

Anonymous said...

For me it's just the time factor.... already spend far too much time blogging and Facebook. Twitter would just be one more daylight burner and I don't need that.


Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

hehehehe... It's a stupid trend. I tried. Really I did, but like you, I thought "who can get anything out of that?" I swear if someone said that painting dog poop was the latest trend everyone would do it LOL I say...Pick and choose don't have to do everything out there ;)


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

first time here! i live 15 miles from anywhere! no wait, there is a small grocery store about 12 miles away.

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh my goodness! I am thrilled to be your laundry peep!
I don't twitter or facebook or myspace. I blog, work, feed my family and do a mean load of laundry, no time for such nonsense!

Louise said...

100% with you on all of this!

(I also forgot to mention that I'm intrigued by the laundry soap and have a GIANT stock pot, so maybe when I get caught up a little (summer?) I'll give it a whirl.

Karen said...

I'm on Facebook (gave into family pressure), but I hardly ever use it. Just seems pointless too me.

I'me with you, on this one, Suzanne.. :-)

Lisa said...

I don't get twitter either. It seems like such a waste of time...both for those who post every little thing and those who keep up with them. There just isn't time for me to do that with 3 little kids running around!