Saturday, May 9, 2009

Girls Weekend

Where's my grammar nazi when I need her? Is it girl's weekend.....girls' weekend or just plain girls weekend? Hmmmm, girls is plural but since it's describing a weekend it's also possessive, right? Oh gosh, whoever invented the apostrophe ought to be put in charge of scrubbing the toilets.

Anyway, you can talk to me but I won't answer because I'm not really here. Thanks to Blogger Magic I can post while I'm away. At the last minute my sister put together some plans to spend a weekend at their vacation home in northern Wisconsin. Heidi, it's all good, I'm still coming to see you too! You see, I love Wisconsin and I'll go there every chance I get.

My mom is going along with my two sisters and it will be a fun filled girl's weekend. On the way up we're going to visit the Camp Inn factory. You might recall that my wanderlust sister and wanderlust self are longing to build or own a teardrop trailer. Dreaming is free you know.

Teardrop with kitchen hatch open

I think making good memories together is the best gift of all. How about you?

Have a great Mother's Day everyone.


Vee said...

Oh have lots of fun! Yes, making memories is the very best thing.

(Girls in this case should be plural as there are four of you. The weekend belongs to the girls so it's also possesive. In conclusion, I would say that you can't go wrong with Girls' Weekend. Otherwise, it could be Girls as an adjective describing weekend, which would be Girls Weekend. But under no circumstances can you do what you did. =D ) And, yes, scrubbing toilets is a good place for grammar sticklers.


Sounds so perfect. Girl's





Thirkellgirl said...


Where in northern Wisconsin?

Happy Mother's/Mothers' Day!

Lisa said...

I agree! Have fun ;)

JC said...

I saw a show about camping and the trailor your dreaming of was on the show. It looks so cute and a purrfect size. Enjoy your weekend !!!

Cindy La Ferle said...

Happy Mother's Day, Suzanne! It's a good weekend to be on the road. My hubby and I are headed to the west side of the state, to work on renovations of the FL Wright house we bought last year. It will be fun to see what Spring left us there in the woods while we were gone this winter! Enjoy your time!

Mary said...

Memories are priceless. Make lots of them and have a grand Mother's Day.

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

One girl GIRL's

Multiple girls GIRLS'

tee hee

The Blue Ridge Gal
(Happy Mother's Day or is it Mothers' Day?)

Heidi said...

OH BOY!!! If I would have known I would have met you somewhere just to say HOWDEE!!!! I am at my mothers for the next couple days or I would say STOP OVER!!!! have a great weekend my friend!

Rue said...

Happy Mother's Day Suzanne :)