Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Ice Cream Post

This is where we talk about ice cream.

It's June. It's summer. Well, probably everywhere else it's summer, but here in northern Illinois is still only 50 degrees. I'm getting very perturbed with the weather.

It doesn't matter. I shall eat ice cream whenever I wish. How about you? That's that I thought.

This is Roger. He's a former co-worker at the newspaper. Roger was a consultant who was brought in to help our department. Along with the best boss ever (publisher Mark Sweetwood), Roger created an atmosphere of fun.

Fun to go to work? What a concept. Sales steadily increased and morale was high. Of course you know the rest of the story. Upper management can't have such shenanigan's as smiling employees. Decisions were made. The Best Boss Ever grabbed his lunch container and walked out the door one day, never to return. What's the human resource term? "Seeking new opportunities?" Yeah, OK, and I've got a big chunk of the Louisiana Purchase for sale.

Soon after, Roger, Lisa and several other mid-level managers left and everything went to hell in a handbasket. But my newspaper industry rant is for another day. Today we're talking ice cream.

After Roger left the paper he decided to sell the house and move to Michigan where he set up shop with a Cool Caravan. It's a totally tricked out ice cream van.

This photo makes me laugh on so many levels. You can see Roger's playful spirit in his face. One year for Halloween our department dressed up in vintage garb. We put together our best Laverne and Shirley outfits and Roger dressed as Mel from the TV show "Alice". He was perfect in the role and now he's doing it in the Cool Caravan!

Ice cream.

My favorite: Maggie Moo's Chocolate Cake Batter
Soft Serve: Combination twist cone at Alice's Place in Elburn, Illinois
Novelties: Ice cream sandwiches or Klondike bars (it's a tie)
Other frozen delights: My own homemade Lemon Basil Sorbet

Hooray for Cuisinart's Ice Cream machine. I make my own ice cream and it actually costs the same and buying store bought but the quality and taste is far superior. My machine was on sale at Penney's catalog outlet and perhaps there are some online deals. You can add whatever is in season, such as strawberries (my favorite), blackberries or cherries.

So while I grab my parka, you discuss ice cream to your heart's content!


Kitty said...

Yay for ice cream! We're having unusually cool weather here in middle TN, too. But soon we'll be sweltering and looking for some ice cream to eat. My favorites always lean towards the chocolates, but I do make a homemade pineapple sherbet that has buttermilk in it. Who would'ave thought putting buttermilk in sherbet? But, it's delicious!

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

This is the coolest picture! Brings back memories of the ice cream truck in the neighborhood and how I would tell Hubby to run for his wallet and high tail it out curbside so we didn't miss our chance. Ahh, those were the days.

The Blue Ridge Gal
(we love Blue Bunny Ice Cream from Iowa)

Jody Blue said...

its cold here in the coulee region of WI, I keep threatening to turn on the pellet stove! I love my Cuisinart! Love anything w/chocolate. Fresh peach is a fav. but not the store peaches, peaches that you get when a friend or family brings them to you from GA, MO or even IL.

chocolatechic said...

I'm rather perturbed with the weather too.

Sweaters in June...shouldn't have to be done.

jan said...

I love, love, love twist cones and have had a hard time finding places that serve it. I will note your source and if I am ever in IL, I will certainly seek it out!

I have Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream every evening...

Steph said...

I love making homemade ice cream! But I think my favorite store bought ice cream is Mayfield Moose tracks!

Susan said...

You gotta love that Roger face! But, did I miss it, I must have missed it! Where is the recipe for the Lemon Basil Sorbet? Sounds intriguing.

JC said...

I only eat ice cream when it is hot out. My Hubby eats it all the time.

It was out hot ... 90's .. this week and I ate ice cream. It's cooler today ... 50's ... I will not be eating ice cream.

I like vanilla. When I was young, my favorite was orange serbert.

Joanne said...

Every summer, we do the Summer Ice-Cream Series, where once a week, my daughters and I venture out to a new, or old favorite, ice cream parlor, windows rolled down, music playing. We have lots of good fun with it. P.S. Today is Free Ice Cream day at our new Carvel's. Free small cone to each customer!

Mary said...

If you can get over ordering a twist at Alice's place, try her red raspberry sundae. Fresh frozen raspberrries in sauce on vanilla ice cream Yum. And during the ice cream season she often ads fresh raspberries to the sauce. Yumm

Ang. said...

Have you never been to Ollie's Custard between Sycamore and DeKalb? You must go! There are no Mom and Pop ice cream shops here. I miss them!

Leann said...

We still have an ice cream man who comes down the street playing a happy tune, while children run to get money from their parents.

He looks so sweet and happy!

Enjoy your ice cream...wonder what's in our freezer?

lifeinredshoes said...

Three cheers for Roger, I hope he has great success!
My favorite flavor, Burnt Almond Fudge.
And I also have a Cuisinart ice cream machine, plus an extra freezer bowl, haven't used them in years. Maybe a new recipe would help. hint hint.

cityfarmer said...

yes, it's 53 by the Fox today

BittersweetPunkin said...

I love anything chocolate.

We had the "ice cream man" drive through our neighborhood the other day...we heard the music and came out to look...a beat up white van with no graphics on it...kinda shady lookin'. I would love to have an ice cream man that wears an old fashioned bow tie!


This is me... said...

You are so right about it being cold here. Since when does June have a windchill??? We just got home from a 50th birthday celebration which was held outside. Brrr!

Trish said...

It was 32 and 33 degrees all week here....yikes...just leaving to get an ice cream was tooo much to consider. Nope...don't have an icecream machine I am afraid. I don't need it for the calories and the boys just never got 'into' it. But I am going to be making one sweet cold 'slice' with some ice milk in the near future.....yum. Anyway..this is a very interesting story here...about your bosses and the newspaper....will you ever tell it? Did you...before I started dropping in? Please....carry on with the story.

~ Sara ~ said...

Blue Bell- White Chocolate Almond... MMMMM heavenly for store bought.

Braum's twist frozen yogurt soft serve.

Here the weather can't decide what to do... one day we are almost 90 the next 62 for a high, 48 for a low... I want to know what gives?! Hope everyone has a good Sunday...